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 SOQUILI, rayne huyana, Rain | j.jones | Ace
rayne soquili
 Posted: Oct 25 2013, 05:59 PM
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Rain • seventeen
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
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rayne h soquili

rayne huyana soquili


rain, huyana (which means falling rain), silent sister (by her younger siblings), chosposi( which means "Bluebird eye"),and kaya (which mean elder sister; often her siblings would call her this).

canon character:

spirit: stallion of the cimarron

blood status:
muggle born

member group:
seventh year; ravenclaw

Twelve inches, Phoenix feather, Cedar [Aromatic Red]


face claim:
Julia Jones [ with dyed blonde hair]

Chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team Has a Eagle Owl named Chatan (Means Hawk in Sioux)

Born and raised in the Lakota nation, Rayne was always the silent type. She was never good with words, often using very little to almost no words. She often uses her body language and touch to speak, which her younger siblings used to help her with. Her nature is reserved, yet easy-going. She's not afraid to help someone in need, being a compassionate young girl. She can be playful, gentle and serene, when she wants to be. She's strong, not only physically but mentally. She's fiercely loyal to her friends and would stand by them until death if she had to. Because of her "mute" behaviour, Rayne doesn't have many friends. Anyone who can handle Rayne's silence, is a true friend, in her mind.

Although, when she is considered a mute by many, Rayne can speak, quite well. She has a fierce temper, one that not many can tame. In her tribe, one of her nicknames was snake-tongue, because of her ability to snap a comeback at someone. Almost everyone who has seen Rayne as a mute, is often dumbstruck when she speaks. It's often a miracle that she can say anything. She's very independent and makes sure everyone knows it. She can be even a little proud and almost cold to anyone. She's incredibly short-tempered and extremely stubborn. It's a trait she picks up from her father and it's not the best. Because of her lack to the "white people's" culture, Rayne doesn't quite understand the concept of shoes. She will run around barefoot at every chance she gets. Her parents were never able to allow her to interact with anyone outside their tribe. She is, as her late mother would, "a wild child with wild hair and a wild heart."

Rayne loves her family. Period. They are her rock; the only ones who truly understand her. Her eldest brother, Little Creek, was much like her guardian as a child. He was like her second father, not that she wanted one, but he acted much like one. Her two younger sisters were always there for her, usually her translators. Rayne is extremely bilingual, knowing English and various Native American dialects. Her father was practically her best friend. He taught her everything from navigation to tracking. She could stand in a forest and immediately tell where an deer had ran, where a fox had laid hidden. She loves the smell of rain and anything natural; it reminds her of home. She'll stand in the rain and just embrace the feeling. She's who she is and no one can change how she is.

Rayne Huyana Soquili was born to Chief Annawon and Nita Soquili of the Lakota Tribe. Even as a child, Rayne was a wild girl. Being the youngest of her family, Rayne was very sheltered. Not only did she have a father, but her older brother, Little Creek, was extremely overprotective. Her mother would often watch the two and smile as the two would bicker with each other.

"Rayne! Are you crazy!!"

"Oh, come on, Creek! It was just a bareback gallop," The four year old girl rolled her eyes as her older brother stormed after her. Most arguements would end with Rayne promising she wouldn't do it Almost never or Little Creek just giving up Almost always For the longest time, Rayne was the youngest child.

Rayne was about 4 years old when her first youngest sibling came: A beautiful young girl, who they named, Nina, meaning Strong. At first, you could say Rayne felt jealous of the baby. She felt she was being ignored, like she wasn't important anymore. She became a little more distance as a result, only really talking to Little Creek. As Nina grew up, Rayne made sure to ignore the young baby, often glaring at the little devil spawn that ruined her life.

At the age of 6, Rayne lost her mother when her tribe was attacked by the white men. Everything happened so fast. Rayne remembered her two youngest siblings screaming and being shoved into her. She could hear her father yelling and then the sounds of gunshots. Rayne felt two pairs of small arms wrapping around her waist. These held her in place as she watched her mother pushed in front of the white man. Her mother looked up at the white man as he brought a gun to her forehead. Rayne barely had time to scream before her mother was shot right in front of her. All she heard was screams from her younger siblings and shouts of rage from her father and brother. Rayne was struck with grief and awe, that they would do such a thing to them. This was a extremely hard time for the Soquili family, after this horrible experience.

After her mother's death, Rayne took on the role of mother. At first, Rayne had sat in the corner of their small tepee, in shock, what had taken place. After about a week, Rayne had taken herself a reality check and forced herself to take on the mother role. Her younger siblings immediately took to her like her own children. After her mother's death, Rayne wasn't the wild child she used to be; She matured extremely quickly and she became more and more quiet. She became a reserved, strong and independent women, that her mother was.

Her father died of heartbreak within 3 months of his wife's death. After her father's death, Rayne practically stopped talking. She used more body language and more touch then words, which Rayne did use a little to no words at all. For her, actions spoke better then words.

Rayne was about 11 when she received a letter. A letter from a magic school. She was surprised none the less, but excited. It was an exciting day when she left her home for the big world beyond the one she knew.
At first, Rayne had troubles, adjusting to the new school, new people and of course, schoolwork. For the longest time, Rayne was teased, made fun of, due to her race. No one believed that a Indian could be a witch. They taught it was crazy. Rayne showed them. She showed them that this Indian could do magic. She showed every single one of them, kicking their butt from here to the next train station. After that, everyone was scared of the quiet young girl. They neither teased nor talked to her after that.

Rayne, Now at a ripe age of seventeen, is ready to start her next school year, hopefully make some friend and graduate. She's excited, yet scared for the year ahead.

Name, Patronus & Wand: Rayne is another way to spell rain and I thought it fit her. Huyana means Falling Rain or Rain falling, which fits her completely. Soquili is the Aborginal word for Horse, so duh, it fits her. Ok, I'm really childish at the moment, but that's ok. Her Patronus is an eagle, because it's a symbol of courage, healing, and freedom. Her wand fits her. Cedar was mentioned in many different Native American Legends. It's also known to fit people, who are protective, intelligent and strong-willed. Although, it is uncommon, I could totally see it fitting Rayne really well.

Personality: Personality wise, there wasn't much about canon Rain, so I placed myself into her shoes. Because she doesn't talk or anything in the movie, I seriously see her being very shy about speaking. All I really tried to do was play myself into Rain's sho, errrrrr.... hooves and really get into her mind set. I really see her having a couple younger siblings, who she was really close to and how she's really close to her father, after her mother was killed.

History: With Rayne, there wasn't much to go by. I practically made up most of her history as I went along. I hope it sounds ok.

Face Claim: Ok, For Rayne's face claim, I practically combed every list of Native American Actresses and as soon as I saw Julia Jones, I was nearly died. I loved her in the Twilight Saga, but that's beside the point. She's of Native American heritage, which I think fits Rayne to a pinch (no duh). Anyways, I totally think Julia could pull off, passing as our Indian Pony...

ace , mountain, theresa.

 Posted: Dec 4 2013, 05:34 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Rain's a wonderful character to have personified. :] And like I've already said to you, great choice of playby.
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