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 KAMAL, jafar, jafar | james franco | dana
jafar kamal
 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 12:02 AM
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jafar g kamal

jafar gregory kamal



canon character:


blood status:

member group:
7th year, Slytherin


Silver lime, phoenix feather, 12”


face claim:
James Franco

list all that apply.

Jafar is vain, narcissistic bully with a cruel streak. He often takes it upon himself to pick on poor 1-2nd year students however he’ll pick on anyone who looks at him wrong. If he see’s himself in the mirror he grins because he knows he looks damn sexy. Most slytherin ladies fawn over him and hit on him. Jafar has always been intelligent almost in a freaky way. He scores well on every test he takes and kicks ass at almost every duel he fights. It is important to note that Jafar is insane and that though he can be reasonable sometimes his cruelty or his mean wordplay have no higher purpose than to make a poor girl cry. He’s just as likely to cut you where you stand as he is to help you out. He took care of his sister after his parents died and through his intelligence was able to keep the business popular enough to keep them both rich. That lifestyle though had it’s drawbacks because this and his mounting paranoia he became a rough, secretive, closed off human being with a tiny little god complex causing him to seem occasionally cold, and judgemental.

Jafar had grown up as a spoiled and privileged child. His parents were well endowed and his father passed his business sense and capabilities down to his son. Once his sister was born she became an incredible loved upon child and was the one area of his life where Jafar was not a rude little twonk. He would often be found in Narissa’s room, reading stories to her and making puppet shows and playing games as she got older. She was his favorite person in the world and he was hers. When he turned nine and she was four years old their parents were killed by a pissed off man who had been screwed in a business deal with his father. He and sister had been at home because Narissa had the flu and Jafar had stayed home to make sure that when she sneezed she didn’t accidentally blow up the house.

When he found out that they had died he didn’t have much to say. Narissa cried for about twenty minutes and Jafar had not really spoken. What was there for him to say. After a few years he had to take over the business and Narissa who had to come along on some of the long journeys finally was overtaken by the sadness she finally took her own life. The weight of losing the only person in the entire world that meant something to him finally pushed Jafar so far over the edge that his humanity was lost. If you were willing to try hard enough you may find the shred of humanity he had left. But it would take a strong person. And they would have to be willing to fight back against Jafar.

When he was accepted into Hogwarts was a big day in the Kamal house. Narissa insisted on it. He invited friends and there was a lot of food. It was in the beginning of his fifth year when he got the letter from the housekeeper about Narissa’s suicide and though he was grateful for the councilors and his friends he still blamed and continues to blame the institution for separating him and his sister, believing that they had played a part in Narissa’s untimely demise.

His name is Jafar G Kamal because his name is Jafar in the fandom.

The wand is silver lime wood with a phoenix feather core and 12 inches long. Silver lime was chosen because it is very highly prized amoung those who have a high standing in society, like Jafar’s family has for decades. It is phoenix feather because phoenix feather wands have a tendency to choose more stubborn and independent wizards.

He is pureblood because Jafar is a very proud character. He was practically royalty in the fandom and he would see his pureblood status as making him superior.

Being a proud pureblood and also being one who tends to be cruel and sometimes downright evil, I found him best suited for Slytherin. After all, he is a villain in the fandom.

His patronus is a panther because they are big, dark and scary. They are also beautiful and majestic creatures and Jafar is not unnatractive. He is fairly sexy in fact.

James Franco is the face claim because the facial hair he sports reminds me a bit of the facial hair Jafar sports in the fandom. Also, he's just hot.. He is a little lighter skinned than Jafar is in the movie, but he is fairly close in all other aspects.

Jafar’s personality is pretty self explanatory. He is an evil villain with more than a mean streak.

Jafar loses most of humanity here, because in the fandom, he doesn't appear to have any.

Jafar's family died because I chose to have the cause of his loss of humanity be due to tragedy.

Dana , Mountain Time Zone, none

 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 12:24 AM
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