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 So it's a team up! High five!, Ray Palmer/The Atom - DC Comics
richard grayson
 Posted: Apr 23 2015, 07:48 PM
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DC Comics: Batman
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Ray Palmer
Another black-haired, blue-eyed rich pretty boy? He looks like a Disney prince and has memorized all the episodes of Doctor Who. Ray is a genius tech developer with his own multi-billion dollar company--Star Tech, number two behind Wayne Tech of Wayne Enterprises--and sees himself as a visionary. He wants to help the world see a better and brighter future using his inventions. Ray is charming, a little dorky, but slightly socially awkward in the way that he does not always understand social boundaries. He is usually rather singleminded and focused on his work. A talker, Ray is known to go on tangents. Even if no one is really listening.

We would love for him to be friends with Barbara Gordon. Starting as wanting her to work for Star and then eventually becoming closer friends? All of this driving Dick crazy, of course.

We're looking for him to be an adult wizard, aged about 20-23. Negotiable, though we'd prefer for him to be a little older than both Barbara Gordon and Richard Grayson. For playby, it's open, though the face we have on the ad is Adam Gregory. He is a suggestion and not required.

A lot of things are flexible. Feel free to PM/Skype Lark or myself with any questions or comments. We also have some headcanons and plots in mind, so we'd love to share and swap all the things!

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