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 TRAFALGAR, lawrence jasper, trafalgar law | e. woods | shiny
lawrence trafalgar
 Posted: Jan 2 2014, 02:03 AM
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Lawrence J. Trafalgar

Lawrence Jasper Trafalgar


Law, ‘Dark Doctor’, ‘Surgeon of Death’

canon character:
Trafalgar Law

One Piece

blood status:
Muggle Born

member group:
Ravenclaw Alumni

Hogwarts Medi-Wizard

Ebony, Unicorn hair, 10 inches

Snow leopard

face claim:
Elijah Wood

list all that apply.

Lawrence isn’t all that complicated to figure out, no matter how stoic or uncaring he acts. He’s a proud, sadistic, arrogant asshole. Law knows himself well enough to agree with all of those. He refuses to take orders from anyone, and I mean anyone. Anyone who even tries it better run for their f***ing lives.

Law isn’t a cruel person, despite what many of the students say. He’s just not sympathetic enough to be careful of injuries or wounds. He’s not very fond of using spells for healing, but that’s purely from his own preference. He became a healer, not through any sense of sentimentality or wanting to help people, but because he wanted to learn how the human body works. It’s like a machine; some parts were necessary, some parts weren’t. He just wanted to know how it all worked!

That’s only part of the reason the students he cares for find him creepy. Another reason? Law enjoys telling them, in great detail, every which way they could die from whatever ails them. Even something as silly as a paper cut could “be a breeding ground for bacteria, making the wound and, subsequently, the blood get infected, meaning I’d have to chop off your entire arm! You might even possibly die of blood loss before I could staunch the bleeding!” At least he didn’t giggle maniacally while saying it. Gotta give him that at least.

Despite those ‘minor’ flaws, he does have some good qualities about him. He’s pretty chill and laid back, always smiling calmly no matter what the situation. The only time he’s not smiling is if he’s in deep thought or annoyed with a patient. He doesn’t mind explaining things either if someone’s interested in learning the trade of healing. He’s playful and sarcastic with people he deems worthy of getting past his mask.

Even as a child, Law knew he wanted to be a doctor. He was always going around ‘diagnosing’ people and trying to heal them. He begged his parents, a pair of muggle doctors themselves, to let him read their medical books. It took him a while to understand and pronounce the big words, but he got it. It even amazed his parents, who praised him as a prodigy.

Admittedly, it gave him a big head. He had few friends in school because of his arrogance, and the fact that he knew ways to incapacitate someone in ways a child shouldn’t scared even his teachers. Law was lonely, but he’d never admit it. He just dug himself further into his studies.

His first bit of accidental magic didn’t come from a temper tantrum, but more from panic. It was after school, and he was waiting for one of his parents to pick him up. Law was alone, not even the teachers waiting with him. Tall and blonde with a pink feathery coat, came up and started talking him. Law knew he wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers, but the man introduced himself as Doflamingo and said that now they weren’t strangers.

Doflamingo scared Law. His smile was too wide and fake, and his sunglasses were so big they hid his face. Law kept saying his parents would be there soon and he’d get into trouble if he was seen speaking to anyone. It wasn’t a lie, but Law wasn’t speaking all the truth. As doctors, he had no idea when his parents would come get him. He was just trying to buy time.

It was when Doflamingo told him that he had candy for him that Law knew something bad was happening. He tried to run and tried to scream, but Doflamingo was faster. He grabbed at Law and put his hand over his mouth to muffle his yells before dragging him over to a car and threw him in the trunk.

Law was terrified, and kept yelling to be let out. He knew he should conserve his strength, knew he was just wasting precious air, but couldn’t help it. It wasn’t long before he was hauled out of the trunk and thrown into a dark, dirty basement. Doflamingo told Law that this would be his home now and he himself would be his big brother. Law demanded to be released with as much anger as an 8 year old could manage.

The pink-feathered bastard slapped him hard enough to cut his lip, making Law cry out. Despite the hit, Doflamingo still had his smile. Or maybe he was smiling because of the violence. He cooed in a soft voice, “Now now, Lawsy. No need to be like that. Just settle in; you’ll meet the others soon!” It made the child freeze in fear. There were others?

Doflamingo was right. Not even an hour later, two children his age filtered in. One was a green-haired girl, the other a yellow-haired boy. They introduced themselves as Monet and Bellamy. They’d been taken from their homes as well, but had grown used to Doflamingo. Once you accepted the man as family, the abuse stopped and he grew perfectly pleasant.

Law didn’t WANT to get used to Doflamingo. Every time the man came to visit, Law glared and said he wanted to go home. The violence continued, all the while with Doflamingo smiling and saying the abuse hurt him more than it hurt Law. Law changed tactics. Instead of demanding to be released, he ignored Doflamingo. It worked about as well as saying he wanted to leave.

Law spent a few months in that basement, not relenting. Doflamingo wasn’t his brother. Monet and Bellamy were cowards for giving in. His parents would find him and let him go and he’d never see Doflamingo’s creepy face again.

On the last month, another child appeared with him. An pale boy with light blonde hair a year older than him, who introduced himself as Bernard. He was a sweet boy, naive and trusting to a fault. Law felt sorry for him; he didn’t deserve to be in a place like this. Law resolved to himself to get the both of them out, even if he had to play nice to Doflamingo.

That’s what he did. Next time his ‘guardian’ visited, Law said he’d thought it over and decided he was done with denying it. If Doflamingo still wanted him, he’d be willing to join the ‘family’. Doflamingo was delighted. Law saw sunlight for the first time in months, and he had to hide his eyes. That’s why he didn’t see the gun until it went off.

Doflamingo had shot Bernard, saying he’d served his purpose of convincing Law. Law cried out and ran to his new friend, putting pressure on the wound like he’d been shown. Bernard was dying and Law, despite all his intelligence and resourcefulness, felt useless. That’s when his hands grew warm, and the wound healed. Law felt the skin seal beneath him, but pretended it was still bleeding. If Doflamingo thought Bernard was dead, he wouldn’t hurt him anymore.

The man dragged him backwards and out the door, telling him to leave the trash. He’d dispose of the ‘body’ later. Bellamy was suspicious of Law, but both Monet and Doflamingo admonished him for not believing his new brother. By this time, Law had had practice in schooling his features to not reveal his emotions, so none of the others knew how nervous he actually was.

Later that night, after everyone had gone to bed, he went to the basement. Bernard, though he looked both scared and confused, was alive and waiting. Law was glad, and together the two snuck as quietly as they could outside. They got about half a mile away before hearing yells. They’d been discovered!

Abandoning all stealth, Law and Bernard RAN for it. They ran as far and as fast as they could. A full mile from where they started, they found adults who wore strange cloaks and called themselves aurors. One of the aurors, a man named Vergo, demanded what they were doing out so late. Law tried to explain, but he didn’t believe them and even told the other aurors to ignore them.

A voice from behind the two boys scared them. Doflamingo was there. How had he already caught up?! He told Vergo to drop the charade and kill the others, now that they knew where they were. Vergo didn’t hesitate before turning on the other aurors and sending out attacks from a wooden stick Law noticed they all had, even Doflamingo. He had no idea what was going on, but he had to get Bernard out of there before they got hurt.

Luckily, one of the aurors, a man named Smoker, was able to grab hold of the two boys. To this day, Law remembers what it felt like. Like he was being squeezed on all sides and something was yanking on his stomach. They arrived in a place bigger than Law had ever seen before, with people in cloaks running back and forth with papers seemingly flying around on their own. They were taken by a different man, an older gentleman named Garp, and Smoker left with a loud crack that hurt Law’s ears.

They waited with Garp in his office for news. It came, but it was both good and bad news. The good news was that Vergo was dead. The bad news is that Doflamingo escaped. There was no trace of anyone in the house, not even Monet and Bellamy. Law couldn’t bring himself to worry about the other two and asked what was going on, where they were, why they where there, and who Garp was.

Garp was an auror. One of the most respected and powerful ones, if the way the others treated him was any indication. Law didn’t know what an auror was. It was like a magical cop. He learned then all about witches and wizards and magic. The reason the aurors had been there was because they’d felt a surge of underaged magic: Law healing Bernard, who turned out to be the only child of a rather influential pure-blooded family.

The information overload was enough to make Law’s head hurt, and he asked to go home. Garp’s face turned sad. Apparently, Law’s parents had both been killed on the way to pick him up. That’s why he’d been waiting so long for them. The only reason Law didn’t break down was because he was already so numb.

Luckily for him, Bernard’s parents came at just that moment. Bernard told them the story and convinced them to take Law back to their house and adopt him into the family. They agreed, saying they owed Law anything and everything they could provide. He’d brought their baby boy back.

Life since then had been pretty… Well, not normal. Things for Law would never be normal again. He had nightmares about Doflamingo and Vergo coming for him, of being unable to save Bernard, of his parents blaming him for their deaths. He thankfully shared a room with his new brother, and Bernard never told anyone about the times Law woke up sobbing and whimpering with horror.

Since Bernard was older than him, he got his Hogwarts letter first. Platform 9 ¾ was mind boggling. People were wandering around with cats and owls, some already in their Hogwarts robes and showing off for their friends what they’d learned over the summer. He wanted to know what everything was and peppered anyone who would answer them with question after question after question. Thankfully, his foster parents had already gotten used to his inquisitive nature and was able to answer most of them.

Surprisingly, the separation was harder on Bernard than it was on Law. He promised to write weekly and almost crushed Law with a hug. He was really the only one who could get away with it. Law couldn’t get close to anyone without tensing up, expecting a fist or a foot to come flying at him.

True to his word, the first letter came that Saturday with a beautiful barn owl. Bepo had been sorted into Hufflepuff and was enjoying his classes. He said he had lots of friends, but Law could tell him his stories that the jerks were just taking advantage of him. He’d fix that when he went to Hogwarts next year, and make sure Bernard had only real friends.

That’s exactly what he did. He got his Hogwarts letter, went to Diagon Alley with his brother and parents, got on the train, and proceeded to terrorize anyone who even tried to step all over him. By the time they actually got to the castle, word had spread around the train of the arrogant brat with a face of stone and the eyes of a storm.

Not everyone was scared. While the first years were waiting, two boys introduced themselves as Lucas and Shachi, two half-blood boys who’d grown up together. Shachi said he could also call Lucas Penguin, since he had such a big thing for fish. Right there, the two boys almost got into a fight. Law told them to knock it off and was surprised when they actually listened to him with twin grins on their faces. Normally Law wouldn’t care if they fought or not, but his instincts said he could trust them.

When he got to the sorting hat, it was almost immediately torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. He was intelligent and inquisitive, always thirsting for more knowledge. But on the other hand, he was also resourceful and cunning, willing to do anything to accomplish his goals. While he was certainly brave enough for Gryffindor, he wasn’t noble in the sense that he’d go running to the rescue. And he wasn’t nearly peaceful enough for Hufflepuff.

Since he didn’t want anything reminding him of Doflamingo, he argued for Ravenclaw. The Sorting Hat agreed and announced his house. The cheers for him were kind of subdued, considering everyone there had heard some kind of news of him.

He didn’t let it bother him. Bernard, though sad that they weren’t in the same house, cheered for him. Law smiled calmly and waved at him, glaring imperceptibly at those closest to him. Okay, so he had a bit of a brother complex. Not that he’d ever admit to it.

Life went on, year after year. Law grew close to Penguin and Shachi enough to consider them his brothers as well. They, along with Bernard, were never seen far from the others. The other two boys were both named Gryffindors all those years ago. Law tutored all three of them, even Bernard who, by all rights, should have been the one tutoring him. He was probably the only reason the older boy scraped by on both his O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts and graduated a year before the three.

That summer, Law finally trusted Penguin and Shachi enough to tell them about what happened to him and Bernard. There was a party for celebrating Bernard’s graduation. He pulled all three of them away from the crowd and told Bernard that it was finally time to tell them. It was a sign of their bond that Bernard didn’t even have to ask what he meant and instead went along with it, not even questioning if Law was sure or why he wanted to say it now, of all times. Law was grateful; he was already doubting himself enough about it. If his brother had asked, he didn’t think he’d go ahead with it.

Naturally, Penguin and Shachi had no idea what was going on. Law spilled out the entire story, watching as their faces morphed from surprise to horror to anger. Law felt Bernard shrink against him, worried that the anger was for them not saying it. Penguin and Shachi started cursing angrily, but not at them. They were mad at Doflamingo, for the shit he’d put their friends in.

That was the first time since he was a child that Law had cried, thankful for his friends. They made a pact then, that no matter what happened or where they went, the four of them would be brothers forever.

After Law graduated Hogwarts with flying colors, he immediately applied to St. Mungo’s Hospital to learn to be a medic wizard. He was accepted and taught everything he could learn. Unfortunately, Law tended to be a bit too sadistic with his patients. He was called the ‘Surgeon of Death’ and ‘Dark Doctor’ behind his back, but he knew the names were floating around.

Honestly, it amused him to no end. Before he could be fired, though, he quit and surprised everyone when he applied to Hogwarts for the Medical Ward. Law wasn’t exactly known for being fond of children. He didn’t feel the need to explain, not even to the friends he shared a house with in Hogsmeade. To Law’s delight, he was accepted and allowed to move into the castle that summer.

Despite how peaceful things were, Law couldn’t help feeling uneasy. Doflamingo and Vergo were out there somewhere, having never been caught. Were they going to try and get revenge? Law could only hope, pray, and keep his wand arm strong.

Name: Canon name is Trafalgar Law. In One Piece, the names are like in Japan: family name first, given name second. I figured that wouldn’t fly here. Also, I gave Law a full name that I could just his canon name for.

Friends: In the show, Bernard is known as Bepo, a sentient kung fu polar bear who serves as Law’s first mate. Penguin and Shachi are both with Law when he first appears. Not much is known about them, but I wanted to include them anyway.

Enemies: Canonwise, Law used to work for Doflamingo. It hasn’t been revealed yet why Law betrayed him, just that he wants revenge for something done years ago. Vergo was killed by Law, but I assumed that an 8 year old killing a man who worked for the aurors would be a little far fetched. Bellamy and Monet also worked for Doflamingo.

Patronus: My first thought was polar bear, since his first mate is one in the show. But then I remembered his spotted hat and his spotted pants and thought a snow leopard would work just as well.

Shiny , EST, Ulrich, Duncan, Rachel, and Edward

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