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 Q & A, tag: dani/korra
urszula dracul
 Posted: Apr 17 2015, 05:41 PM
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Ula was over the moon excited to have scheduled such a prominent interview- with an auror of all people- why, it was totes going to be the talk of the halls by the time she was through. Sure, it took some wiggling: asking someone, who knew someone, who dated someone, who worked with someone, who went to knitting class with, and so on- to finally land a voice in the right ear, but she had managed it. Her first, honest-to-goodness, interview with a living, breathing, and successful witch- a Hogwarts alumni, no less!

She waited at Korra's requested meeting place, her legs dangling over her chair and swinging about excitedly. Ula was too in her head to mind the fact that her feet did not reach the floor, or that her pumpkin juice had arrived much too warm to her table, rather than expressively cool like she had requested. She sighed into her palm dreamily, thinking about the praise from her peers once they read the piece, and how her teachers would exclaim at how much of a brilliant writer she was. Truthfully, it would be a nightmare come true for the young vamp, who while she was steadily making friends this year, was still hard on her luck in the academic department. Perhaps this was just the big break she needed to show them all!

She pictured herself paraded about the hallways with her face painted alongside of the school's paintings, a tribute to how special and keen she was, an honor for their most fabulous student to ever grace the steps of Hogwarts! In her daydream, pink confetti and glitter rained down on the adoring crowd, and the school was chanting her name...

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