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 TARRAN, liam xander, axel | b. bonizec| mella
liam tarran
 Posted: Sep 3 2014, 01:34 PM
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Kingdom Hearts
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Liam X. Tarran

Liam Xander Tarran


Li (Lee)

canon character:

Kingdom Hearts, specifically Organization XIII

blood status:

member group:
Ravenclaw, Seventh Year

Student at Hogwarts

Pear, Unicorn Hair, Twelve and Three-Quarter Inches


face claim:
Bastien Bonizec

Bad habit of 'accidentally' setting things on fire. Avid Quidditch fan (Chaser)

"Got it memorized?"

Liam is a very laid back person. But don't take him as a pushover. He loves to mess around and pull practical jokes. His wity comebacks and sarcasm are always on tap. And laid back or not, there is a breaking point. Betray, hurt or anger Liam and in some cases his friends, you'll be sorry on so many levels.

Now then, Liam is a very loyal friend, once he gets to know you. Before that he'll be slightly apprehensive, and that sarcasm will be his defensive wall. But after? After, he will always have your back, and if you ever lose your way, he will bring you back round to solid ground.

He'll give his 100+% percent effort into everything, be it clas or Quidditch or just life. Li will get a plan or goal and work his butt off until his goals are accomplished.

Now after saying this, you'd think 'this guy was definitely placed in Gryffindor.' Well, he wasn't, we'll get into that later. Liam has the ability to be a leader, like we all do, but he just isn't comfortable with it. Instead, the hat saw his wit and ability to learn, and bam, let there be a Ravenclaw. He's a lazy genius: in the back of the class, looking like he's not paying attention, and yet will be coming up with all the answers you need on the next homework assignment for "History of Magic."

Liam grew up as the only child of a Muggle mother and a wizard father. But, Liam's dad wasn't particularly fond of magic. He didn't do the best at Hogwarts, and he never told his wife about his magical ability. So Liam had always been told that magic was silly, and didn't exist, and that it was evil. Some childhood.

But even hearing this, Liam had a huge imagination. And a love of reading just about everything. Books talked about magic, how could it be so bad, when all of these cool things would happen. His dad wasn't fond of the books, so Liam usually left the house with them to read where he could be left alone, which is how he met his childhood best friend.

Unlike Liam, his friend was a Pureblood. His parents were completely okay with the idea of magic. Liam thought the three of them were crazy, until one day when he and his friend were hanging out (after a stressful talk with his parents) and a few bushes caught on fire. Liam was magical.

As soon as Liam's dad found out, he was sworn to secrecy. Now Liam spent even more time out of the house. His friend found out about his acceptance letter to Hogwarts (which matched his own) even before his family did.

September 1st rolled around, and with the shortest goodbye ever, Liam went with his friend and his family to King's Cross. After the train, and the boats, and the hat's song, the best friends were split. Liam ended up in Ravenclaw, and his friend in _______ (left blank for whoever wants to make Saix/Isa. I'm assuming Slytherin).

The more they went to Hogwarts, the more Liam and his friend grew apart. It was practically to the point of hating each other. Then the news came to Liam during his fifth year, or the absence of it. His dad always sent a letter every month. But that January, none came. Or February. Or March. Liam's family had disappeared. At the end of term, Liam hopped the Knight Bus to the Ministry to inquire about his family. But even they couldn't find them.

Alone (well at least in the Muggle world), Liam inherited the house in Godric's Hollow where he grew up, and the money left in Gringotts for his family. To any Muggles, he was an emancipated minor, taking care of himself (somehow, they never figured it out. Nosy people) and going off to school every term. But somehow, still never talking to his 'friend' for more than a few passing words. Literally, Hogwarts was Liam's home.

Name shenanigans: Liam is a little nod to Axel's Heartless, Lea, (pronounced Lee). Xander is so that somewhere in his name, just like the canon, there's an X. Last name: little nod to the KH character Terra.

Peeps: That unnamed 'friend?' Is Saix. Or Isa...let's go Isa. Either way, it's everyone's favorite (or maybe not) blue haired dude. And as far as I know, it never mentions Axel's/Lea's family, which is why they poofed.

Mella , Pacific, None (yet)

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 Posted: Sep 6 2014, 11:08 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Wonderful! I adore Axel; he's my favorite character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. I'd say more, but I'm too tired to be witty. Just remember to do your claims, and I ask you be patient with us with with the recent screw up with coding.
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