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 LUCETTE, pierre antoine, lumiere | a. garfield | sigyn !
pierre lucette
 Posted: May 16 2014, 03:37 PM
Sigyn ! • 160
Lumiere • Seventeen
Beauty and the Beast
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pierre a lucette

Pierre Antoine Lucette


Pi, Lucette

canon character:

Beauty and the Beast

blood status:

member group:
Gryffindor, Sixth year


Aspen, Unicorn hair, 11 inches

Fireflies (about ten of them)

face claim:
Andrew Garfield

Amortentia – a log fire
Boggart – the room filling with water (fear of drowning/can’t swim)
Dementor – falling into a lake when he was young
Mirror of Erised – just a room full of friends, laughing and joking
Favourite class – transfiguration

There’s a lot to say about Pierre but I feel I can’t talk about anything else until we get this one out of the way. Like most boys his age, Pierre has a lot of time and energy to spend just on the opposite sex. If a pretty girl walks past him, he may well stop mid-sentence to follow after her. But he’s not some wolf whistling jerk, oh dear Lord no! He’s charming and chivalrous and knows how to flatter a woman; he has the French accent, the debonair smile, the razor-sharp wit and the overall playful exterior. And yes, part of him is a little shallow and goes for looks over what’s on the inside, and yes, he may be more interested in the romance and the passion than any thoughts of the future, but are you to tell me you wouldn’t break into a fit of giggles if this handsome French gentleman flashed you a wink and a smile and called you ‘ma chérie’?


He’s not all that good with authority. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not purposefully a troublemaker, he won’t just break rules because they’re there. But if what he deems to be the right course of action involves possibly going against what other people have told/asked/ordered him to do, he’s more than happy to do it anyway.


You’ll probably work this one out for yourself pretty quickly. Pierre is as bold as they come, and doesn’t let what other people might think of him affect his actions. He can make a fool of himself in front of a billion people and not feel nervous beforehand. He’d be happy to stand up in front of the entire school and sing if the mood took him (and believe me he probably will at some point).


Nervous about meeting new people? Sat on your own wishing someone would come and talk to you? If Pierre’s in the room then fret no more! He’s one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. He will literally talk to anyone who will listen, help with any type of action, and isn’t scared to approach even the burliest of bullies if they look like they need a friend. And it takes approximately ten seconds to have a friend for life in Pierre.


Everything is awesome! Literally everything. The glass is always half full, and your whole life is ahead of you so don’t think about the past! Every situation can be made positive if you think about it in the right way, and Pierre will be happy to point this out to you if you’re looking a little down. His overwhelming positivity is pretty hard to be around without cheering up.


Not a personality trait as such, but an interrogation of Pierre’s inner self would not be complete without this topic. Fine food is his main weakness, he could talk for hours about how to cook a perfect steak and how the one they served at the restaurant near his house with the light drizzling of peppercorn sauce was just divine and- well, I’ll stop him there for now, but that can go on a lot longer. He’s also a big believer in the theory that ‘the way to the heart is through the stomach’, and will use this method on girls and just on friends, particularly if asking for forgiveness. He’s a good cook himself and adores hosting events like dinner parties (or any events at all actually), but equally enjoys restaurants and feasts and… well, he likes good food, ok.


’A flair for the dramatic’ would be an understatement. Pierre loves drama, and will big any situation up if he can manage it. You make a jokey insult at him? “I am wounded, sir! I demand a duel!” You got yourself a girlfriend? “BREAK OUT THE FIRE WHISKEY, CALL EVERYONE OVER, I’M GOING TO MAKE A SPEECH!” I think you get the picture.


If there is a game to be played, a competition to partake in, a party to dance in, Pierre will be there. He will strive hardtop make any situation as fun as possible, because life’s too short to be serious all the time. Adults can worry about all that stuff anyway.

Miss Viviette Lucette, stage singer at some of the fanciest clubs in the magical side of Lyon, couldn’t see herself ever settling down with just one man. Especially not the timid little muggle who ran the café on the main street. No, she’d never give up the freedom for something as ridiculous as ‘love’… But then… she’d never met anyone as sweet as Mark Smith. She’d never met anyone as attentive, as thoughtful as… nice. But he was a muggle, a boring little café worker, not exotic enough for the great Viviette! And yet, he just wouldn’t give up… and he was wearing her down.

It would never work though, how could her understand how important her surname was in the wizarding world (not pure, but with a decent lineage behind it), how necessary it was that she passed this down to her descendants who could continue it on as she had no brothers who could do it themselves. How could he ever understand about magic?

She shouldn’t have underestimated young Mark. All that mattered to him by this point was her. He’d do anything she said if it meant he could be with her: even meet her very interesting family. Some of them wouldn’t even acknowledge him while others wouldn’t leave him alone. It was difficult and it was tiring but it was worth it. Viviette found herself falling hard for the boring little muggle. And the two were married, after only five years of Mark chasing her.

When they had their first child, a son, Viviette had prepared an entire speech about how he should have her surname and her heritage and how she’d told him this right at the beginning and how he couldn’t change his mind now and how- But there was no need. Before Viviette could open her mouth while her husband cradled their son, he whispered “little Mr. Lucette,” at the baby in his arms. He glanced at his wife who looked shocked, and he just smiled, before asking what they should call him.

Pierre Lucette was raised bilingual and bi-cultural, in the sense that his father taught him English and the muggle world, while his mother taught him French and the wizarding world. Like for most half-bloods, the combination made life a lot easier: he knew how to act in both societies, and never really came across anything utterly surprising in the very strange opposite world.

He grew up quite happily, being spoiled by his doting father and being educated by his moralistic mother, in a little country house outside of Lyon where his parents had first met. His father was from England, from Sussex to be precise, and had only planned to live in France for a couple of years when he met Viviette and… well, his situation changed and he decided to stay for longer. So it seemed only logical that Pierre would attend Beauxbatons for his education.

Pierre loved school. Not so much the learning but. That was ok, but it was more the atmosphere, the people, the life! I mean, home was great too but he really came into his own surrounded by all these other kids who were hanging off his every word. Life couldn’t be better! But it couldn’t last forever.

When Mark’s father died, it didn’t look like his mother was going to be able to cope with being alone. Mark was an only child and her only family, and he was off in France now; she couldn’t handle being alone like that. Mark was so worried about her that Viviette agreed that the family should move to England to help her out. After all, her husband had given everything to her; it was time she returned the favour. It would probably only be for a few years anyway. Pierre was understandably annoyed at being uprooted from his school, but it wasn’t exactly something he could argue about. So when he should have been starting his fourth year in Beauxbatons, he found himself walking through the doors of Hogwarts himself.

To be honest, it wasn’t that different. His accent and his language got himself a decent amount of attention, particularly from the doe-eyed little witches, and his confidence had the same effect in Hogwarts as it had in Beauxbatons. His grandmother was happy having her family close by, his father was happy being with her, his mother was absorbed by the English wizarding world as a foreign beauty, and Pierre loved his school. Perfect all round, huh?

NAME: Lucette is a French name meaning light/illumination, and combined with Pierre has all but the ‘m’ of Lumiere anyway. Also, his mother’s pet-name for him was ‘Ma Lumiere’ which literally translates to ‘My Light’.

PLAYBY: Admittedly, I usually use a French playby (Jérémy Kapone normally) for Lumiere, but he’s a little too rebellious for the Lumiere I want to play so I wanted to go for someone more happy and charming and, you know, attractive and I think Andrew Garfield has a pretty good resemblance to the human Lumiere in terms of hair, build, and cheeky grin.

PERSONALITY: I’ve tried to match his personality up as best as I can. He’s charming, a horrendous flirt, happy to break rules, friendly, confident, the whole works. There’s also extra stuff for him as a human and for this universe, for instance, his best subject is Transformation, his patronus is a bunch of fireflies (phoenix came to mind but I didn’t think he was grand enough for that, haha), he’s afraid of water etc. Of course, this Lumiere is younger than the one from the movies, so he’s not the polished gentleman you might remember just yet. He’s young, he’s learning, he’s bound to make a few mistakes. Anything that differs in his personality will probably start to become more canon as he grows up.

HISTORY: Considering Lumiere is the only one in the film who actually has a French accent, I was determined to make him French. So he has a French mother, a Beauxbatons education and the like. But then, he needed a reason to come to England, hence the English father. Otherwise, there’s not that much history I can go off, so everything else is mainly just fitting him into this universe. Being a valet isn’t as popular nowadays as it was in the time Beauty and the Beast was set, so I doubt he would be particularly aiming for a career like that. I’ve tried to incorporate that side of things into his friendliness and love of helping people instead. So for now, his idea of a career is based off of Lumiere’s love of entertaining, but that may well just be a childish fantasy, we’ll have to wait and see.

Sigyn ! , GMT, none

 Posted: May 16 2014, 04:49 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I've played an older Lumiere on other personified sites, but I LOVE this take on him. He's so lovely and charming and I want the little imp at Madame Marguerite's every chance he gets so she can mother him and set him up with the ladies. Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself! Bad Chant! Accept the poor boy before you throw Peg at him! xD Welcome to the site, and be sure to do your claims so you can be sorted. ^__^
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