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 PODCAST APR 25, -- ft. sigyn !
 Posted: Apr 28 2015, 03:50 AM
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Hey, guys!

Sorry it's a couple days late. The sad thing is we actually recorded this LAST THURSDAY. But Saturday when I was going to post it before bed I realized that the first half link wasn't working anymore and then I was on the road all day Sunday and yesterday was craaay so I hadn't had a chance to post it once the first half was fixed. So anywho, it's up now. In two parts because Danni's connection was lost at one point. We tried to make the change to part two seamless.

Our guest this week was Sigyn, and the spotlight was Goosen with Ula and Kate! Now in this podcast we talk a lot about Field Day, and I said that sign ups would be this week. That's another reason for the delay of this podcast being put up,. People have been supes busy this month, and the 2nd TWT task has taken a little while longer than anticipated to complete. And therefore we haven't even had the chance to properly kicked off Beltane related things. So we've decided that Field Day will be held over the summer instead.

We just don't think that people will have a very good opportunity to truly do the events justice if they're busy with finals. I know I wouldn't xD Plus Lark's dad is supposed to be coming up next month to prepare for her big move down South. So between Cait and I having finals, Danni finishing up school, and Lark being in limbo with moving, and then after I finish finals I'll be abroad for two weeks at the end of May, it just wouldn't really be a good month across the board.

Rest assured, we'll still be very much present as your staff and as members - but as I'm sure everyone has noticed activity has dropped a bit within the last couple of weeks. And I know if my timing is the same as everyone else in school it's because the semester is winding down and everyone is hunkering down in preparation for final exams or the equivalent of that. And if you're not, count yourself lucky cause these are stressful.

We anticipate things to be back on the upswing very soon. This time last year (exactly a year yesterday actually, is when I registered with Melanie :3) activity was at it's lowest point. So it's really just a pattern of how things go on a site. So long as you precious people keep checking in and being enthusiastic then it'll all be just fine~

So without further ado, here's the podcast reviewing the week of 4/19 to 4/25

Part 1.

Part 2.

Next week's guest will be Nobody because it's the Monthly Staff Update! The following week will be Mella, I believe, and then August has PMed me requesting to be added to the list as well. Remember to comment here if you would like to be featured. And we encourage you in this podcast to post replies here in answer to a few questions to get a conversation going.


If you would like your WANTED ADS or HEADCANONS featured on next week's podcast, PM the information to any of the staff. We will choose a couple of each to feature next Saturday!

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