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 PELEKAI, lilo akamai, lilo pelekai | j. villegas | dessy
lilo pelekai
 Posted: Aug 3 2014, 03:09 AM
Dessy • 70
Lilo Pelekai • Thirteen
Lilo & Stitch
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lilo a. pelekai

Lilo Akamai Pelekai


Weirdlo (she hates it)

canon character:
Lilo Pelekai

Lilo and Stitch

blood status:

member group:
Ravenclaw, Third year


Pine, Unicorn hair, 8 inches


face claim:
Jasmine Villegas

Carries around a picture of her parents, herself and older sister and also keeps it under her pillow. She also carries a handmade doll around named Scrump that she made herself.

She has astraphobia, a fear of thunderstorms. She's terrified of thunderstorms because of her parents dying in one. It's hard for her to sleep at night when it's storming outside.

She's about 5' right now, but she's still growing.

Lilo is what people would describe as "unique". She's very spirited and highly-eccentric, especially with her parents' death, and it has alienated her from her fellow children, getting her labeled as an outcast. She can sometimes be thought of as a loner, although sometimes Lilo feels really lonely having no friends. She can be extremely disobedient, as well as stubborn and sometimes childish. She's described as "weird", because she has different interests than the other children her age, and she doesn't have any friends because of it. Despite her weirdness, she is very sweet and polite, very generous, and she is cute. She's heroic and protective and is willing to put her life on the line, especially for Nani and Stitch. She's courageous, brave, and bold, and protective. She will stand up for anyone and also what she believes in. She's really clever and smart, really intelligent, and highly-eccentric, a trait she developed from her mother. She can be described as "crazy" because of her interests and hobbies and the way she does things, which isn't the case. She loves sci-fi and horror, and anything that can be considered "weird". She is obsessed with and idolizes Elvis Presley, and loves photography and taking pictures of everything and everyone.

Lilo was born on Kauai, Hawaii by Kaiona and Anatoni. She's the second born daughter, and also the youngest, her oldest sister Nani being thirteen at the time. They were a pretty happy family, Kaiona and Anatoni always making sure their daughters got the best. They were a pretty happy, normal family. Lilo's mother, Kaiona, was loving, kind, and beautiful, and very eccentric. She was an excellent hula dancer, the top in her class. She always held family nights, where they would sing lullabies, and make up funny constellations. Her father, Anatoni, played the ukulele, and came up with the phrase, "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten", which became the family motto. They were all really close, and really happy.

Lilo grew up to be a generous, spirited, very polite young girl. She was sweet and bold, and very courageous. She's always been highly intelligent and eccentric, always making and inventing new things, traits she developed from her mother. She went to a hula school like her mother and Nani did, although she wasn't as great as it as her mother, or her older sister. She just wasn't interested in hula dancing like everyone else was. She was more into sci-fi and horror, things that weren't real. She also had a passion for photography, taking pictures of anything and everything she could find. This often got her called "weird" from everyone else her age because of it, and she always seemed like a loner. But that was okay with her, because she had a loving family to go to. Life seemed.. perfect, and Lilo was happy.

That happiness ended when her parents died when she was six. Her parents were coming home late, and it was dark and stormy. Nani was nineteen at the time and she was at home watching Lilo. Her father was driving, and because of the heavy rain, he couldn't see anything. He crashed head first, and both of them died instantly. Nani and Lilo found out about it later that night, and it was devastating and hard for the both of them. Ever since then, Lilo has felt more alone than ever, and she sometimes still has nightmares of that night. She keeps a picture of herself, her parents and Nani having a picnic under her pillow, because it helps her sleep better. The family motto means more to Lilo and her sister than it did before, and whenever they argue, she always brings the motto up.

This was around the same time she discovered she had magic. She found out on complete accident, getting angry after an argument with her sister and breaking a vase on accident. She, of course, was happy about it, as she believed things like "vampires" and "magic" were real, from all the Sci-fi and horror movies she watched. She couldn't tell Nani, because Nani was always busy working or trying to find a new job. She could never keep one because of the stress of having to take care of her little sister, and stop the social worker from taking her away, which almost happened once. Her "friends" sure wouldn't believe her, as Lilo has been an outcast since she was born, and it only got worse after her parents death. So, that's when she created Scrump, her handmade doll that she made herself. She was lonely, and didn't have any friends, so Scrump was the only "friend" she had, doll or not. She talked to her, had conversations with her, everything you would do with a friend. She told her all about her discovery of magic.

She still told the children her age about it, but they laughed and called her "crazy". She developed the nickname "Weirdlo", and it stuck wherever she went. They would even bring up her mother, and mention that Lilo would never be like her mom. It upset her. She was completely alone now, not evening being able to talk with her own sister because of how busy Nani was. All she had was Scrump. She was considered "different" from all the other children, and became the laughing stock of their jokes. At this time, she also got into photography and Elvis Presley. She idolized Elvis. His music, everything he did, everything he was. Listening to him kept her happy, as well as taking pictures of anything and everything. She was still just as intelligent as when she was younger, even more so now.

Lilo was eleven when she relieved her letter to Hogwarts. She excitedly showed her sister the letter, knowing that everyone would finally believe her. Nani didn't want her to go, saying that it wasn't real and that "magic", like everything else Lilo believed in, weren't real. But Nani took her to Diagon Alley anyway, and was a bit surprised that magic, indeed, existed. So, after buying the supplies she needed, Lilo told her sister goodbye, and left. Scrump, of course, came with her, being the only "friend" she's ever had. Lilo was going to miss her sister, but now Nani didn't have to constantly worry about the social worker coming for Lilo, or taking care of Lilo. And, Lilo was as happy as ever!

When she got to Hogwarts, she immediately got sorted into Ravenclaw, the hat not even thinking twice about it. Lilo thought things would be different. That now she could make friends, and not be alone anymore. But nothing changed. She was alone her entire first year, and was still called "Weirdlo". Lilo was still alone. She spent most of her time in her room, having conversations with Scrump about her day, and writing letters to her sister abut how everything was going. She now carries the family picture with her everywhere, and continues to sleep with it under her pillow. She goes home every holiday to her sister, and back home to Hawaii, but Lilo still feels lonely.

It was her second year at Hogwarts when she wasn't so alone anymore. That's when she met Douglas Palani, or Stitch as she calls him. He was also from Hawaii, and he was here as a first year. He was a loner as well growing up, and when he saw Lilo sitting on a bench by herself talking to Scrump, he felt bad. So he immediately walked over and introduced himself and struck a conversation. They bonded over their equal weirdness, and Elvis Presley. The two became friends immediately, and Lilo even developed the nickname Stitch for him. Stitch was the only friend she had now, besides Scrump, and even now that she's thirteen and a third year, and he's a second year, they are still the best of friends. She even taught him what "Ohana" means, and she considers Stitch as her "Ohana"

They are often sometimes troublemakers when the two are together, and some people swear they are more like siblings because they are always childish around each other, and are always fighting and arguing like siblings. Plus, you hurt one, you can bet the other one is gonna support them and have their back. They are usually never seen without the other. Lilo goes where Stitch goes, and Stitch follows where Lilo goes. They are inseparable. Nobody can deny that they are both very close and care for each other like siblings. Stitch has also spent some of the holidays with Lilo and Nani, despite how much Nani hates the two together. Lilo honestly doesn't know what she'd do without Stitch, the person who made her not feel lonely anymore. Stitch is the only friend she has, but she wouldn't want it any other way.

Name: Her first and last name are canon. The middle name, Akamai, means "smart, clever", which I chose because Lilo is seen as being very intelligent.

Blood Status: I made her Muggle-born because her family, when her parents were alive, seemed like a normal, really happy family that were always really close. So I decided to make her Muggle-born to keep the "normal" family, and to add on to her "weirdness" by making her have magic.

House: Ravenclaw was obviously the perfect fit. Lilo is very intelligent for her age in the movie, and she was eccentric. Being how smart Ravenclaws are, it just seemed like the perfect choice. :)

Wand: For pine wood, it says best suited for an "independent, individual master who may be perceived as a loner, intriguing and perhaps mysterious". Lilo might not be "mysterious" or "intriguing", but she is certainly independent and can be seen as a loner. So, I thought it fit best. I chose unicorn hair because it fits best for protection and healing spells. Lilo could be seen as protective, and it fits best for pine wood, which is also used for healing and protection. In the Lilo & Stitch series, she spent a lot of time saving and protecting Stitch's 627 cousins.

Patronus: I chose a fox because they are described as intelligent. Lilo is really smart. It just fit. xD

Face Claim: Jasmine Villegas looks perfect for Lilo. She's got the tan skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, so I chose her for the face claim.

Personality: I kept her intelligence and her "weirdness" like in the movie. I made her a bit childish, as her and Stitch constantly argued and bickered and when together, were quite childish. I also made her an outcast like she was in the movie, and she was always seen alone and by herself, so I made her seen as a loner. I kept her obsession with Elvis Presley, her love for sci-fi and horror, and her love for photography.

History: I kept it pretty similar to the movie. I made up her parents names because they were never mentioned, and I had them die in a car crash like the movie. I kept Lilo as being a loner and not having friends, and also kept that she created Scrump. Of course, I had to keep the motto, as it wouldn't be the same without it. She believes in vampires, and magic, and anything not real or anything fantasy because that's how she was in the movie. So, I think she'd be happy about learning she has magic. I waited for her and Stitch to meet at Hogwarts, because Lilo was alone and was a loner until Stitch showed up, and Stitch is her only "real" friend. And, of course, I kept the childish arguing and fighting between Stitch and Lilo like the movie. :)

Dessy, Central, Sophie

 Posted: Aug 3 2014, 10:22 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I wanna huggle and snuggle her and shake my fist angrily at the meanies who make fun of her! I love her, Des. Remember to do your claims as soon as you can so I can sort her!
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