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duncan warner
 Posted: Jul 7 2013, 12:43 AM
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Duncan M. Warner

Duncan Monroe Warner


Dunkie, Punk

canon character:

Total Drama series

blood status:
Pure blood

member group:
Slytherin, sixth year

Hawthorn, Phoenix Feather, 8 inches

if applicable

face claim:
Pierre Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan

list all that apply.

Positive: Charming, Protective, Playful

Duncan has a silver tongue that can charm anyone with an IQ lower than 100. He knows just what to say and just how to say it to make to make someone see things his way. It's gotten him both into and out of trouble a more than a couple of times. The smarter teachers know to keep their wits about them where he's concerned, lest they fall into his trap! Mwahaha!

To Duncan, his friends are his treasure. He'll do anything and everything within his power to keep them safe and happy, even if that means threatening them and others with hexes and jinxes. They'll see sooner or later that it's for their own good.

And they can't really hold it against him, or not very long. There's just this childish playfulness to Duncan's entire being that his friends have problems holding a grudge against. He only has a small group of friends that he shows this side to, though. To everyone else, he's a sarcastic asshole.

Negative: Scheming, Rebellious, Proud

Duncan is never without a plot. Not a plan, because a plan is only for one instance. A plot is made to act over a period of time until it either fails or succeeds. His plots can twist and turn in ways that no one could ever expect. It makes him quite the story teller, which is helpful whenever he has to lie.

And boy, does he have to lie often! Duncan is a true rebel at heart. He carves everything from a jolly roger to snakes to, if he's feeling particularly lazy, 'Duncan wuz here'. The last one gets him into a lot of trouble because, really, there's no other Duncan in Hogwarts who vandalizes school property and purposefully uses bad grammar. That's why he doesn't do it a lot.

Of course, it's only around teachers and the other houses that he pretends not to do be bad. In his common room, among the safety of his peers, Duncan takes pride in who he is. He likes to think he's one of the most bad-ass students in Hogwarts. And he'd be glad to defend his title if you doubt him!

Unlike most Pureblood families, Duncan doesn't come from a long line of any House. His ancestors were a mixture of all four. His father was a strict Gryffindor while his mother was a laid-back and easygoing Hufflepuff. Duncan's older brother, -insert name here-, was a Ravenclaw. His younger sister, Dawn, is a fifth year Gryffindor. And so on and so forth.

Just because not everyone was in the same house though didn't mean Duncan doesn't have a 'family honor' thing. Every single one of his family members are aurors, even the Slytherin alumnus. Duncan doesn't want to be an auror, doesn't want to be known as 'just another Officer Warner'. It's a common argument between him and his father, considering their differing morals. Duncan isn't really a bad guy, but he feels more comfortable being on the other side of the law.

It caused some problems for him while he was too young to attend Hogwarts and his brother was gone. His parents were almost always at work, and they were always too tired to pay attention to him when they did get home. They loved him, he knew that, but it never felt like they did. The first time he got their undivided attention was when he carved his initials in a tree in the public park. It was negative attention, yes, but it was attention still.

That was when he was eight. It was his first act of delinquency, but certainly not his last. By the time his Hogwarts letter came three years later, he'd gotten into more trouble than the average child. Pick pocketing, stealing, picking fights, ect... His parents had even discussed keeping him from Hogwarts until he learned to behave. A tantrum here, a bit of accidental magic there, and the idea was dropped quickly.

First year was fun. He wrote home that he was sorted into Slytherin. What he got back? A list of things he wasn't allowed to do. By mid-terms, he'd broken all of them. Oh, he'd gotten hell for it when he got home, but it was worth it.

Second year was just as fun. He tried out for the quidditch team, but didn't get in that year. That didn't stop him from trying out every year after, though. His grades all through school were good enough. Not well enough to be considered a nerd, but not bad enough to require tutoring. Mostly, he just didn't care for grades. Duncan knew he was smart; he didn't need a bunch of papers telling him.

His reputation got worse and worse as his school career went on. Each year he got more and more detentions and got into more and more trouble. His teachers knew he was a good kid at heart, and they couldn't figure out why he was acting out so much. The only one who could control him in any way was his older brother, and Cody graduated when he was in his third year.

When Dawn came to Hogwarts, though, everyone got to see Duncan's rarely seen softer side. He cheered louder than everyone else in the Great Hall when she was sorted, and threatened every single Hufflepuff that they better take care of his baby sister, or else there'd be hell to pay. Dawn just kind of chilled with it, as was her personality.

Duncan's family came from a line of police. His parents were cops, his grandparents were cops, and his siblings were cops. Duncan's more comfortable being on the wrong side of the law, though, and usually handcuffs are involved with his visits to the precinct.

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 Posted: Jul 15 2013, 02:12 AM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Thank you for making those changes / elaborations - actually, I really love his history. Fantastic character development, have a good time with your second character~
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