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bruce banner
 Posted: May 17 2014, 03:13 PM
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Marvel: Avengers
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bruce r banner

Bruce Robert Banner

Thirty-nine but appears forty-one due to the stress of dealing with his lycanthropy.

Brucey by most of his friends, B by a select few of his friends, mainly one or two people, and Professor Banner by the students.

Bruce Banner

Marvel Comics/ Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes


Adult Wizard

Potions master

Hazel ,Dragon heartstring, 11 inches

Direwolf (a huge [and extinct] wolf)

Mark Ruffalo

Bruce is a werewolf, and is taking the appropriate precautions to keep both himself and the students safe on full moons. He is also looking for a cure to his condition.

Pet: a female Egyptian Mau cat he's named Artemis. He got her at the end of the summer before fourth year in a little pet shop in Diagon Alley. He was walking along the section of glass window fronted ‘cages’ that held cats and kittens and this one little young Egyptian Mau cat kept following him as he paced back and forth, trying to se if any of the animals wouldn’t be scared of him and after about ten minutes of this, the cat following his every move like a shadow, he asked an employee to bring her out from the cage. When she was brought out he tentatively reached out a hand to her to see if she was just being braver than the other cats in her cage rather than her actually liking him and when she actually pushed her head against his hand, he knew that she actually liked and wanted him. So he brought her and she’s been his companion ever since.

The beginning and an end

Bruce Robert Banner was born to a muggleborn witch and a muggle man. He had a fairly happy childhood, with a handful of incidents of accidental magic, until the day when his life was changed forever by no fault of his own or by any choice he made. When he was six, he and his mother were in the marketplace of their village to buy some more groceries as they needed to restock. Bruce, being a curious child by nature, wandered away to look at the other stalls and things for sale. And then all of a sudden, a hand reached out from the darkness of an alleyway as he passed on his exploring way and he felt a sudden pain as the stranger who had grabbed him held him while something bit him on the shoulder and changed his life forever. Eventually he found his mother again but it was too late, the damage was done and there was no way to reverse what had been done to him. For his mother, this was a blow that hurt more than anything else that could have been done to her or Bruce. Her only son forever forced to lead the life of one bound by the cycles of the moon and subjected to the hatred of much, if not all, of the magical community. However, she accepted his new fate as bravely as she could and tried to help him though it in those early years as best she could. His father understood much less of what this meant for Bruce as he had never really understood the other world that his wife and young son inhabited, on the other hand. This led to Mr. Banner becoming a bit of a drunk and Bruce rarely being allowed by his mother to spend time with his father. So when, five years later, on his eleventh birthday, two owls swooped into the Banner’s living room, one landing in front of young, lycanthropic Bruce, and the other in front of his mother, both he and his mother were entirely surprised. Bruce was even more shocked when he opened the envelope addressed to him to find his Hogwarts letter. He hadn’t dared to hope for this since a year after he’d been bitten and his mother had finally, sadly explained to him that he couldn’t go to magical school because the laws of the magical world forbade it for those like him. He hadn’t liked hearing it at the time and he wondered for a while whether it was all some cruel joke someone was playing on him. But his mother’s letter ended up proving very insightful and helpful in making him understand that this was really happening for him. So he went back to Diagon Alley a few days later with his mother and went shopping for everything his Hogwarts letter had said he would need. When he finally got his wand, he was very excited. And then came the day he boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time. Which leads us to his…..

School years as told though various items and narrators:

third month of first term of second year,during history of magic: a collection of notes passed between Bruce and his best friend:

B, You alright? You didn't look so good in Potions today. What's going on? - T

T, I'm fine. Just worried about my mother. She's ill and not doing very well. And, of course, i love her a lot so i'm worried about her. - B

B, That excuse might work on our other friends, but it doesn't work on me. I think i may know what's really making you so tired every month. - T

T, Fine, that excuse doesn't work on you. Duly noted. Just don't write it, please? Just. Don't. Write. It. Meet me in the back of the library after dinner, we can talk then? Is that suitable for you? -B

B, Noted. my quill won't even mention anything remotely related to that idea. Yes, that is suitable. See you there and then. The usual table? We can study and do our assignments too. -T

T, Thank you. I appreciate the silence of your quill. Yes, of course, the usual table. That sounds good to me. That'll make it look more like one of our study sessions rather than a discussion of things better conversed about in secret places. I need to know though, that whatever is said between us tonight, you will keep it to yourself from this day forward and forever. -B

B, You have my word on that. Well, then, I guess we should pay attention to the lecture again. The Professor is looking our way. -T

T, Thank you. Yeah, I suppose so. Enough of this note-passing business. We’ll talk tonight. No more of this until then. -B

Letter received in his fifth year from his father, sent by his mother’s owl:

Bruce, Your mother is dead. The funeral is in two weeks. I doubt you’ll be able to leave your school to attend. I hope you’re happy. You drove her to her grave because of your ‘condition’ you know. Attached is a copy of her will. Your Father, Robert Banner.

“She’s dead, T. My mother’s dead.” The young werewolf sobbed as he spoke to his best friend. “She was so supportive. She was so good to me. Now I just have my father and he’s not exactly “Father of the year” material. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. My father isn’t exactly part of this world of ours, T.” The wizard-Tony Stark, his best friend- to whom Bruce was speaking was silent for a few moments as he studied the brief, cold, succinct letter that Mr. Banner had written Bruce to inform his of his mother’s passing. It was not the sort of thing a caring father would send his son. “I’m sorry, B. I’m so sorry for your loss. Want to go out to the shore of the lake and cry it all out?” A nod was all the answer that the young wizard got in return as his friend was clearly too deeply upset to speak. “Just a second.” And with a quick movement the young wizard had grabbed his friend’s letter and the several page long document that accompanied it. Then the two friends were gone from the castle. It took a little longer to reach the lake’s shore but they eventually made it to their destination and then there were no words exchanged between them until it was time to return to the castle for curfew. They shared a bottle of firewhiskey Tony had somehow smuggled into the school and got drunk, although Tony ended up far more drunk than Bruce did.

Observations by his head of house:

First Year: “Bruce Banner is very smart. He excels exceedingly at Potions and Herbology, especially. Although he has trouble sometimes in Potions when there is wofsbane plant cuttings present in the classroom. He is a decent student in Defense against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Transfiguration, and Charms. His grades are good and he works quite hard in every class. His, shall we say, ‘condition’ has motivated him to be in the upper ten percent of his year level and to work harder than most of this house to keep up with-and even in some cases, pass- the rest of his year-mates. He is a polite enough boy, although he keeps to himself, I suppose partly out of necessity and partly out of fear. He does seem to have a small handful of friends with whom he spends time but I worry for him.”

Fourth Year: “Bruce has improved quite a lot from the polite, distant eleven year old boy I last wrote about in this journal. In the intervening three years, he has grown quite well into a very responsible for his age young man who I think will do whatever he sets his mind to in the future after he leaves these castle walls to make his own life. He still has only a handful of close friends although he does seem to have a few more friends with whom he spends some time, although most of the time that he doesn’t spend studying or recovering in the hospital wing from his monthly ‘misadventures’ so to speak, he is with his close circle. He has a pet now, a little cat that he has named Artemis. When I asked about the name, he said it was the name that he felt fit her best. He also admitted, in confidence; to me that it was a subtle in-joke about his ‘condition’ that most students would not actually get but that his close friends might just understand. That he is comfortable enough now with himself and his ‘condition’ to make such jokes is a great measure of progress in my opinion. Bruce will only continue to surprise me, I am sure. His academic record is still much as it was in first year, although he is now in the top three percent of his year.”

Seventh Year, the day before graduation: “Well, tomorrow is graduation day for another class of seventh years. And Bruce Banner is among them. He’s changed so much from the reclusive, studious, only has a small group of friends, little child I worried about for his first three years of school. He’s even changed from the fourth year who introduced his cat to me and admitted that he’d named her as both a fitting name and an in-joke that was not caught on to by most of his peers. The last two years have shown even more leaps and bounds in his development, both as a student and as a young wizard. He has shown great skill in many of his classes this last year and he has told me that he has actually chosen to pursue his mastery in Potions. I am sure he will become a great Potionsmaster someday . Perhaps he will even return to the school as a Professor in the future to teach Potions to future generations. Who knows where his path will lead? The one thing I know for sure is that he will always have his circle of chosen close friends to fall back on should something happen to cause him any sort of further issues in life. I wish you all the best in the world, Bruce Banner.”

PRIVATE! Notes on "the 'flp' project". Eyes Only: B. Banner (and T. Stark) (aka his notes on a possible cure or ways to control it more)

could some sort of Permanent Wolfsbane potion be a possible step? If regular doses of wolfsbane potion allow one to keep control, could a Permanent Wolfsbane Potion allow one to be in control of the wolf all the time with just a few doses of said potion? (This sounds like it could be a dangerous endeavor, B. Don't try it without somebody present to make sure there aren't any negative aftereffects. Promise me that. Promise me. -T

When did you start worrying about how dangerous something was or wasn't, T? I don’t recall you being this worried about such things during our school days. And i promise I won't test this idea alone, if it ever comes to fruition, that is. -B

When you decided to look for a cure to your furry little problem, B! And then decided to be your own guinea pig! I worry about you. I'm allowed to be. It's what BEST FRIENDS do! -T

T, Could you please stop writing notes to me on this parchment, it’s supposed to be my ‘project’ notes? Thank you. Of course you’re my best friend and of course you can worry about me, but there is no need to worry at present. These are all just ideas right now. So relax and breathe. –b

Could be dangerous, but with the right limitations and regulations in place, could prove useful, if it works. However the amount of ingredients would need to be carefully considered based on several factors: a person’s overall health, their age, and their willingness or desire for said hypothetical (at present, anyways) potion. Possible control measures (not cures exactly, but ways to help control the more animalistic side): -Yoga and meditation. -Talking though it with an older ‘wolf. What does not work: -caging them overnight -forcing them to feel as though they’re not a true part of the Magical world and making laws that set unfair restrictions upon them. -Expecting them to be pleased that they have even the rights the Ministry sees fit to grant them. -Thinking that the Ministry can ‘grant’ them the rights they have now. Everyone has rights, from the moment they are born to the moment they die. -treating them as second-class citizens, even below muggleborns and half-bloods in many magical people’s eyes. (You certainly are passionate about this topic, B. Oh, shut it, T. I don’t need this from you. I thought you understood why I’m doing this. I do, B, or rather I am trying to understand all your reasons. I still think you’re going to end up doing something dangerous, though. What? You do’t trust me to be careful about this? Of course I’m going to be careful about this, T. What do you take me for? Some kind of Muggle mad scientist?)


Name: I kept his canon name, simply switching the order of his first and middle names. Besides that, it is very rare that anyone ever calls him 'Robert' in any form of his canon (A:EMH, the comics, other cartoons featuring him,the MCU) so switching the placement of 'Bruce' and 'Robert' is not actually a big deal.

"The Other Guy" (aka The Hulk): So obviously, having Bruce still be the Hulk is out, however i translated that into Bruce being a werewolf, albeit one who is looking for a cure for the 'condition' as he calls it. His friends who know about his lycanthropy call it his 'furry little problem' or 'flp' for short.

His appearing older than he actually is: In his canon, Bruce can definitely be-and sometimes is- mistaken for older than his actual age, due to dealing with the stress of the Hulk so it ony made sense to keep that but slightly change the source of that stress. Plus in HP canon, Remus Lupin looked older than his age as a result of his lycanthropy. So it actually works quite well for me to keep this bit of Bruce's canonical appearance intact.

The mysterious 'T' who keeps popping up: this is meant to be Tony Stark, but should a future Tony applicant wish for it not to be Mister Stark, I can totally work with that. In my head, aside from Headmaster Wayne and Miss Betty Ross, Tony Stark is the only person Bruce has trusted with the truth of his condition. Bruce considers Tony to be his best friend and knows he would do anything for the other man, as he believes Tony would do the same for him. Both men would go to hell and back for the other and it is better for your health not to test that statement.

Taya , PST, none

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 Posted: May 28 2014, 04:41 AM
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Finally! So glad you finished him! I really like all the back and forth between Bruce and Tony. The part about his mother is super sad, though.

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