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rapunzel gothel
 Posted: Sep 24 2014, 07:50 PM
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Rapunzel J. Gothel

Rapunzel Jewel Gothel


Flower, Blondie, Punzie, Punzel, Punz

canon character:
Princess Rapunzel


blood status:

member group:
6th year, Hufflepuff


Alder, Unicorn Hair, 6 inches


face claim:
Annasophia Robb

Is best at healing and protection spells.

Is only about 4'10 - a very short and tiny girl.

Rapunzel is probably the most sweetest person you can ever meet. She loves anyone and everyone, and doesn't get upset by rude comments. As sweet as she can be, she is also a bit shy - especially if it's with a boy she likes. She's very kind and optimistic - finding happiness and good in everything. She's a romantic at heart, and is a very hyper and energetic thing. She's very confident in what she does - and doesn't let anybody bring her down. She's also courageous and very brave - braver than you would think when you saw her. She's rightful, and funny, but can be a bit naive - but, she is smart. She's innocent and child-like, sometimes talking and acting like a young child - but not in a bad way, more like a cute way.

Her innocence is what makes her naive - she will never do anything that can get her in trouble. She's both adventurous and curious. She's always exploring, learning new things, and going on adventures. But, sometimes her curiousness gets her in a bit of trouble. She can be too curious for her own good. She's very creative - always drawing or painting something. She's also a huge dreamer. She can be very feisty, especially when angered. Although rare, it does happen, and it's a bit shocking. She's defiant and doesn't really listen to anybody or take their advice. Although it can sometimes be good - it often gets her in trouble. She is very indecisive, taking hours and sometimes days to make a decision. Rapunzel is just very bubbly and over-excitable, and she is a gorgeous and absolutely adorable young girl.

Rapunzel was born to Thomas and Primrose Corona, the happiest couple you could ever meet. They're pureblood wizards, meeting in Hogwarts and then marrying shortly after. They were very wealthy, and very high up in the city they lived in - the very top, to be exact. They were almost considered royalty. That's when Rapunzel was born. Unfortunately, during the pregnancy she started having complications. The doctor's couldn't figure out what was wrong, so Thomas sent for a local witch who was also a doctor for help. The only thing she could do was use a special plant made specifically for healing. With it, the complications stopped and she gave birth to a happy and healthy baby girl, which they named, Rapunzel Corona. Instead of being a brunette by both of her parents, the affect of the plant made her have gorgeous, long blonde hair. Truly her most distinguishing feature.

Unfortunately, they didn't get to spend very much time with her. Rapunzel was kidnapped soon after birth by a woman named, Gothel, who took over raising Rapunzel. Rapunzel grew up knowing nothing about her "father", and always thinking Gothel was her mother. She never asked Gothel about her father, childhood, or anything, being terribly afraid of her "mother". Her mother emotionally abused her, and while Rapunzel greatly loved her mother, her mother never seemed to show that love back. But, Rapunzel never questioned it. Just followed her mother's very strict rules.

Rapunzel grew up to be a beautiful girl. She didn't know much, because she was a very sheltered child. Her mother never let her leave the house. Gothel knew about Rapunzel's powers, and had kidnapped her for that very reason, but Rapunzel didn't know that. Gothel was strict, and it made Rapunzel a little curious about the outside world. But she couldn't ask her "mother", because all she did was tell her the world was mean and cruel. But, despite being raised by a strict not-birth mother, she was beautiful and happy - and also very bubbly and energetic. She was always seen with a smile on her face and a bounce in her step, and she never changed as she grew older.

Rapunzel eventually showed signs of magic, much to her mother's happiness. As Rapunzel's magic got better, she eventually became a master at healing and protection spells and charms. They were not only her favorite, but the one's she was best at. She was often volunteering and helping the nurse's out at the school because that's just how good she was. The older Rapunzel got, the stricter Gothel became. Rapunzel had grown more curious and adventurous - she wanted to know everything, know about the outside world her mother hid her from. But she couldn't, and it killed her. She was too afraid to ask her mother about it, as well.

Rapunzel was eleven when a letter came in requesting for her to go to Hogwarts. Gothel didn't want her to go. She wanted Rapunzel to stay at home and under Gothel's watch the entire time. Rapunzel begged, and after a while of begging, Gothel told her she could go. So Rapunzel packed and got on the train to leave - and honestly, she couldn't have been happier. She got sorted into Hufflepuff, and eventually became a prefect for her house. Rapunzel was happy - it was the only time of the year she was away from her mother and didn't have to listen to her rules. She was free. She could do what she wanted. She wanted to stay at Hogwarts.

Rapunzel is now in her sixth year, and is still the same adorable, sweet, bubbly girl she was growing up. By this point, Rapunzel had became a favorite - not only with the students, but the teachers as well. They adored Rapunzel. Her happiness, her spirit, her personality - just everything. They described her as "the sweetest girl ever, as well as the happiest". She didn't have many enemies - it was almost impossible to dislike her, except maybe those few people who described her as "annoying, and too happy". But Rapunzel usually avoided those people as to not cause drama. Rapunzel was just, plain and simple: a complete sweetheart. She is now the best at healing and protection spells, and she loves it here. She still is under her mother's care, but she's hoping when she graduates that her mother will let her free. She still doesn't know much about the outside world, because her mother never tells her. Rapunzel can always be noticed by her hair, which she is known for her, and the bright smile she always has.

Name: Obviously, her first name is canon. Jewel is just a random middle name I picked that I thought fit, and for her last name, I used "Gothel", obviously after mother Gothel.

Blood Status: I made her a Pureblood because of the fact that she was royalty in the movie. So here, I made her come from a pureblood, very rich and high class family at the very top - kind of like royalty, almost.

Member Group: I put her in Hufflepuff because, to me, it fit best. Hufflepuffs are described as, "hard-working, friendly, loyal, honest and rather impartial". Rapunzel can be quite hard-working and dedicated when determined to do something. She's also extremely friendly, loyal and kind. She's honest, but not in the bad way - meaning, she's not "brutally" honest, but she will never tell a lie unless it's necessary. She's patient and tolerant, and is very modest - not flashy or a show off. She's also not at all competitive, seeing fun in everything. So, I thought it fit best. :)

Wand/Patronus: I chose Alder wood because they are described as "considerate and helpful", and are loyal when bonded to their owner - just like Rapunzel is loyal. Rapunzel is very helpful, and very considerate of other's feelings. I chose Unicorn hair because it's best used for healing and protection spells. In the movie, Rapunzel's hair could heal wounds, so I figured Unicorn hair would fit because of that. For her patronus, a chameleon.. because.. obviously. :P

Face Claim: I chose Annasophia Robb because for one, she's got the light blonde hair and green eyes. But she also has the "innocence" Rapunzel has all over in her face, and portrays that "innocent" look. She's also got that sweet and kind smile. Plus, she's adorable. <3

Other: I made her best at healing and protection spells because she could heal wounds with her hair in the movie. Since her hair isn't magical, I decided to keep the healing powers by making her best at healing. Plus, she loves helping others. I also made her really short, small and tiny because in my mind, I picture Rapunzel as this short, tiny, sweet, adorable little thing. :D

Personality/History: Her personality is pretty much the same as the movie: sweetness, kindness and adorableness. I made her mother have complications during the pregnancy like the movie, and made her get kidnapped soon after her birth. Because Rapunzel was curious about the lanterns in the movie, instead, I made her figure out Gothel wasn't her real mom and made her curious about fiinding her birth parents. I kept the strictness Gothel had, and because of her being defiant and not listening to her mother a few times in the movie, I made her not listen to her mother a few times here. I continued making her scared of her mother, and made Hogwarts be the only time she is free from her mother's strictness.

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 Posted: Sep 25 2014, 06:54 PM
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Sorry for the wait dear, but I absolutely adore her! I can't wait to see her bouncing around Hogwarts and singing and annoying people with her constant happiness. XD
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