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 DURMSTRANG, --Katelyn Tano
rapunzel gothel
 Posted: Apr 30 2015, 09:57 PM
Dessy • 161
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COMPOSITION (9/10): There was a few grammatical errors here and there, so all I did was take off a point. The read was entertaining, and once again, Kate's cat thoughts always amuse me, as well as her inner monologue. Very good job. <3

CREATIVITY (10/10): I loved the way she talked to Lux, trying to get her/him happy. Also, adding the ear injury made thigns belieable. She didn't come out unharmed or perfect... her hair was even a mess. You kept things believable, and Kate's inner monologue killed me, like it always does.

COMPLETION (10/10): You were the second to complete the task! Great work! <3 I have absolutely no complaints, and it was great, as always.


COMMENTS: You did wonderful! <3
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