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ulrich stern
 Posted: Jul 2 2013, 12:42 AM
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Ulrich G. Stern

Ulrich Gregory Stern

14 years

Ulrich-dear, Ricky

canon character:
Ulrich Stern

Code Lyoko

blood status:

member group:
Gryffindor, Fourth

Cedar, Unicorn Tail Hair, Eight inches

if applicable

face claim:
Nathan Kress, the one who played Freddie in iCarly.

I'm hoping to get the entire Lyoko gang eventually. Love that show.

    Positive: Loyal, Brave, Responsible

    A friend of Ulrich's is a friend for life. You can always count on him to have your back, whether in an argument or a fight. He doesn't have a lot of close friends, really only a small group. But he trusts them with his life as they trust him with theirs. That's what being a best friend is all about, right? Trusting in each other.

    His outstanding trait is his bravery. He can't stand sitting back and watching some stupid seventh year bully a first year, even if that seventh year is in his house and the first year is Slytherin. He has a powerful sense of right and wrong, and sometimes he's moving and talking before even considering what's going to happen.

    Aside from that, he's pretty responsible. He does his homework as well as he can and turns it in on time. He keeps his friends from causing too much trouble, but not enough to be annoying. Even Ulrich needs a good laugh every now and then. But he knows when things go too far.

    Negative: Quiet, Reserved, Insecure

    Rarely does Ulrich speak out. Even among his own friends, he's considered the quiet one. He'll laugh and smile and joke with them, but he doesn't actively participate in their shenanigans, no matter how much Odd tries. When he does choose to speak, it's often met with total attention from his friends. Ulrich doesn't speak unless he has something important to say. He doesn't often act like the ringleader of the group, but when he does his decisions are final.

    Only those closest to his heart can read his facial expressions. A twitch of an eye here means he's annoyed, a puff of breath there means he's exasperated, a twist of his mouth means he's downright pissed. To everyone else, though, his emotions are unreadable. His eyes are just an unyielding patch of apathy. They aren't cold or anything, just... They literally show nothing.

    Part of the reason for his quietness is because he's insecure. He worries constantly about what his parents think of him, what decisions would reflect badly. Ulrich just wants once for his father to say he's proud of him. Every time he goes home, the only thing he hears from him is criticism. His mother assures him constantly that Mr. Stern does love him, but lately Ulrich has begun to question it.

His father is a wizard, his mother is a muggle. She didn't know about magic until Ulrich's first accidental outburst when he was five. That was a fun conversation. Ulrich didn't understand a lot of it, but got the general gist. His father was a wizard, and he was one as well. It took a while for his mother to get used to the idea of everything, from witches and wizards and magical beasts to goblins and ghosts and magical feasts. But she did, eventually.

Ulrich was pulled out of regular school and put into a special one designed for wizard children until they could go to Hogwarts. Even back then, relationship between father and son could have been better. He never hit Ulrich or put him down, but he was just so hard to please! Everything could be better; his grades, his martial arts practice this his mother had insisted he start even before his magic showed up, and especially his social life.

Ulrich didn't have many friends as a child. His father's criticisms turned him into an introvert, barely speaking out in class and only ever answering questions when the teacher called on him. He showed no signs of abuse, though, so none of them could say anything about it.

When he turned 11 years old and went to Hogwarts, it was both the best and loneliest day of his life. He was sorted into Gryffindor, a decision with surprised him. He didn't think he had any bravery in him. The sorting hat told him that there were different types of bravery, and that it wasn't the only trait of the House of the Lion.

He met a muggleborn named Oliver, more commonly known as Odd. They were in the same year, and so shared a room. Odd was a chatty one, barely taking a breath to keep up a steady stream of conversation. That was alright with Ulrich; he's rather have a roommate that spoke more than enough for the both of them than stew in awkward silence. The two quickly struck up a friendship and have been best friends since, along with some other students.

Canon Ulrich had problems with his father too. There was one episode where his parents showed up for a soccer match and Mr. Stern did nothing but criticize. Canon Ulrich is a bit different than my Ulrich in that he was more sociable and had more friends than just the Lyoko Warriors. I'm thinking by the time seventh year comes around, this Ulrich will be more like he is in the show. Currently, the only thing they have in common is that they both know Martial Arts. So this Ulrich could totally kick arse even without his wand. XD

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 Posted: Jul 5 2013, 09:43 PM
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Nathan Kress is such a cutie
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