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 D'ANCANTO, anna marie, rogue | a. greene | dessy
anna d'ancanto
 Posted: Aug 21 2014, 01:25 AM
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Anna M. D'Ancanto

Anna Marie D'Ancanto


Rogue, Cherie (Gambit mostly.. She doesn't allow anyone else to call her that.) (Only people really close to her know her name is 'Anna' and calls her that. Everyone else knows her only as 'Rogue'.)

canon character:
Anna Marie (Rogue)


blood status:

member group:
Gryffindor, 6th Year


Cedar, Dragon Heartstring, Ten inches


face claim:
Ashley Greene

Speaks with a Southern accent, calling everyone "hon" and "sugar" and using words such as "ain't" and "y'all". Good luck to anyone who dares make fun of the way she talks..

She can also speak a little bit of French.

She's best at verbal magic.

She's a Metamorphmagus.

She's 5'8.

Anna is beautiful, sexy and smart with a great sense of humor and a heart of gold. She has a lot of spirit, and has an independent nature. She's sassy, and has a really big attitude, which comes with that Southern belle beauty of hers. She's a huge flirt, having a naturally flirtatious personality, and she can sometimes even be a bit of a tease. She's strong-willed and down to Earth, and very loyal to people close to her. Some people can find her intimidating, and find the way she calls everyone "hon" or "sugar" to be rude, considering she calls everybody, including people she hates, by those names. She can come off as rude because she can sometimes be brutally honest. She's very confident in herself and her looks, and is known to flaunt them at times. She has a charming personality, seeming to have a natural Southern charm to her from the way she looks to the way she acts. Men seem to be drawn to not only her looks, but that charm she has. She's rebellious and a bit of a wild child, and can be very aggressive and very feisty, especially if you push her the wrong way, or if you mess with people close to her. She doesn't hesitate to stand up for herself or anyone else, and has had her fair share of fights with people who decided it was a good idea to cross her. She's fun, outgoing, quirky and is known to be the life of the party, and will strike up a conversation with anybody like she's known them for years. Some people have learned not to cross her because of experience, and some people just don't cross her because they are intimidated by her and are scared to anger her because they know she won't hesitate to throw a punch. She's fiery and can be a bit hot-headed at times, and has a short-temper. She's a Southern belle with Southern charm, and a really big attitude to match.

Anna Marie D'Ancanto was born to Owen and Priscilla in Caldecott County, Mississippi. It was a small, "ack-to-nature hippie commune" town where they lived, and everyone who lived there all knew each other. Owen and Priscilla got married early in their relationship, and while they were still very young. Growing up, Anna was always very close to her mother, and her Aunt Carrie, her mother's sister, but never really close to her father. He was always busy working most of the time. Anna never knew she was a witch or had any kind of magic. Priscilla was a pure-blood, as well as her Aunt, while her father was an ordinary Muggle who didn't believe in magic. Owen and Priscilla fell in love at first sight, and Priscilla feared that if she told Owen what she was, he would leave her. The town they lived in was full of Muggles - no witches existed besides her mother, as her Aunt lived in France, and her mother was forced to hide that they were witches. No one in their small town believed in magic or any of that, so Priscilla had to keep being a witch a secret from everyone in the town, including her husband and her daughter.

Anna was always a wild child from the beginning. She was very rebellious, and may have gotten into a fight or two when she was young. She would always stand up for herself and others, which made her seem rude to some people. She was honest, sometimes to the point where it was brutal, but that and her charm is what made her friends love her, besides the fact that she was the most loyal person you could meet. She was very outgoing, able to strike up a conversation with anybody, and she'll treat you as if she's known you for years as long as you don't cross her. She was loyal to all of her friends, and they knew they could count on her for anything and she would always be there. That's how she was raised, and even as she got older, she never changed.

Anna's life changed at the age of eight when her mother disappeared one night. She never came home from work, and the police couldn't find any traces of where she went. A month had passed when the police finally gave up the search, and just told everyone that she was dead. It was just her and her father, although her Aunt came by to visit more often after her sister disappeared. Her father never had time for her - he was always busy working to support them both, and him and Anna were never close for unknown reasons anyway. Her Aunt and her father didn't get along, usually ending up in an argument - most of the time over Anna and the way she was being raised, Carrie always pointing out the fact that Owen didn't seem to have a good relationship with his daughter, and that he needed to fix that. This usually ended up with Anna going to her room to try and drown out the voices of them arguing.

This continued for a few more months. Her Aunt ended up staying with them to be closer to Anna, which continued causing arguments between her and Owen. At this point, Anna missed her mother. Anna got to the point to where she couldn't take it anymore when Carrie and Owen were arguing over dinner. Anna stood up and when she did, a light flashed out of her hands aimed towards her father. It backfired and instead of hitting him, it bounced back, striking her instead. It wasn't powerful enough to seriously injure or hurt her, but the impact was hard enough to cause her to pass out. She awoke about thirty minutes later to her Aunt and her father arguing. Carrie was trying to explain to him about Priscilla being a pure-blood and him being a Muggle, and that Anna was now a half-blood. She was trying to make him understand that Anna wasn't a monster, that she was the same girl she was before, she just had magic. Her father was having none of it. He disowned Anna immediately, and told both her and Carrie to leave his house. So Carrie took Anna and left.

Anna was under her Aunt's care since then, now living in France. After the spell backfired and struck her, it added permanent white streaks to her hair on both sides of her face, on her bangs. Her Aunt hated it, but Anna loved it. It made her different than everyone else. Carrie was still grieving over the loss of Priscilla, so because of that, she became a very strict and authoritarian guardian. This, and her poor relationship with her father and the fact that he wasn't around because he disowned her, caused Anna to start acting out at the age of ten. Her Aunt Carrie never let her do anything or have any fun, and never let her go anywhere - not even to visit friends over in the states during the summer. Her Aunt made her go to a wizarding school in France, even though she knew nothing about the wizarding or magic world because her aunt and her mother kept it a secret from her. She hated living in France. Her Southern nature didn't fit in, and there would be those few daring people who talked about the way she talked, or the white streaks in her hair. This caused her to get into a few fights at school, much to her Aunt's disapproval. She missed her home back in Mississippi. Her acting out only got worse, eventually getting to where she'd sneak out of the house while her Aunt was at work or during the night to go to a party, or to meet up with some friends that her Aunt wouldn't let her hang out with. She eventually got labeled as a 'wild child' and she got called 'rebellious' by her Aunt and her teachers.

Her behavior eventually got her the nickname 'Rogue'. A group of girls that didn't like her (for some reason Anna didn't care about), came up with the nickname in an attempt to hurt her. It didn't work. In fact, Anna loved the nickname, and she eventually told everyone to call her that. She continued to act out for awhile, until her and Carrie eventually got into a fight over it. An argument broke out, and that following night, at the age of eleven, while her Aunt went to sleep, she eventually ran away. She wouldn't give anyone her full name. When they asked, all she told them was Rogue, and this helped her to not be found. She was alone for quite some time until she was eventually approached by a woman who called herself Mystique (she found out later her name was Raven Darkholme). She was a pure-blood witch like her mother was, and she felt sorry for the poor girl, so she offered for Anna to stay with her back in London. After a bit of hesitation, Anna agreed, and she's been under her and her lover, Destiny (eventually known her true name was Irene Adler) ever since. Moving in with them, she also gained a little brother named Kurt Wagner, who was only a year there before her. After some avoiding him for a bit, the two became close and knew everything about him each other. He was one of the only people who could call her by her first name. She didn't change her last name, because she continued to go by "Rogue" to everyone that wasn't her new family.

Anna was still under the care of Raven and Irene when she discovered she was a metamorphmagus, about a few months later after they took her in. It was on accident when her eyes had changed from their usual green, to a brown color. Raven, being one herself and being an expert at it, noticed that and she pulled Anna down to explain it to her. She then helped her learn how to control it, and how to change her appearance at will. Anna's eyes changed back to their natural green color, and Anna eventually put her skill to good use. She changed her appearance constantly, sometimes using it to get away or get out of trouble during school, and sometimes changing into someone else to get them in trouble, which came to be very useful against people she dislikes. She was learning more and more about wizardry, and was getting to be quite good at it.

Soon after Irene's death, when Anna was about twelve, she transferred Anna and Kurt to the Hogwarts school in the United Kingdom. She was grieving the loss of Irene, so felt it was better if they went to school and stayed there, also hearing that it was a great school, and she wanted the best for her children. Anna told Raven and everyone else she knew there goodbye, and headed off. Kurt was depressed after Irene's death, and Anna did everything in her power to make him happy. Anna was immediately sorted into Gryffindor without question, which was a great fit, and her brother was sorted into Hufflepuff. Despite being at the school a year late, Anna did well in school, and students, teachers and staff all liked her because she had a charming personality, which came with that Southern part of her. She still talks in that same Southern accent, but now it's more sassier. The older she got, the more of a beauty she became. She was sassy, stubborn, charming and flirtatious - she had a Southern charm about her that seemed to draw the guys near. She was most noticeable by not only the accent, but the white streaks in her hair, which even to this day she still has as they are permanent. She continues to go by Rogue, which everybody knows her by. Only people who are close to her (besides Master Wayne and the teachers and staff, and her brother), ever call her Anna. Everybody else calls her Rogue as they don't know know her real name, mainly because she had never told people. This continued all throughout school.

Anna is now a sixth year, and she recently met Remy LeBeau, most known as Gambit, and the two hit it off quickly. He introduced himself to her, walking up with that charming smile and speaking French (which, thanks to Raven, she knew a little bit of the language). Remy started flirting and hitting on her, and Anna being Anna, she of course did it right back. What started out as a friendship ended up turning to non-stop flirting and teasing (mostly from Anna) when the two are near each other. The two obviously had a thing for each other, and they just had so much chemistry that it got to the point that students, as well as teachers and staff, are just waiting for the day when the two finally get together. In fact, it got to the point where all of the students of Hogwarts started betting on who they thought would make the first move. Of course, Anna doesn't know about it, as the students do a good job of hiding it from her because they knew if she found out, everyone who participated in the betting would end up getting smacked. Anna pretends to hate him because she likes playing hard to get, plus after her mother's disappearance, her father disowning her, and Irene's death, she's about insecure about Remy leaving her too, since that seems to happen with everyone she loves. Plus, she's a Gryffindor and he's a Slytherin - the rival houses. Both houses already talk bad because of Remy's obvious love for her. Her and her brother are still as close as ever. She thinks he can sometimes be annoying, but deep down she still loves him all the same.

Name: First and middle name is canon. The last name is from the movie, and the only reason I used it is because I'm too lazy to think of another name. xD I kept the nickname, Rogue, because.. obviously. xD

Blood Status: I made her a half-blood because for Rogue's background, her father disowned her because of her powers. She doesn't have those powers, so I felt that he should disown her for being a witch and having magic.

House: I chose Gryffindor because it states that they are "short tempered and known to get in fights or arguments", which I think, very much describes Rogue. That, and it states that they are "courageous, daring, and chivalrous, putting themselves in danger for others, without much hesitation". Rogue is very brave, and has been known to put herself in danger multiple times to save others.

Wand: I chose Cedar wood because they are known to be very loyal, and have the potential to be a frightening adversary. Rogue is very loyal and protective to the people close to her, and she can get pretty frightening and intimidating if one of them gets hurt. I chose a dragon heart-string because they can be temperamental, which Rogue can most DEFINITELY be at times. Plus, it says that they are "fierce, strong, and can make a ferocious enemy or a marvelous friend", which fits Rogue.

Patronus: I chose a tiger because they are very feisty and impulsive, like she is. :)

Face Claim: I chose Ashley Greene for multiple reasons. For one, I think she is gorgeous and she fits Rogue's character. She can be very charming, and flirtatious, as well as seductive and teasing. Plus, I found some pictures of white streaks photo-shopped in her hair and a lot of people see her as Rogue, and she also has the green eyes Rogue has. I think she's perfect. <3

Other: I just HAD to keep her Southern accent, as it wouldn't be Rogue without it. I decided to make her a metamorphmagus because in X-Men, she can absorb other people's powers by touching them, either putting them in a coma shortly, or permanently. She'd then have the exact same powers as whoever she absorbed. I figured that changing your appearance is about as close as you can get.

Personality: I pretty much kept her personalty the same like it was in the comics.

Background: I kept it as similar to the comics as I could. She was still raised in the South and in Mississippi, although Caldecott County is fictional, and her mother disappeared and she was raised by her Aunt. I made her mother keep the fact that she was a witch a secret and her dad disowning her when she started showing signs of magic because in the comics, he disowned her because of her powers. In the comics her mother disappeared and it was never explained why, so I made the same thing happen here. Her Aunt is just as strict as the comic, causing Anna to act out and her developing the nickname Rogue. I made her get adopted by Mystique because in the comic, Mystique and Irene found her and took her in. Finally, I made her keep her full name a secret because it was never revealed until way later in the comics. :)

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 Posted: Aug 21 2014, 11:07 PM
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Honestly I was wondering if I should wait for Remy, but meh, I didn't want to. So yay, we have a Rogue now!
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