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 A New Beginning, Melanie Raskoph/Chant
james hook
 Posted: Apr 7 2015, 06:53 PM
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a new beginning
471 words
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – a place for the beings bore with the capabilities to do what others could not – magic. James Benjamin Hook had been young when his mother told him of Hogwarts - the mysterious school that accepted young students of all kinds. She told him of the different houses, but specifically of Ravenclaw. His mother knew that he was smart, so she had hope that he could be sorted into her former house. But alas, she did not acquire her hopes. Upon his acceptance to Hogwarts, James Hook was sorted into Slytherin, the most cunning of all houses.

Although Slytherin was deemed the “bad” house by most of the public; James did not see it that way. He kept to himself most of the time, studying hard and ignoring most others. He had a few friends, but those often faded. James remembered the first time he walked over the threshold and into the entrance hall of Hogwarts. He seemed so small in such a large, majestic castle. He could recall the first time he ventured onto the stairs, only to have the staircase change positions, stunning most of the first years. It seemed like he’d never get use to such a place.

Now, at the age of twenty-seven, James stood in the entrance hall once again. It had been months since he’d applied for the open History of Magic position, but now it felt so real. He stood, feeling as he did sixteen years ago, wondering what lay ahead. He wore dark robes that lay nicely over his figure. They were slightly bulky, but not too much so that one could not recognize his muscular build. His two bags hovered along beside him as he stood, gaping around at the inside of the castle. Somehow, it didn’t seem quite as large as James remembered, but he was sure that he’d get use to the new view.

James pressed his lips together and glanced around. The castle was currently empty, allowing access for professors to begin their plans. The problem was… James really didn’t know where he was going. Out of all of his years at Hogwarts, he hadn’t run across any of the professors’ offices, nor had he paid any attention. He huffed a bit and walked further into the hall, his nerves bubbling in his stomach. Ten years he had spent with muggles… returning to the wizarding world would prove to be a challenge for James. He rubbed his hand gently before he looked up, spotting a woman probably around his age. ”Hello, I’m guessing you’re a professor here as well?” James called, hoping to catch the woman’s attention. He saw no sign on the Headmaster, so he figured that he’d make do with what came along. He liked it when that included a woman.

new beginning
melanie raskoph
 Posted: Apr 9 2015, 02:05 AM
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So many things needed to be finished today. The upcoming term loomed ahead, and Melanie Raskoph was chomping at the bit to get started. This was the year, this was it. The year she would be promoted to Deputy Headmistress. She just knew it! And she would be able to prove herself worthy of the title in her assistance to prepare for the Triwizard Tournament happening in the spring semester. She was rushing around - though if anyone were to observe her she would seem calm, cool and collected. Totally in control. And she was, even if she felt like shutting herself in her chambers to calm the hell down.

A savior decided to show himself just in time. She welcomed the distraction when a voice she didn't recognize called out to her. She turned her head slowly, calculating how to approach someone who was obviously a newcomer. None of her previous colleagues would have spoken to her at all. Then again, they also hadn't recognized her - so there was that as well she supposed. Oh he was handsome - devilishly so. She graced him with a rare smile, even if it didn't quite meet her eyes. It certainly wasn't genuine. It may have even been like staring at a smiling crocodile.

"You would be guessing correctly. Clever boy." she replied, unable to help her sarcasm. She hoped he didn't mind - but if she did she really could care less.
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