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 Rivalling with Tempests, Lilo <3
lilo pelekai
 Posted: Apr 22 2015, 06:14 PM
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Lilo & Stitch
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These labels that they give you,
just 'cause they don't understand.
I knew Rayne was worried about leaving me and Stitch, but no matter how hard I tried convincing her we'd be fine, she believed otherwise. I didn't want Rayne to go, mainly because she's the closest thing I've had to a mother in a long time. I didn't want to lose that again. I mean, yeah, there's my sister, but Nani constantly tries to play the mother role. But in all honesty, I like her better as a sister than a mom.

After this year, I wasn't going to see Rayne often. Maybe on holidays and Hogsmeade weekends, whenever I wasn't with my sister. I didn't want to be alone again. Once she left, it'd be me and Stitch again, and I'd go back to being alone when Stitch wasn't around. At least I'm used to it. I mean, sure, I shouldn't have to be used to it - but I am, and it's just something I have to deal with. I always did, and I still survive either way.

I was going to keep in contact with Rayne, that much was for sure. I'd also miss Chatan. The owl had been the closest thing I'd ever gotten to a pet. We could never afford to get one, so I never asked my sister, even though there's been several times when I wanted to. I reached my hand over to stroke Chatan's feathers again. Hopefully I'd still be able to see Chatan when Rayne leaves. He seemed to have adopted me as much as I adopted him.

"I always read this before bed back in Hawaii - even now, I still do. Sometimes, if my sister wasn't too tired that night, we'd read it together." I spoke after Rayne's reply. I missed my home back in Hawaii, really I did. I mean sure, I loved London and Hogwarts, and everything about being a witch and magic - but sometimes I got a little homesick. That, and I missed my sister. Honestly, I actually missed her yelling at me, and the fights. I really did. I had moved my hand from Chatan to place Scrump down, and then reaching up to give Rayne a hug. Most girls my age didn't really play dolls anymore - but she's not really a toy, more like a comfort item. She was the only one I had to talk to after my parents death, since I really didn't have friends, and if they went through the same thing I did and still go through, they'd probably have a doll they carried around, too.

"I used to believe that too, when I was younger… But I know, one day, you will transform into a beautiful human being, Lilo. Just remember to have courage and be kind, Lilo…" Rayne spoke as she kissed my forehead. Now she sounded like mom. She would've said the same thing if she was here. "Funny... My Makuahine would've said that same thing." I spoke. "Makuahine" was mother in Hawaiian. "Maybe." I then said afterwards with a shrug. Did I believe that? Kind of... and also kind of not. I mean, I believed in vampires, werewolves, superheros and aliens and everything along this lines... But I couldn't believe something as simple as that statement. Rayne's hand moved a black curl behind my ear... only to have it fall back in place. This was my natural hair. Otherwise, when I don't feel like taking time to brush it or straighten it. I leave it curly and don't bother brushing it. Completely natural. It's not amazing, trust me. Dealing with thick, curly hair is never a fun thing. Sure, my hair was beautiful - but it was a pain.

"So..." I started off, looking up at Rayne. "What do you want to do now?" I asked. Those Slytherins still had my copy of "The Ugly Ducking"... but I'm sure I'll get it back. Eventually. Somehow. I hope, at least.

words: 658 | tag: Rayne! <3 | notes: Sorry for the sudden change in writin' style. :P Lilo is much more sad in this style. :/ AND, LILO & STITCH REFERENCE!!Outfit
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