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arya tritan
 Posted: Sep 10 2014, 01:28 PM
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The Little Mermaid
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Arya M. Tritan

Arya Marina Tritan



canon character:

The Little Mermaid

blood status:

member group:
6th Year Slytherin


Willow, Phoenix Feather, 10 1/8 inches


face claim:
Hayley Williams


Loves to sing

Unofficially adopted by Remy and Anna

"Watch and you'll see,"

Arya is very much a wild child. She doesn't act or behave anything like her sisters, which drove her dad mad. She loves to explore, and see what trouble she can find, and overcome it.

Of her family, she is the most brave and daring. Her family thought for sure she'd end up in Gryffindor like some of her sisters, or in Ravenclaw like the rest, for the book smarts she hides under her rebelliousness. But her rebellious nature even had a say in that, which is how Arya ended up in Slytherin.

In the beginning, while Arya was still trying to get used to being the only Slytherin in her family, it was nerve-wracking. She had little to no help from her sisters with classwork, because their schedules never seemed to sync and they were in different houses. Meal times were for hanging out with their own friends. But after the initial shock, Arya saw how much more freedom it gave her.

Because her family is so large, Arya feels that she has something to prove, an ambitious need to find out who she will be, where she'll end up. She will stand up for herself if need be, and is faithfully loyal to her friends.

In class, Arya's inner nerd comes out. She excels in most everything. The only thing that is a real struggle is Potions. Eventually she gets the hang of it, but it takes time. Time that isn't always given in class.

Arya was born the seventh (and youngest) daughter of Minerva and Tristan Tritan. Yep, her dad's name was planned that way. Minerva met Tristan while the former was waiting in line for a chance to see a talent scout. Well, Tristan heard the voice before he actually saw her. Because at that moment, Minerva had realized that her life, seven years of magic and then following the crowd of people who could sing as well as she could for the slightest of slight chances for fame and fortune, was not worth it. So she sang one last song with the people she had gotten to know during the two day build up to see the guy, and left. Running into Tristan in the process.

It was love at first sight. As it turned out, both Minerva and Tristan lived in the same place, Avonmouth, just off the coast. They had moved further inland after completing their seven years at Hogwarts-Tristan in Gryffindor, and Minerva in Ravenclaw-and were attempting to find non-magical jobs. Tristan, after asking Minerva to marry him a few years later, ended up in a Ministry position, in the hopes of moving up the ranks. Minerva continued to follow her dream of singing, without following the crowds, and became a successful musician.

Even more years passed, and Tristan and Minerva now had a large family. Six girls, all of which as they grew older, showed signs of magical ability. And then there was Arya, the last. She was different than the others. Arya showed not only that she could perform magic-she accidentally made her oldest sister's hair turn green-but that she was a Metamorphmagus. The only one in her immediate family (as her mother had asked her side of the family, it turned out her great-grandmother was one as well).

At eleven, just like her other six siblings, Arya got the acceptance letter from Hogwarts. This year the trip to Diagon Alley and King's Cross would be different. She'd get to do what her siblings got to do for the past eight years (her oldest sister completed Hogwarts the year previous).

Upon arrival at Hogwarts, Arya found out that she was compared against the rest of her family. A lot. She didn't fit neatly into Ravenclaw or Gryffindor like her sisters. The hat saw her ambition, her courage daringness to get there, and placed her in Slytherin. She was the trouble maker, the one always trying new things.

There most likely would have been consequences at home for all of her mischief, but tragedy had struck. Minerva had just been out shopping for gifts for when her daughters came home for the Christmas holiday when a car hit her before fleeing the scene. Rumors had flown afterwards if the driver had a feud with Tristan at the Ministry. Minerva didn't make it.

That Christmas, there was no tree, no music, no caroling. Everyone was in mourning. Arya rebelled even more than usual, hoping for some kind of attention to lighten the mood. It didn't work.

Losing Minerva changed Tristan, who became strict. He had gotten wind of what Arya did at school, and they were no longer on the best of terms. He wouldn't even allow music at home anymore, or fashion experiments, or letting Arya practice her Metamorphmagus skills.

By the age of 16, Arya had had enough of all of the rules. She packed up and took the first train away from her family's house. Eventually, Arya ended up on the far outskirts of London, out of Muggle money. She had absolutely no idea what she had gotten herself into.

She managed to get to London eventually, got her supplies for the next school year, and made it to King's Cross without a hitch. The hardest part? Hiding from her sister, and ignoring the mail sent by owl almost every day, telling her to come home.

Metamorphmagus: This is my little nod to how Ariel is a mermaid that is changed into a human, because Metas are born with the ability to change their appearances in many different ways, from hair color to pig noses, you get the gist.

Name Shenanigans: When I was little, and Sebastian would say Ariel, I could barely understand him. If you think about it, it almost sounds like Arya. And Arya is generally in my opinion a really cool name. Middle name: Marina. Marina in Russian, means 'of the sea.' Another nod to where she came from canon-wise. Last name: Tritan. Nod to her dad, King Triton.

Minerva is the Roman name for Athena, which is also the name of Ariel's mother. And Tristan was like Tritan. I couldn't resist.

Wand: (adapted from the Pottermore wiki) Willow wands typically choose those who have to travel the furthest and have the greatest potential. Phoenix feathers typically have the greatest range of magic, and come from highly independent creatures-Arya is very independent, she ran from home and is rebellious. She is a traveler, trying to figure out herself and life.

Mella , Pacific, Liam

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 Posted: Sep 23 2014, 04:12 PM
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Much better on the personality length! I can't wait to see what you do with her!
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