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 KORE, theresa athena, theresa | m.quinn | Ace
theresa kore
 Posted: Oct 2 2013, 01:25 PM
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Class of the Titans
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theresa a. kore

Theresa Athena Kore


Theresa, Terra, Athena and Miss Kore

canon character:

Class of the Titans

blood status:
muggle born

member group:
sixth year; gryffindor

Nine and a half inches, phoenix feather, pine

Thoroughbred Horse

face claim:
Molly Quinn

Has a ginger cat named Aries

Theresa is an interesting girl, to say the least.

She has a natural sense of direction, enabling her with the gift of forseeing the future, which acts much like a sixth sense to her. She's incredibly agile and light on her feet, having taken tae kwon doe, (Black belt at the age of 12). She's a tomboy through and through, which shines brightly in the way she dresses. She's kind and out-going around her friends, although she can actually be cold around people she doesn't know. She's an independent spirit with lively energy around her friends.

 For Theresa, She was often ignored by her father. Her mother died when she was ever so young, causing Theresa to grow up without a real motherly figure. Although, she had a wealthy upbringing, Theresa disliked being considered rich. Sure, she had fancy clothes, new cars, and all the money in the world, Theresa hated to show it. It was a secret she kept to herself, afraid people would treat her different if they found out. Her father, being extremely busy, often ignored his daughter, not on purpose, but when asked about her childhood, Theresa often speaks about her practically raising herself. Although, she often brushes the thought of her father ignoring her on purpose, Theresa can't help, but think that her father doesn't care as much as she wished he did.

Although her mother never really paid much attention to her or taught her much, Theresa became quite motherly towards her friends. She helps whenever she can and often gives her friends advice whenever necessary or asked to. She's often the first person that her friends go to for help or to talk, seeing as she's very knowledgeable. She also has been known to hide her emotions, placing that kind and sweet expression a mother would hold.

Theresa Athena Kore was born to Sierra Camille Kore and James Wyatt Kore on January 1st, 1997. Her parents were very pleased to finally have a child after years and years of trying. Theresa grew up as any normal rich kid. She had everything she could ever want, other then what she always wanted: Attention from her parents. Her mother was always busy, often with friends, working for her husband or just out on adventures. Her father was a work-alcholic, not that he ever took a break long enough to notice Theresa. Theresa grew up with everything, except what she really wanted. She never really had friends either, because she was considered stuck up.

Grade 4 was when everything changed. She began seeing things; Things that aren't there. They were visions of some sort. It was almost like she could see the future. It all started when she first touched Sarah Darryn. It was almost like she had a vision of something. It was gone in a flash as Theresa stumbled away. Sarah blinked at Theresa, muttering about stupidity before turning and slamming face first into the door. Theresa's eyes budged as she ran forward to help her. Just like her vision... Theresa never told anyone about it, until about 3 years later, when she saw a "vision" of her mother dying. She kept the vision to herself, holding her lip, often locking herself in her room to avoid spewing nonsense.

When her mother did die, due to lung cancer, Theresa was devastated, but not exactly surprised. Her father barely spoke to Theresa now. Apparently, she reminded him too much of her mother. Theresa sighed as she grew up, learning everything a mother and father would teach a child.

Theresa was about 11 years old when she actually used magic. A couple mean sixth grade boys had backed the young girl into a corner, grinning like a group of ghouls. Theresa flinched as her back hit the wall, trying not to whimper as she saw one of the boys raise his fist. Her arms immediately shoved up to protect her face, but no blow came. Theresa opened her eyes, watching as the boy stumbled back, holding his fist while the others watched in horror. They each turned on their heels and were out of there, faster then Theresa could scream. She looked at her hands before running home. This was the last straw; she had to tell her dad.

When she finally reached home, Theresa saw an very old and very strange man, sitting with her father. All she remembered was running home, calling for her dad and seeing a strange man sitting in her living room. All Theresa remembered after that was being handed a letter, saying she was accepted into a boarding school... A Magic Boarding School.

Theresa's first couple years at Hogwarts were interesting, to say the least. Theresa was branded a loner. She was considered a mysterious child. No one ever really got to know her, because of her cold nature. At first, Theresa hated her studies. It wasn't that she wasn't any good; it was the fact everyone was either afraid of or disliked her. Her first three years were incredibly lonely for Theresa; She almost wished she was with her dad instead, because at least he paid a little attention. Little did Theresa know, her life would change around.
Theresa, now sixteen years of age, is eager to return to Hogwarts. Her magic has been coming along quite well, progressing steadily as she learns more and more about the extent of her powers. She's also eager to see her best friends and see what Hogwarts has in store for her.

Name, Patronus & Wand: Theresa is the canon name. It sounds a lot like Theseus (who is who she is descended from in the actual show series.) Athena is name of a Greek Goddess, who happens to be the rival of her descendent's father (Poseidon). Kore is actually another word for Persephone, which means 'The Maiden' in Greek. Her patronus is a horse, which represents power, freedom and strength. I think Theresa's independent spirit shows her strength through the horse. She's strong for her age and how she was ignored by her family. Her wand is also part of how she is today. She's independent and strong master, which is why she works well with the pine wand. She is considered a little mysterious to others, who don't know her that well.

History: Her history is a little confusing at parts [Not too confusing, I hope.] I tried hard, using what I knew about her character from watching Class of the Titans and what I got from Wiki, although her family wasn't much to go on. It's kind of a sad history on my part, but here it goes. Because in the series, Canon Theresa never says anything about her mother. Not too sure why, but that's beside the point. I decided, since she is a seer, maybe 'My' (I'm going with 'my' for now) Theresa saw her mother's death and tried hard to avoid it. Sure, she was devastated, but she had time to give herself a sort of mental block to it. Her mother barely paid attention to her, so it wasn't hard to place a mental block on everything about her mother.

Personality: For her personality, I would sort of use what they described her as. She is also a Seer here, because Theresa is able to see the future. I've tried to keep her original personality the same, although with a couple minor changes. I see her as almost a Ginny Weasley, [Not exactly, but quite close], in personality and also appearance.

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 Posted: Oct 14 2013, 12:54 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I love her, Ace! It's good to have another COTT fan on the site, seeing as most people have no idea that the show even exists. So, thank you for being you! I'm sure she and Atlanta will have a grand old time <3 Welcome to the site~
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