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 KEYWORTH, lady annabelle, lady | t. bellisario | lark
lady keyworth
 Posted: May 10 2014, 02:13 PM
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Lady and the Tramp
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Lady A. Keyworth

Lady Annabelle Keyworth


“Little Lady” (parents)

canon character:

Lady and the Tramp

blood status:
Pureblood born, adopted and raised muggle. Believes she is muggle.

member group:
Hufflepuff, fifth year.


Rosewood, Unicorn hair, 10 3/4 inches

American Cocker Spaniel

face claim:
Troian Bellisario



academics - In the muggle world, it’s a great achievement for a child to skip a grade in school. Lady has skipped two. The first time, skipping the second grade, she had no real understanding of what it meant. All she knew was that the other girls and boys of her class were a year older than her and unfamiliar from those she had met in kindergarten and first grade. It was a difficult transition at first. Lady was not quick to make friends and kept mostly to herself for the better part of three months, quietly doing her work and passing off polite smiles whenever addressed by her peers. It seemed like she had just begun to warm up to her new classmates by the end of the year when, to her surprise, her parents decided to transfer her to the all-girls Reidell Preparatory Academy for the following year. After taking the entrance aptitude test, the school placed her in the fourth grade rather than third, introducing an already nervous and shy girl to peers who were two years her senior. Of course, very little of this actually matters to the magical world, as entry into a school of magic is centered more around the coming of age rather than express aptitude. But Lady’s parents are proud of her swift hike through elementary school, and that was all that really mattered to her.

While attending Reidell, Lady’s parents pushed her to become involved and participate in extracurricular activities in order to better acclimate her into her new group of peers. By seventh grade, her last year at a muggle school, Lady was leading the quiz bowl team, participated on the school newspaper staff, attended photography club, and played both varsity lacrosse and soccer.

personal - When Lady was six years old, her father’s law firm was partnered with a larger group which dealt with international business. More specifically, her father’s firm worked on cases primarily tied to Scandinavia. With priority in direct communication, rather than the use of translators, the company lawyers were paid a bonus to learn Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish, paid more if they were able to speak more than one. With the necessary audio discs laying around the house, young little Lady dove into both Norwegian and Swedish. By the age of ten, with countless hours of private study and practice with answering incoming calls to her father’s office, Lady had learned to speak fluent, if not immaculate, Norwegian and Sweedish.

After her induction into Averdam [see HISTORY] at age eleven, Lady took to magic with the same academic hunger she had always had. She kept up a rather heavy course load, but somehow manage to find time for private study. Reading somewhere in a dusty old tome from the school library that the most disciplined and powerful witches and wizards could perform wandless magic, she had spent much of her first four years striving to achieve this goal for herself. It was more a task to exercise her mind and keep her busy in her free time, as Averdam had no competitive sports teams or extracurricular endeavors and was so far from home, and had no real ultimate goal or intended use. That she could cast a good number of cantrips without her wand by her fourth year, however, was no small achievement and she is very proud of herself despite the fact that she generally keeps this talent a modest secret.

- - - - -


loud noises in quiet places, dust, mud, feeling betrayed, cheaters, liars, thieves, being spooked, very loud thunder, being cold, mean people, rude people, overly gossipy media, wet socks, walking barefoot on dirty floors, getting lost, looking a mess, being forced into academic competition, rats, getting stuck, getting into trouble.

- - - - -


short-term - One of Lady’s current short-term goals is to get a jump on nonverbal spell casting this year. Sixth years are typically taught how to cast magic nonverbally, so, if Lady can figure it out on her own or with the help of a willing upperclassman this year, she figures it will give her an edge for her sixth year. With her self-taught wandless casting, she knows she can learn nonverbal casting by herself. It shouldn’t be that difficult in comparison.

Another short-term goal Lady has for her fifth year is to become an animagus. Her limited knowledge on the subject tells her it won’t be an easy accomplishment, but she has never been one to set easy goals. In her old school, there were no animagi that she is aware of and she has no idea if there are any at Hogwarts or how to find one. Never one to broadcast her thoughts and actions, it is unlikely Lady will stir up suspicions on the subject unless someone happens to read over her shoulder.

long-term - Formerly set on the road to Yale Law, Lady’s plans for the future changed when she was accepted into Averdam and overtaken by the world of magic. With a predisposition for law, she is contemplating work for the Ministry of Magic legal branch. However, her newfound love and extreme aptitude for horticulture and potion crafting over the last few years have her thinking outside of a career in law and possibly leaning toward gardening and the sale of potions. It is a very difficult and troublesome predicament to be so torn.

- - - - -


As far as Lady knows, life began fifteen years ago in upstate New York when she was born to Jim and Annabelle Keyworth, a loving, upper-middle class couple barely a year into their marriage. Not exactly conforming to the contemporary social normality of American societal standards, the couple named their baby girl Lady Annabelle Keyworth and raised her just as her given name implies. Her formative years were spent with piano lessons with her father every evening, tea and lunch with her mother’s book club every wednesday, country club outings, horseback riding, and regular family outings. She was a very well-behaved little girl and very intelligent, nearly to the point of oddity.

Lady’s mature and intelligent state of mind excelled her in school to the point of skipping a grade at second year, then again at fourth. However, this propulsion took a toll on Lady’s social development, rendering her on the shy side and not quick to make friends. Those friends she did manage to make, a pair of girls from Reidell Preparatory Academy, she was close with to the point of near sisterhood. Daisy Hartwell and Faith Lawrence, who she met through playing lacrosse and soccer, were far more outgoing and a little scary in their bold approach when first met, but their steady and sure determination eventually brought Lady out of her shell.

When Lady received a very curious letter nearly five years back, delivered by a large barn owl straight through her bedroom window no less, from Averdam Academy of Witchcraft in and town in Montanna which didn’t even exist on Google Maps, she had first thought it to be a joke. The next day, though, two more identically thick, parchment made envelopes arrived in much the same fashion. These two she opened, giggling to herself about the absurdity within and gently shooing, or pleading, the owl off her windowsill. She shut and locked her window that evening only to have three more letters mysteriously and neatly tucked into her copy of Where the Red Fern Grows the next afternoon, exactly where she had left off from the day before. With a house protected by one of the most reputable security systems in the area, Lady came to the conclusion that this was a harmless prank by her mother and father and decided to confront them. That had not gone over as planned...

After the the arrival of about three dozen more letters in very imaginative ways, the last ten miraculously appearing in a cake which her mother had literally just baked, the family came to a very rational conclusion that this could, in no conceivable way, be a ruse. They were not sure how, but answering the letter seemed the appropriate route. Together, in Jim Dear’s study, the family drew up an inquiry response letter and, to their surprise, the very same barn owl flew into the open study window the very minute the envelope was sealed and addressed “To whom it may concern”.

As these things go, Lady did not pass up the rather exceptional and awe-inspiring promise of an education in real magic. Jim Dear and Darling were in no way about to hold their beloved daughter back from something so amazing and prestigious, something she may have very well been born to do. The next four years, back on the schedule of a girl her age, Lady attended Averdam, immediately falling in love with her new life as a promising young witch.

At the end of last term, her fourth year at Averdam, the headmistress herself, Professor Ives, approached Lady with an offer rather unheard of. Lady’s progress at Averdam and aptitude as a young witch had placed her at the head of her class every year and she was, in many ways she wasn’t even aware of, a shining star for Averdam. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry of Scotland, possibly the most prestigious school in all of magical history, had agreed to a foreign exchange program with Averdam and Professor Ives’ first choice of ambassador was, to the girl’s utter innocent surprise, Lady. If she chose to accept, and Lady was sure Jim Dear and Darling would agree she simply must, Hogwarts’ offer extended so long as she wished to stay with the exception of expulsion resulting from misbehavior or failing grades.

present - Lady is looking forward to her very first year at Hogwarts, entering as a fifth year student. In an interim visit and tour of the castle, she was put through a very curious and strange “sorting” ritual regarding a talking hat. The had declared that, though she had the aptitude and wit of a Ravenclaw, she would find her true calling in the fair house of Hufflepuff. In all honesty, the very idea of “school houses” is new and strange to our Little Lady and she is not sure what to expect. She is, however, quite sure she will make the most of her stay at Hogwarts, as she would anywhere she could attend.

- - - - -


sliding on hard flooring in socks, loyal and loving people, sharing school supplies with others in need, hugs, lightning, rain, sitting next to a fire, small children, cute dresses, playing piano, learning new things, achieving difficult goals, a warm breeze, pleasant smelling flowers, horticulture, potions, dogs, eating outside, spending time with her family, starchy foods, curling her hair, doing other girls’ hair and makeup, decorating her book covers.

- - - - -

patronus - If her patronus is any indicator, Lady is prone to a sweet, puppydog disposition. The American Cocker Spaniel is a very loyal and kind breed of dog, easy to train and typically obedient. A metaphorical connection is not all that Lady shares with her patronus. Oftentimes, she will secretly practice summoning her patronus just for a bit of pleasant company. She has always wanted a puppy, but, having attended boarding schools most of her life, Lady’s parents thought it best that she waited until she had time to commit to a dog.

family - Lady’s father, Jim, and mother, Annabelle, have a very loving marriage. Lady is accustomed to the use of pet names, such as Jim Dear, Darling, and Little Lady, and is prone to using them in her everyday relationships because of this. Though Lady loves both her parents very much, she is very much a “daddy’s girl”. Prior to her induction into the magical world, her dreams were to follow in her fathers footsteps and go to Yale Law. As of last year, the family welcomed a new addition: Charlie, a bouncing baby boy and little brother to Lady. Though she wasn’t sure what to think of such a large age gap between herself and Charlie at first, Lady has quickly grown to love the sunny little boy on her most recent summer interim. She has decorated her bedside table and dresser with countless still photos of her family and keeps a portrait of each of them in her wallet.

blood - Though she is not aware, Lady is adopted. She has lived her entire life believing herself to be the biological child of Jim and Annabelle Keyworth, and neither parent is particularly keen on telling her otherwise. Unbeknownst to her, and really to Jim Dear and Darling as well, Lady’s biological parents were not muggles. In fact, she comes from two long lines of pureblood witches and wizards, the Rosewoods and the Lockes. She may never know her true heritage... But, then again, darker secrets have surfaced in the wizarding world before. Who knows... maybe somebody will figure out her wand is trying to tell her something.

Lark , EST, Bruce & Barbara

 Posted: May 10 2014, 04:46 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Once you post in all the claims you post in sorting with the checklist there and THEN her member group will be changed. Buuut yeah she's friggin awesome and I'm so glad you joined! I didn't even have to bend your arm or anything. xD
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