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 PIE, rosamina diane, pinkie pie | m. cyrus | kayla
rosamina pie
 Posted: Aug 6 2013, 02:36 AM
Kayla • 36
Pinkie Pie • sixteen
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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rosamina d pie

rosamina diane pie



canon character:
Pinkie Pie

My Little Pony

blood status:

member group:
hufflepuff, fourth year

Dogwood, unicorn hair, 9 3/4 inches


face claim:
Miley Cyrus

list all that apply.

Rosamina is just an energetic little ball of sugar and laughter. She's extremely hyperactive and loves to have fun. She'll go anywhere where the fun is, and is always trying to make light of every situation that comes her way. She's always making jokes, (or laughing at nonexistent ones) or pulling pranks. She's silly, hyper and upbeat, looking to always put smiles on others faces. She loves to break into random song, dance through the halls, and throw huge parties every other day. She has no sense of embarrassment so is always do whatever she deems fun, often acting rather random as a class clown.

Rosamina possesses many talents. She isn't a one trick pony. She can sing, dance, bake, and has a strange habit of popping out of random places. She also is extremely skilled in divination, her prophecies almost always coming true. Rosamina is also extremely friendly, trying to become friends with everyone (rather oblivious to the annoyance she can cause) and she hates to see anyone down and depressed.

Rosamina also has quite a few insecurities. Sometimes she wonders if everyone is laughing at her, rather than with her. She fears that one day her friends will get tired of her and stop wanting to spend time with her. However, she always puts away these fears to make the best out of life.

Rosamina was born to a family of muggles as the eldest girl. Her entire family worked as coal miners in the European countryside, rather oblivious to anything magical. Everyday was exactly the same. With meager income and simple living, her life consisted of hard work and no play. Once she was old enough, she was helping out around the house and working on the small farm they had. IT was boring, to say the least. Rosamina was told that there was no time for silliness, however, this didn't stop her. She tried her best not to let her parents down, however, her nature often got on their nerves and she constantly had to hide it.

One day, it was her youngest sister's birthday and in their family, they didn't really party. It was just another working day for them. Rosamina had had enough. This wasn't living to her, and she was bent on making her baby sister's day a special one. So she ran into their barn, and began preparations. She baked a cake and other treats in the middle of the night, bought decorations and finally, invited her family in. Her family was so shocked, and at first, her parents were angry at her. Until they saw the look on their youngest daughters face. She was so happy, that they relented. As the celebration continued, all of the sudden, cupcakes began flying around. Her parents were so surprised, that they didn't know what to do with her.

Two family friends decided to take Pinkie Pie in, who were both wizards and run a magical bakery in Hogsmeade. It was here that Rosie received her letter to Hogwarts, and where still comes in to help out every once in a while.

Name - in the episode where Pinkie Pie explains her history and how she got her cutie mark, her father calls her by her full name. Pinkamina Diane Pie and since Rose can mean pink, I went with the name Rosamina.

Blood Status - Pinkie Pie is shown to come from a very boring past, so, her parents are muggles!

History - in the episode where Pinkie describes when she got her cutie mark, it is shown that her family were rock farmers and that one day she threw a huge party to show her family how to have some fun and that was how she got her cutie mark, so I thought it would be cool if that was also how she discovered her magic.

wand core - well, this is obvious enough. Unicorn is a pony, and since Pinkie is a pony...

Wand Wood - Dogwood is said to create wands with a playful nature, and only chooses wizards who can provide them with fun and exictement, which Rosie definitely can

kayla , pst, rei and tamaki

 Posted: Aug 6 2013, 11:08 PM
pippa • 266
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Now that Pinkie Pie's here, so many characters will be forced to turn their frowns upside down! She's gonna be fun to have around the site, that's for sure~
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