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 BLACK, patrick kiernan, pitch black | c. o'donoghue | gray
patrick black
 Posted: Apr 22 2015, 08:29 PM
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rise of the guardians
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patrick k black

Patrick Kiernan Black



canon character:
Pitch Black

Rise of the Guardians

blood status:

member group:
adult wizard

herbology professor

walnut, dragon heartstring, twelve and ¾ inches


face claim:
Colin O'Donoghue

Slytherin alumni

He spent summers back home in Texas and his entire childhood there, so he still speaks with a Texan drawl, especially when angry.

Patrick Kiernan Black was so named because his father insisted on Patrick, Kiernan honored his mother’s Irish heritage, and Black was, of course, his father’s own surname.

In preschool, Patrick ripped a toy out of another child’s hands. The thing was, he never touched the toy. In kindergarten, the patch of poison ivy in the far corner of the playground ran rampant throughout the entire school building. Pat was seven when several classmates told the teacher that “the weird boy” made the trees reach out and grab them. Of course, nobody believed that. About a year later, two kids ran to the principal screaming that Patrick Black had hit them. It was proven that Pat never laid a hand on them. They constantly bullied Patrick, and told him that the reason his mother left without taking Patrick with her was because he was weird (Chloe Callaghan left Texas to return to London when Patrick was five and never looked back).

The poison oak went wild and hit the city’s sewer system when Patrick was ten. Father fully expected the letter to Hogwarts that came on Pat’s eleventh birthday.

Father was all too eager to send Patrick away. Father never hit Patrick, but he was never exactly nurturing… or even remotely caring. Patrick’s childhood taught him only to be selfish. He was self-sufficient since age seven and already bitter—his own father saw no worth in him and showed no affection. Father sent Patrick to Hogwarts with ample money for books and supplies (the boy had finally ceased to hold Monroe back) and so Patrick went.

He bought his robes, wand, and books and found his way onto Platform Nine and Three-Quarters without help. He spoke with a few boys his age on the Hogwarts Express. The Sorting Hat deliberated briefly but ultimately made a steadfast decision. Patrick was intelligent and clever, but overall he was far too ambitious for Ravenclaw. He wanted nothing more than to prove his father wrong: Patrick was not worthless. He was not foolish or stupid or lazy (in fact, he always was and remains very driven). Much too cynical and argumentative for Hufflepuff, but too egotistical even at eleven for Gryffindor, the Sorting Hat placed Patrick in Slytherin.

Throughout his years at Hogwarts, Patrick chose friends with meticulous and deliberate care. He chose those of equal intelligence although much less controlling than he.

He was a willing and clever student with a deep desire to know more—about anything and everything. He proved especially adept at Herbology. His curiosity and thirst for knowledge always had a dark, nearly manic edge to it; indeed, in time, Patrick would develop a slightly sadistic nature and restrained brutality. But he was nothing if not refined and was easily able to explain small mishaps away. Patrick was charismatic, , and manipulative, having a strong tendency to weasel out of awkward situations and to charm those he needs to. Girls found him fascinating—so many of them thought they could fix him. He was detached and guarded, never letting anyone in, not even the few true friends he liked. Pat seemed very much the tragic hero. Sure, he was isolated and sure, he was short-tempered and irritable, but the presence of the right person would surely smooth out his rough edges.

Needless to say, Patrick broke a few hearts and never thought twice about it.

No one ever caught Patrick in the wrong. Accidents were accidents; if they happened near Pat, it was silly to blame him on pure happenstance. He truly was a brilliant boy, with a compelling and forceful personality. Younger Slytherin boys looked up to him for his dedication to magic and his talent in nonverbal spells. It was difficult not to feel Patrick’s presence. Prefect seemed a natural fit and after that, Head Boy. He played Quidditch—Chaser –and, although an aggressive player, such was the nature of the game. No one was ever permanently hurt after facing him. And cheating? Well, Patrick always had a tendency to stretch and test boundaries but he would never outright cheat. What sort of man would cheat and still demand the respect and admiration of those around him?

When he graduated Hogwarts, Patrick took after his mother with his passion for Herbology. He traveled abroad for the past six years, studying more and more dangerous plants and finding himself drawn by a fascination with the Dark Arts as well. Pat remained an excellent scholar in his adult years, very through and meticulous with his studies, just as with his secrets and fears and personal life. His sarcastic tendencies got him in trouble with his superiors. He was extraordinarily confrontational and unafraid to challenge anything he found pointless, foolish, or wrong. His haughty air made it difficult for him to work as a subordinate. It seemed best for his research team and for him to depart from their path together, and Patrick returned to Hogwarts to take up the position of Herbology professor, a newly vacated position.

My Notes:

1. Patrick is lonely. He'll never admit it, not even to himself. Those daddy issues and maternal abandonment really did a number on him.

2. He isn't an evil man. Yes, he's slightly sadistic but he craves acceptance, validation, and acknowledgement more than anything. He wants people to believe in him, since his father never did. It's just that sometimes, since he's had so little parental guidance and closed himself off from all help, he's a little bit... misguided.

3. Patrick is not a murderer, nor does he desire to kill anyone. If an accident occurred to his father though... well, he wouldn't grieve overmuch.

4. He sees help as weakness. Above all else, Patrick will do anything to avoid seeming weak.

Name: Pitch Black, so how about a name of P. Black? Also, I think Kiernan means "black" or "little dark one" or something like that.

Wand: In ROTG, Pitch was a very smart villain, and very powerful. He had no conscience. The walnut wand is very susceptible to that combination. Dragon heartstring is known for being powerful, quick to learn, and relatively easy to put towards the Dark Arts.

Patronus: Pitch had his Night Mares in the movie, so his patronus should definitely be a horse.

Face Claim: Colin O'Donoghue is a gorgeous man and look at that smirk. Pitch also has a smirk. I just wanted Colin really.

Personality: Pitch really just wants someone to believe in him. He's bitter and dark and manic. I formed Pat's personality with that at the core, and because people are rarely awful for the sheer sake of being awful, I gave him some difficult and fundamental insecurities to wrestle with and mold him into this twisted man with potential for really great evil. When provoked, he's nasty. In ROTG, Pitch was also very persuasive and knew how to play on people's weaknesses (their fears). Patrick is also good at that.

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 Posted: Apr 25 2015, 06:55 PM
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