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 GRAYSON, richard john, dick grayson | d. roy | danni
richard grayson
 Posted: Sep 20 2014, 12:44 AM
Dani • 140
Dick Grayson • Eighteen
DC Comics: Batman
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Richard J Grayson

Richard John Grayson


Dick, Rich, Grayson, Boy Wonder

canon character:
Dick Grayson - Nightwing

DC Comics: Batman

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member group:
7th Year Hufflepuff


Pear, Dragon Heartstring, Eleven Inches


face claim:
Drew Roy


Richard, more commonly known as Dick, is a very respectable young man. He can be headstrong and extremely stubborn, but he has a very good head on his shoulders. He is a top notch student, prefect, and captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. Needless to say Dick is well known around the school. Hogwarts' very own Boy Wonder. But what about the actual guy behind the winning smile and perfect hair?

Every school has their popular kids. But there is more to them than being loved or hated by people who may or may not actually know them. Dick is a very intelligent person. He does earn his good marks, but he’s more life smart than book smart. At one time, Grayson was a very cocky kid who thought he was the greatest gift to mankind. Or at least Hogwarts. Luckily, people grow up.

No longer the immature little brat, Dick has grown into a very mature, (pretty much) responsible young man. He’s still got a bit of an ego going on, but then, that’s just his confidence going a little further than necessary, especially with the ladies. Grayson is a terrible flirt and knows it. Now that he’s stepped into the role of role model, he’s had to grow up a bit. Dick watches out for his friends and family. Especially Tim. After a few years, the new Dick Grayson is much more patient than before and a whole lot more approachable. His temper has definitely gotten better and is probably one of the hardest of his family to anger. But when he does, it’s definitely not pretty.

It’s true, Dick has quite the mouth on him. He’s witty, sarcastic, and definitely not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He’s a talker, a mocker, and everything else in between. This guy, once he gets going, he hardly shuts up.

Even though Dick is captain, the only reason he stepped up to this position is because he was nominated. He did not run and almost refused to take over the role of team leader. His leadership isn’t bad, but it’s really his ability to play on everyone’s strengths and make quick and effective decisions that make him a good captain.

All in all, yes, Dick has his moments. But he’s not a bad guy. He’s a good guy and can be fun to be around if you get to know him.

Born to muggle John Grayson and witch Mary Grayson, young Richard’s life was anything but free of magic. This was because his parents were anything but ordinary. They were trapeze acrobats in a travelling circus, together known as the Flying Graysons. Before Dick could even spell, the boy was working his way across a tightrope. By age 7, Dick was flying right beside his parents, captivating audiences throughout the country.

The talented young boy was performing amazing stunts like the pros. But even with his extraordinary life, Dick was even more special. His parents knew it, even some of the other performers knew Dick had a special gift. And it wasn’t just acrobatics. Unexplainable things just seemed to happen around the Grayson child. It should have worried his parents, but Mary had a feeling it was just a matter of time until Dick showed her family’s secret. John had known for years that his wife was a halfblood witch, but it didn’t bother him. Unfortunately they would never get a chance to teach Richard about his abilities, because life isn’t always that kind.

For Dick, life had been perfect up until he was 9 years old. Everything changed one terrible night. There was an accident with some of the equipment. A loose bolt on the trapeze pulley caused the whole system to fall apart. Both parents were sent to their deaths, as the Graysons never used a net for their stunts. Foul play was involved. A mob boss, trying to extort money from the circus, was taking out his anger on the owner, Jack Haley, who refused on good honor.

Now orphaned, Dick’s fate was uncertain for once in his whole life. That is, until billionaire Bruce Wayne adopted the young boy, after seeing what happened at the show. The younger wizard had known of Dick’s magical heritage and decided to take him under his wing, show him magic and make sure he was well taken care of. After all, the man knew of being orphaned and couldn’t bear to see it happen to another young man.

Young Richard Grayson took quite quickly to magic. That is, of course, after he started trusting Bruce. He was rebellious at first, rejecting the man in every way possible. He would lock himself away in his room, hardly speak, he was a broken boy who had no idea who this stranger was. It took time, but eventually Bruce became a second father to Dick. He was his most trusted person in the world. He was his idol and it felt like he had a new home.

When Dick turned 11, he was signed up and later accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, he was surprised by the concept of sorting, but still, Dick eagerly awaited his turn to wear the old talking hat. When his time came, it was different than most of the other kids. With Dick, it took longer. The hat seemed to be torn between which house to put him into. He surely possessed the bravery of a Gryffindor, as well as the ambition of a Slytherin. Deeper still, the hard work of a Hufflepuff was present as well. After four and a half minutes, a near hatstall, Dick Grayson was put into Hufflepuff.

In his first year, Grayson showed awesome skill on a broomstick during flight class. His sense of balance was a fast advantage to learning how to maneuver. Soon, he was definitely becoming a legitimately skilled flyer. He even became a bit of a showboater, making his own stunts and tricks on the brooms. His second year, these little stunts of his would earn him the position of seeker. Thanks to his lean and agile build, and ability to fly one or no-handed, it made him a good choice.

At 15, Dick had been nominated and voted as captain, all without his prior knowledge. By this time, Dick had already calmed down from being quite the snotty kid he was first through fourth year. He was no longer an only child in Bruce’s home, and Dick had adapted over holidays. With a younger sister and brother, the whole dynamic changed. It took time, of course, but he kind of slid right into the big brother role once brother number 2 came. And now, he isn’t half bad at being in a family with four younger siblings. He kind of loves it.

There are a few variations of timelines and such regarding Dick Grayson’s early history. So, I picked one (Young Justice), and ran with it, then messed with it to make it fit. As for personality and such, I tried keeping it as close as possible to what I’ve seen without having read too many comics. I think most of his Nightwing persona is showing through, since he doesn’t have to separate them here. Since he’s not actually Nightwing and there is no Batman, I figured, Quidditch would be something where acrobatics could be useful, right? And then Dick to me always struck me as an honors student type, so prefect seemed like a good choice and having been the leader of several teams in comics and TV, making him captain of the team seemed to fit.

Playby-wise, it was really hard to find someone to meet Dick’s black hair, blue eye description perfectly with the right age. But if you use your imagination, Drew Roy has hazel eyes that can probably pass as blue.

His patronous is a crow because of him being Nightwing. It’s also a common animal of change and adaption. I think that Dick fit that description pretty well.

Dani, Pacific, Sam|Tate|Isabelle

 Posted: Sep 23 2014, 07:14 PM
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Ok, if Lark was here, she would be grinning from ear to ear, like a schoolgirl on Christmas. Despite not knowing a lot about Batman, I love Dick and I'm excited to see him around! You have too many wonderful characters, Danni! so not fair

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