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 Bodies wanted, tag: kitten/kurt
urszula dracul
 Posted: Apr 17 2015, 05:32 PM
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Ula had been so hexcited to kick off the school paper, but while her columns were hot off the presses, gaining other voices to contribute to the project had been proving easier said than done. She rallied out in the courtyard, handing out a newspaper (as it was only one page at this point) to the students that would pass, urging them to join the Hogwarts student paper team.

"Hey, you!" she called out to a rather lanky looking teen, tugging on his arm to turn him around to face her. "You should totes join the school paper!" she urged him, though it seemed like more of a demand than a polite request. After spending her free hour with no results; it was time Ula employed other tactics.

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