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Lark Posted on Sep 19 2014, 01:06 AM

reserve a canon

Below you will find any current character reservations. The reserves last for five days before being deleted. If you see a character you would like with a reservation that ends on that day, please wait until the following day to claim that character. If the reserve has already expired and has not yet been removed you may apply with that character.

Please post in code. Reserves last for five days.

Tadashi Hamada for August until April 23

<i>character's name</i> for alias until <i>date five days from today</i><br>
Chanteuse Posted on Apr 21 2013, 07:55 AM

canon list
Below you will find our taken canons! The list is organized alphabetically by name of animation followed by name of character. For example: Young Justice would not go before Snow White, and under Snow White, the namesake princess would not go before the Huntsman.

Please note that we do not allow the same canon spirit, even if from different animations. For example, if there is already a Dick Grayson from Young Justice you cannot make a Dick Grayson from Teen Titans.

a - g

avatar: legend of korra.
beauty and the beast.
big hero 6
bravely default.
class of the titans.
code lyoko.
detective comics.
disney fairies.
great mouse detective.
h - n

hotel transylvania.
howl's moving castle.
kingdom hearts.
lady & the tramp
the legend of zelda
lilo & stitch.
Marvel Comics.
the little mermaid.
monster high.
my little pony.

o - t

one piece.
peter pan.
quest for camelot.
rise of the guardians.
sailor moon.
sleeping beauty.
spirit: stallion of the cimarron.
star wars: the clone wars.
tengen toppa gurren lagann.
total drama island.
u - z

winnie the pooh.


Please post in code.

If the fandom is not currently on the list please use the following code:
<div class="fandomname">fandom. </div> <div class="canon"> <a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">character</a><br> </br></div>

If the fandom is already on the list please use the following code and state which fandom it goes into outside of the code tags:
<a href="LINK TO APPLICATION">character</a><br>

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