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 HINO, rei ari, rei hino | k. kitagawa | kayla
rei hino
 Posted: Jul 9 2013, 03:42 PM
Kayla • 108
Rei Hino • Sixteen
Sailor Moon
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rei a hino

rei ari hino


pyro, hotsauce, flaming tampon, phoenix, etc, etc

canon character:
rei hiino/sailor mars

sailor moon

blood status:

member group:
griffyndor, sixth year

vine, phoenix feather, 11 3/4"


face claim:
keiko kitagawa

list all that apply.

Rei is a fiery and hot mess. She's stubborn, with a huge temper. She'll fight for her ideas and argue for any reason, small things can cause her to snap. She has a natural confidence to herself, something that could easily come off as arrogance. She's extremely independent and despises when people tell her what to do, often acting rather bossy, as she often thinks her way is best,preferring to be a leader rather than a follower.

Even if Rei has good intentions, she can come off as cold and brash. She can appear to be mean due to her blunt and honest nature. She says things the way she sees them, and with lack of restraint. Deep down, Rei is very emotional. She believes that to keep herself from getting hurt, she has to keep everyone out. She puts up a strong front to disguise the inner weakness.

Rei is actually a good person, she cares deeply about those who actually manage to earn her trust and she's passionate about everything she does.

Rei Hino was born in Japan to Risa Hino and Takeshi Hino as a pureblood. Rei lived a happy life with her family, her mother more precisely. Rei and Risa were alike in many ways, especially their appearance. Takeshi was always distant, often leaving for work as he worked for the ministry of magic. It was during one of these trips to Europe, that back in Japan, Rei's mother grew ill. She was sick and it wasn't long before she eventually passed away with Rei by her side, just before her eleventh birthday.

Rei discovered her powers one day when she was extremely angry. She was throwing a fit, screaming, her emotions running rampant. She glared at a picture of her family, and suddenly, it burst into flames. She began attending Mahoutokoro, the wizarding school of Japan, where her grandfather was a professor. It was there that she met her best friends, and experienced many misadventures.

It was here, when she was fourteen that she also fell in love. Rei fell hard for a young assitant, he was handsome, professional and more. He and Rei got along perfectly, she believed them to be kindred spirits. That was until one day, she discovered he was engaged in order to marry into a prominent family and eventually join the ministry, working under Rei's father. Rei was heartbroken

Then when Rei was fifteen, her father came for her. She hadn't seen the man since her birthday and had no clue why he was here. He told her he was taking her away to live in Europe so he could be closer to the ministry of magic and she could attend the best wizarding school. Rei was appalled, she didn't want to leave. However, she had no choice in the matter. Rei was picked up and moved to Hogwarts, where she now attends.

House - I put Rei into gryffyndor, because of all the sailor senshi, she fits the idea of it the best. Bravery and courage.

Hometown - since it is an anime, and Rei was born in Japan, it makes sense that she would attend a wizarding school there at first.

Her grandfather - In canon, Rei lives with her grandfather, so why not have him be a professor? She's still living with him, right?

Her mother - In canon, her mother died of a disease and only Rei was there

Her father - Rei's father is a politician, so I thought the Ministry of Magic would be fitting and give her a reason to attend Hogwarts

Patronus - Rei's guardians in the manga are two ravens, so it was fitting her patronous be one

Wand Core - her hand core is a phoenix feather, as phoenix are fire birds, it fits perfectly for Rei. Phoenix feathers are also picky and hard to control, just like Rei herself.

Wand Wood - Vine is said to be attracted to users with inner depth, which Rei definitely has

kayla , pacific, none

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 Posted: Jul 9 2013, 07:17 PM
pippa • 266
boss lady • twenty-one
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
It's good to have you back, my honey. We've missed you. And Rei is just as fiery as I remember~
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