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 DUNBROCH, merida evina, merida | j. devlin | ace
merida dunbroch
 Posted: Sep 26 2014, 11:51 PM
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merida e dunbroch

merida evina dunbroch


Red-haired devil (whispered behind her back), Mer, Maude ( Only allowed to be called this by Ranpunzel), and Evina (Not often).

canon character:


blood status:

member group:
gryffindor; seventh year

elder, kelpie mane, 10 inches, stiff.


face claim:
janet devlin

  • First born Princess of the Dunbroch (Secret from everyone, but her best friends and Headmaster Wayne)
  • Chaser for the Gryffindor quidditch team
  • Scottish accent is not as pronounced as it was.
  • Has a Male Snowy Owl named Gawyn (Means White Hawk in Gaelic)

"Some say that fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own. But I know better. Our fate lives within us. You just have to be brave enough to see it."

Merida Evina Dunbroch is not like a normal girl. She is a princess. The first born of clan Dunbroch in the Scotland Highlands, Merida is the daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. Unfortunately, she doesn't fit the stereotypical princess mould.

She's a tomboy. There's no other way to really describe Merida. She's brave, bold, daring, courageous, stubborn, rebellious and let's not forget, headstrong. She would much rather save herself then be the damsel in distress. She openly rebels about almost everything and defies her heritage as a princess, wanting nothing more then to be a normal girl. Extremely athletic, Merida enjoys riding her Scottish Clydesdale, Angus, and practising her archery, (which dare she say, she's one of the best…). She's quite skilled with a long sword as well, which surprises many, that a girl could yield such a weapon. She is her father's child: Unruly, impulsive, loud, which often drives her delicate, elegant mother up the castle walls. She's not someone to be taken lightly and will defend her freedom however she sees fit. There is a reason she's called the red-haired devil. Her quick-wits and her lithe form give her speed and agility over some of her classmates.

"If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?"

Unfortunately, Merida is not without her faults. Her temper could rival with a wild fire, which a head of hair to match. Her impulsive nature causes her to do things without thinking of the consequences. Her temper has caused some students to become frightened of her temper. If she ever gets mad, you can often see her taking her long sword to trees. Her fighting spirit causes her to never back down from a fight and stay loyal to her friends, no matter how annoying they are (*coughcough*Jack Frost*coughcough*). Her threats are not to be taken lightly as many have found out.

Despite her tomboyish nature, Merida can be very kind and caring. She can be very playful and often uses nicknames for her friends, most of the time, affectionate. Those how are very dear to her, are held close to her heart. Her drive to be independent never wavers, nor her determination to live her own life and chose her own destiny.

"I want my freedom!"

Tradition, Tradition, Tradition. That was the way of your people. Your family decided everything for you. Unable to make your own decision, you were to grow up loved and a proper princess. You're to be betrothed to one of three men, that could resolve a war between the four clans. You are to be the pride of this kingdom. To take over the Kingdom as Queen and rule over the clans. The lands outside your own were strange and foreign. They seemed more laid-back then your own life, yet you were warned it was not so simple.
Unfortunately, that isn't how this story goes.

You're about six years old. You're playing hide-and-seek with your mom. You're not a very good hider, but your mom doesn't seem to mind as she creeps around, looking for you. Suddenly, her face appears in front of you and you squeal, scrambling out from beneath the table. You are too young to realize she's just playing with you as she runs slowly behind you. Finally, she scoops you up and plops down on the ground with you. "Aww, Mum! Lit go!" You squirm as she showers you with kisses. 'Oh come now, Merida…" Your mother smiles down at you. You notice your father has returned from hunting, placing his bow on the table. You giggle softly as your mom scolds at him. You immediately run to the table, your little hands moving to grab the much larger then you, bow. "Aww, Da', Can I shoot an arrow? Please,Please,Please,Please?" You do your adorable puppy dog eyes, before you giggle, falling over by the weight of your father's bow. "Not with that, darlin'. Why not use you' very own?" You gasp and squeal in excitement as your father wishes you a happy birthday, handing you your own bow.

"Now, there's a good girl. listen. Draw all the way back now to your cheek. That's right, keep both eyes open, and...boost." Your father spoke softly to you as he teaches you. You released the arrow, frowning as it flew right past the target and into the bushes with a whistle. You look to your mother and father, smiling brightly as your mum touches your head and tells you to go get it. You scamper away to find your arrow, too busy to notice your mum scold at your father for giving you a weapon. Suddenly, something catches your eye. A gasp leaves your lips as you realize it's a blue wisp-like rabbit. The wisp seems to look at you for a moment before bounding back into the forest, causing you to giggle. You spot your arrow, giggling again as you wander over. Pulling the arrow out of the ground, you run back to tell your ma and da about the wisp. "A wisp? You know, some say that Will O' the Wisps lead you to your fate." your mother smiles at you, earning a snort from your father, who then tells you there is no such thing as magic. You don't believe him, of course. You had seen it and that's all that matters. Before you can have another go at your archery, a huge bear comes out from the forest. You scream in terror, calling for your father. He immediately tells you and your mother to run. You flee on horseback, watching as your father turns to fight the huge beast.

"The story of how my father lost his leg to the demon bear, Mor'du, became legend. I became a sister to three new brothers, the princes. Hamish, Hubert and Harris. Wee devils more like. They get away with murder! I can never get away with anything!"

You're now eleven. Still a wee little lass, but you don't let anything stop you. You now have your own horse, a beauty by the name of Angus. You are getting fairly good at firing arrows and almost the best in the land. Your father says you're a natural, while your mother would rather you play the lyre and stitch. Your mum and you clash at times, but your mum always wins. You turn into a rebel, wanting your freedom, the ability to live your own life, something your mother does not understand. You come home from a good day of riding, noticing a very old man sitting at the table. Your brothers are sitting there, stuffing their faces as you waltz in, slamming your bow down on the table and plopping into your seat. Your mother immediately glares at you, which you only shrug off. You sit there for a moment, before the man speaks up. "Ah, Merida…" you look up with a raised brow,"What do you know of magic?"

"I'm the princess. I'm the example. I've got duties, responsibilities, expectations. My whole life is planned out, until the day I become, well, my mother. She's in charge of every single day of my life. But every once in a while, there's a day when I don't have to be a princess. No lessons, no expectations. A day where anything can happen. A day when I can change my fate."

You are a young maiden at sixteen now, and in your sixth year at Hogwarts school. If anyone had told you before, that you would have been accepted to a magic school, you would not have believed a word they said. Now, you do. You have many friends in your house, Gryffindor or the House of the Brave. You don't understand, but you don't care; these modern outsiders were hard to understand anyway. The best of it is no more queen lessons. By the gods, your mother had been heckling you for the past four years to return home and become the queen she wanted, yet every year you returned.

You whoop with delight as you gallop your giant Scottish Clydesdale, Angus though the forest, shooting arrows as you do. Your mop of fiery hair whips behind you, looking like a raging fire as you race along. "Come on, Angus!" You laugh, leaping over a jump, giving out a laugh of delight. Happiness. Freedom. You make your way to Crone's Tooth, looking at it before grinning. "Easy thaur, angus... 'main 'en, Ah hae an idea…" You throw yourself off his back, stumbling slightly before moving to the large rock. You immediately begin to climb, ignoring your horse's nicker as you do. Reaching the top, you are panting slightly, but you immediately move to the waterfall. You laugh, cupping your hands and drinking the clear crisp water. As you make your way down, you notice it's getting dark, prompting a frown, but you mount Angus and gallop home. You refuse the help of a stable hand, immediately untacking your own horse and making sure he is taken care of. You lock his stall, giving him a quick kiss on the nose and head for the dinner hall. Your family is already there. You run in, slamming your bow on the table and eagerly begin telling your story, saying how you climbed Crone's Tooth and drank from the Fire Falls. Your father lets out a loud laugh, cheerfully exclaiming,"Fire Falls? They say only the ancient kings were brave enough to drink the fire." You turn to your mother, who hasn't said anything, realizing she was reading some letters. You frown as you begin eating, scowling that your mother had not even paid attention. Out of nowhere, your mother speaks, but not to you. "Fergus, they've all accepted."
"Who's accepted what, mother?"
Your mother looks at you before dismissing your brothers. You groan before asking,"What did I do now?"
"Your father has something to discuss with you." Your father spits out his drink, earning a raised eyebrow from your mother. He hesitates before your mother sighes and jumps in.
The lords are presenting their sons as suitors for your betrothal." Your eyes go wide, jaw dropping to the floor.
"The clans have accepted!"
"Dad!" Your father is unsure what to say, but he doesn't get a chance.
"Honestly, Merida! I don't know why you're acting this way. This year each clan will present a suitor to compete in the games for your hand."
"I'm the only princess that just does what she's told!"
"A princess does not raise her voice. Merida, this is what you've been preparing for your whole life."
"No! What you've been preparing me for my whole life!" You stand up angrily, shaking your head, wild fire curls whipping about,"I won't go through with it! You can't make me!" You storm off, ignoring your mother's and father's cries.

And that's where you are now. Sitting on the Hogwarts train, glad to be out of your home. No one not close to you, knows about your royal status, which you are thankful for. You wonder if you should tell your friends, but what are you to say? "Ello', I just found out that my mum and da' have arranged me to marry someone at seventeen!" No, this is a secret you must keep. You will not go through with the betrothal and no one, not even your mother can make you.

Name: Merida is canon, meaning " One who has achieved a high place of honour" in Latin. Evina means young warrior in Irish, so I thought it fit our fiery redhead archer. Dunbroch is also canon, a tribute to her clan. Her nicknames were all kinda made up. I see people whispering 'Red-haired devil' behind her back and Merida being referred to as that at times. Maude was something Rapunzel (or Dessy) came up with, so I thought I would throw that in there too.

Patronus: I chose a mustang for Merida for several reasons. First of all, Merida is very wild, in a sense. Her independent spirit and fiery spirit makes her the perfect candidate for a mustang. Mustangs are known for their wild spirits and their head-strong nature. Not many have attempted to tame a mustang, making the spirit of a mustang still untouched. Mustangs are also very family oriented; they are loyal to their family and will defend their own. In my mind, Merida literally embodies a mustang spirit. and of course, we can't forget Angus…

Wand:Ok, Despite Elder being a very rare wand type, I got the idea to look at Celtic tree signs. I was looking through all of them, when I stumbled upon Elder. According to the website, Elder, better known as 'The Seeker', are freedom-loving and wild, compared to the other tree signs. 'You live life in the fast lane, always a thrill seeker.' 'Brutal honestly' fits Merida extremely perfect. Despite being a Scot, I totally see Merida having a Kelpie mane hair for a core. They are known as water demons, taking the shape of a shaggy pony or a sleek horse to lure their victims onto their backs before drowning them. She's 'stiff' or unwavering in her beliefs, which I feel is why her wand is in that way.

Personality: I tried to keep her as close to the original as I could. I myself am a lot like Merida: Independent, brash, proud, short-tempered. I see her as a fiery spirit, someone impossible to tame. Strong willed, Merida would fights for her freedom, and won't back down from anything. Despite having her flaws, I see Merida as a leader, someone to look up and respect.

History: I tried to keep to the story as much as I could. I changed the Will O' the Wisp to a patronus, which would be the witches patronus, who changed canon Merida's mother into a bear. I left off when she's told that she has to marry, so I hope it makes sense. This took me one full day to do…. I took quite a few quotes from the movie, but I felt they fit, so it was a really fun idea.

Face Claim: Janet is Merida and no one is changing my mind!

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 Posted: Oct 6 2014, 07:15 PM
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