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 BREAK ON THROUGH TO THE OTHER SIDE, what to do if you missed an AC!
 Posted: Mar 18 2015, 10:10 PM
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As the subtitle suggests, this is a post to draw out exactly what the process is from here on out, should you decide you would like to reactivate your character(s) that you have lost during an activity check.

This is specifically regarding the March Activity Check, since it was a little less of our traditional type of activity check. ACs in the past have been, more or less, a "hum-haw around, send a mass email, wait and see, sit with our thumbs up our butts, waiting for you to post at the last minute just enough to save your characters before disappearing again for a couple of months. Or sitting in the cbox not posting in the AC or doing the simple things you were asked to do in the entire week you were given. i.e. you were active but didn't help us make our jobs any easier by doing an easy task like everyone else." Wow...was that a run on sentence or what?

Needless to say we're irked. We understand - life gets in the way. Life can suck sometimes. But life also goes on, and people shouldn't be left waiting around for you to post or officially give up a much wanted canon character that you've been holding onto and doing absolutely nothing with for the near entirety of your membership. Especially when you give no warning of your disappearances, and don't seem to care one way or the other for your fellow members, or the staff team who is striving to run a tight ship. Now some of you missed out because you either procrastinated or just didn't happen to be online during the week of the check. Some others, however, fall into the category I've described above. The "ghost member" category.

So to prevent another catastrophe of "Wait yes save my character!" posts from a ghost like the last activity check, this one was posted with no mass email. No forewarning. It was an honest look at statistically who actually logs on and reads the news and is active on the site.

Now, if you would like to retrieve your character there are some steps you must take. No longer can you just pop back in and say "BTW gimme so and so back." You must reapply - you can use the same application as before, which can be found in the archives, but there are some stipulations:

    - If, for instance, your application had been approved while the head admins were on hiatus and the site was under different management, there may be different standards that they will be held to.

    - You must also wait at least one (1) week before reapplying, to give others ample opportunity to have a shot at taking the canon that you didn't see important enough to keep up with in the first place. Then and only then may you reapply for them.

    - To start out, you may only reapply for one character at a time. If you lost two, you must post with the first and wait another week before reapplying for the second. And so on and so forth if it's more than that. So choose your first one wisely.

    - We hate doing activity checks. They're a pain in the neck to do a massive clean sweep once every couple of months, or to have to tell someone "Well, so and so actually has that character/position on the quidditch team/professor role and even though they've not been online in a month and then it was only to post in the LAST activity check...I'm sorry but you'll have to wait." And it's also unfortunate for members such as a couple in the now inactive category who are actually active but had to be held to the same standards as the ghosts for fairness sake and will have to go through this mess of reapping just because they missed the thread or don't do so well with posting by a deadline. So with that being said.

    - You will be on probation if you do come back and retrieve a character from the River Styx. If someone comes along and says "I want this canon and the player isn't active" We'll say "Welp, snooze they lose". And if we happen to notice that you've not been on in a month, regardless of interest in the character, then we'll hit that snooze button for you and let you keep on sleeping, and just delete the account altogether anyway.

So keep all of this in mind and we'll see you in a week.

For the March Activity Check, and any characters deemed inactive before in other checks, the week will be ending on 3/25/15. Good luck, and don't waste your second chance.

Chanteuse & Lark
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