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 Occupation Claim
 Posted: Apr 21 2013, 04:23 PM
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occupation claim
Students do not need to post in the occupation claim. This is mainly for adult wizards and muggles, however if your hogwarts student somehow manages to have an outside occupation you may post here.


the daily prophet.
head -f. last
reporter -f. last
editor -f. last

wiseacre's wizarding equipment
sales associate -f. last

douglas ferr's fabulous flora
pt garden keeper & sales associate -open

the emporium.
owner -s. facilier

Flourish & Blotts.
bookseller -f. last

gladrags wizardwear.
sales associate -f. last

madame marguerite's
owner -m. fontaine

zonko's joke shop
pt sales associate -f. last

food + drink

the leaky cauldron.
position -f. last
position -f. last

public service

hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.
headmaster - b. wayne
assistant healer - b. hammond
astronomy - f. last
caretaker - s. hattler
care of magical creatures - k. isenmester
charms - f. last
charms (sub) - y. littner defense against the dark arts - m. raskoph
defense against the dark arts (sub)- k. tonraq
divination -f. last
flying & quidditch - f. last
groundskeeper - f. last
herbology -p. black
history of magic - j. hook
magical law - b. holt
matron healer - f. barber
assistant healer - b. hammond
librarian -f. last
muggle studies -f. last
music -e. arenson
potions -b. banner
potions (sub) -f. last
transfiguration -f. last

law enforcement.
consulting detective -b. holt

ministry of magic.
minister for magic -f. last
junior undersecretary -f. last
auror -OPEN
auror -k. tonraq
auror-in-training -m. mckay

st. mungo's hospital


kenmare kestrals beater -l. lance
position -f. last

arithmetician -e. arenson

Please post in code.

If the business has not yet been added:
<div class="fandomname">workplace. </div> <div class="canon"><i>position -</i>f. last<br> </br></div>

To add (please state what it goes under):
<i>position -</i>f. last<br>

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