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 HATTLER, sophie drew, sophie hatter | e. clarke | dessy
sophie hattler
 Posted: Jul 5 2014, 01:00 AM
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Sophie Hatter • twenty-three
Howl's Moving Castle
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sophie d. hattler

sophie drew hattler



canon character:
sophie hatter

howl's moving castle

blood status:

member group:

caretaker, owner of hattler's hat shop

willow, unicorn hair, eight and a half inches


face claim:
emilia clarke


Sophie is reserved and lacks in confidence, preferring to keep to herself then talking with anybody else about her problems, and is sometimes described as a loner. She can sometimes be very strong-minded and unafraid of what others think of her, although that never lasts very long. She doesn't do well with being made fun of or being picked on, usually breaking down in tears. She's really sensitive. Sophie is dutiful. If she's given a job, she works hard to fulfill that job and finish anything she's started. She's very kind and considerate, not wanting to hurt other people's feelings and feeling bad when she does, and usually finds it difficult to be mean to people. She's also willing to put her life on the line, or give up something valuable and important to her to save someone else. She finds the good in usually everyone, even if others may not see it. She can sometimes be a bit impulsive, never thinking before doing something, which often gets her in trouble. She feels guilty if she does something wrong, hurts someone, or just messes up on whatever she's doing. She'll spend most of her time making something right or fixing the problem, the outcome usually being disastrous and making matters worse instead of helping it. She has a lot of insecurity and is very open about it, usually denying any compliments she may be given. If someone manages to make her angry enough or annoy her, she can become very temperamental, although that is very rare. It's almost impossible to get her to lose her temper, or to get her angry. It requires a lot of work, and although rare, it can happen. She can be a bit shy at times, usually depending on the situation. She's probably the nicest, most caring and sweet-natured girl you could ever meet. She has very good judgement, usually with people. She's very plain, wearing simple clothes and never wears bright colors or anything fancy. But, she's very graceful. She never gets dressed up, usually always wearing her hair in the same way and either very little or no make-up. She's also very neat, and sometimes described as 'graceful'.

Sophie was raised in a high class Muggle family to Honey and Malcolm Hattler. She's the eldest out of her and her younger sister, Lettie. Her father was a popular hat maker, owning a hat shop called "Hattler's Hat Shop", and Honey was his assistant at the time. Since Sophie was the eldest, she was suppose to take over the hat shop after her father, her parents deciding that was her future. Lettie, however, was free to do whatever she wanted. Lettie worked in a bakery, but was expected to have a fortune later in life.

Lettie was always the more popular one. She was a conversationalist and charismatic, able to strike up a great conversation with anybody. She wore bright colors, she was beautiful, confident, and very popular - especially with the males. She was everything Sophie wasn't, which often made Sophie a bit jealous of her younger sister. Lettie was a complete opposite of Sophie, Sophie being more reserved and insecure, and often thought of as plain, while her sister was open, and confident, and wasn't nearly as plain as Sophie. Sophie is also really tiny and small, and a bit short for her age, sometimes getting mistaken as being younger than she actually is.

Sophie's father died when her and Lettie were still young. He developed a disease, an unknown disease that none of the doctor's knew how to cure. He got sicker everyday, so his wife and two daughters just tried to keep him comfortable until he passed away. Sophie made a promise to her father before he died that she would take over the hat shop when she was old enough. It was about four months later he finally died, and Honey inherited the hat shop, Sophie becoming her new assistant until she reached the age where she could take over it herself, but it didn't last long. Soon after her father died, at age eleven, she got her letter to Hogwarts.

Sophie knew nothing about wizards and witches, being raised in the Muggle world with a family who didn't believe in any of that. Sophie certainly didn't either. So when the letter came in from Hogwarts saying she was a witch, she was in denial. She almost refused to go, until her sister finally convinced her to go. So, Sophie left for Hogwarts, and ended up being sorted into Gryffindor, to her surprise, because she never found herself as brave. Her mother inherited and ran the hat shop while she was away.

Sophie didn't enjoy her first year of Hogwarts. She didn't really have friends, because she was always reserved, always kept to herself. She was a loner. She was the main target for the Slytherins, being an easy target because not only was she Muggle-born, she was really insecure and it was easy to break her. Being picked on seemed to be a daily thing for her, usually involving her running away in tears everyday. She had met Howl during this time. She was being harassed by a group of male Slytherins in the hallway. She was prepared to run off again, but then she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see a handsome, yet very mysterious boy with black hair and blue eyes. He winked at her, before he managed to drive the Slytherins away. Everyone called him Howl, and he was a Slytherin as well. But he was different. He was kinder, and much more charming then the others. The two ended up forming a close friendship from then on, Sophie running to him anytime she was in trouble or needed help. He was always there for her, willing to protect her. She later discovered his real name was Ronan, but she still called him Howl.

Sophie was a 5th year and Howl was a 7th year when they shared a kiss. It was unexpected, it sort of just happened. Their friendship has always given them looks, being that Gryffindors and Slytherins are enemies. Luckily, nobody saw the kiss. They blew it off, pretending that nothing happened. But, Sophie wouldn't admit it, she had feelings for Howl. Every time she was asked about it, she would constantly deny it, but it was a lie. She had feelings for Howl, and she knew that. This was also the same year that she discovered she was fit to be a Gryffindor. Some fellow Gryffindors were talking bad about Howl, making up things that weren't true and making up rumors. For the first time, Sophie stood up and defended Howl, showing that she was indeed brave and courageous.

Sophie graduated, and became caretaker of Hogwarts, as well as being owner of her father's shop. She lives on campus, and trusted employees work the shop while she is away. She goes back during holidays and during the summer to work the shop. The nine months she's at Hogwarts, trusted employees run it. By this time her mother is hardly around, having married a very rich man. She stops by maybe once a year to visit - twice if Sophie's lucky. Lettie works in a bakery, and is very popular with the customers. Lettie and Sophie hardly ever see or hear from their mother anymore. She'll always stop by her younger sister's bakery to visit her, and Lettie always tells her she needs to do more with her life then being caretaker for a magic school and owning her father's hat shop. But, she is completing her father's last wish by owning the hat shop, and she loves working as a caretaker. Plus, she gets to be with Howl all the time, especially since Howl never cleans his classroom or office - which she lectures him about. Her and Howl are still really close friends, and he still protects her when she gets harassed by students, and she still has feelings for him, but after that kiss they shared, they have never done anything else about it. She now calls him 'Nan. She called him that on accident one day, and he hated it at first. Now he doesn't mind it, but she's the only one who can get away with calling him 'Nan.

Her name was Sophie Hatter in the movie, so I kept her first name and made her last name "Hattler", which is similar to "Hatter".

Her father wasn't mentioned in the movie, so I made him die early. Her sister was popular and "pretty" in the movie, so I made her sister here the same way, but also made Sophie really jealous of her sister because with all of her insecurities and her sister being portrayed as "confident", I imagine her as being jealous. Her mother wasn't shown much, and was said to have married a rich man, so I made her hardly around because of that.

I made her from a high class family because that's what it seems like in the movie. I also made her a caretaker because throughout most of the movie she was cleaning Howl's castle. I made her inherit her father's shop, like she was supposed to do in the movie.

I decided to make her Muggle-born because in the movie she was an ordinary girl, who ended up being in a moving house with talking fire, a demon and witchs/wizards. It seemed fitting that she was raised in the Muggle world not believing in magic, when she indeed was a witch herself.

I took as much from the movie as I could for her personality. She seems really reserved and to herself, like when Lettie tried talking to her about Howl. She didn't make much conversation. I imagine her being a bit shy, and also being really sensitive. The fact that she's so insecure in the movie made me imagine that the reason she's so kind to other people, is because she's sensitive to her emotions and feelings. I also imagine her finding good in everyone, because she's that kind.

I made Howl (Ronan) save her from the Slytherins, because in the movie she was being harassed by the guards and Howl saved her. So, I made the same scenario happen here, except with Slytherins. The fact she was Muggle-born and is really sensitive makes her an easy target, so I figured having her get picked on would be fitting.

I made her patronus a deer because it means "love, gentleness, kindness, gracefulness and sensitivity" and Sophie is a really kind and gentle person, and loves everyone. Plus, she's really sensitive and insecure. I made her a Gryffindor because they are described as brave and courageous, which she certainly is, like when she defended Howl in the movie from Madame Suliman. That showed a great amount of courage, and she has a lot of bravery that's shown throughout the film.

Her face claim is Emilia Clarke because, well, she just seems like a perfect fit. Plus, she has white hair in GoT (Game of Thrones), and Sophie ends up with gray hair later on in the movie. White's about as close as you can get, so :P. Plus, she has the thick eyebrows Sophie has.

Finally, her wand. I chose willow wand because it says the owner has some insecurity. Sophie is very insecure, and open about it, so willow wood fits her perfectly. I chose unicorn hair because it is described as "gentle yet powerful", and is known for healing and protection spells. Sophie "healed" Calcifer and Howl when she broke the spell, and broke the curse they had. She also tried to protect Howl, not wanting him to get hurt and tried to make sure he didn't turn dark.

Dessy, Central, none yet

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 Posted: Jul 5 2014, 01:48 AM
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Love her! I can't wait to see the shenanigans she and Howl get up to. XD Now we just need a Calcifer and my life is complete.
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