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 BALDWIN, finn andrew, flounder | c. ford | danni
finn baldwin
 Posted: Sep 27 2014, 12:12 AM
Dani • 14
Flounder • Fourteen
The Little Mermaid
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Finn A Baldwin

Finn Andrew Baldwin


Guppy (Only by Ariel though)

canon character:

The Little Mermaid

blood status:
Half Blood

member group:
3rd Year Gryffindor


Willow, Unicorn Hair, Ten and a Half Inches


face claim:
Colin Ford


To be perfectly honest, Hufflepuff would have been just fine with him. To say that the whole ‘home of the brave and the bold’ reputation of Gryffindor seemed a bit daunting, would be an understatement.

Finn is a very reserved and shy person. He really doesn't talk much unless he knows who the other person is. But once he kind of gets to know a new person, he'll actually use words instead of just a nod or smile. Around friends and those close to him, Finn can really carry a good conversation. He's quite sweet and super polite. What he says is relevant and at times helpful if need be. People sometimes tend to think that when a person doesn't talk much that they don't have anything to say, but it's quite the opposite. Finn just doesn't say it. Mostly because he's content just listening. Though yes, he is happiest around friends, Finn is more than fine sticking to himself. He doesn't put himself in other peoples' business.

People who get to know Finn know he's not the first to go do something wild or crazy. Which is strange because somehow he manages to get right in the middle of some of the wildest and craziest situations possible. This is mostly due to the fact that some of his closest friends are quite the opposite of Finn. Namely Arya, his absolute closest of friends. She's the one who has a way of talking him into things. Sad to say, when it comes to Finn's good friends, he's an absolute push over. He will voice his concern, disapproval and otherwise, but in the end, he goes along.

It may not show at first, or at all, nine time out of ten, but there is a reason that Finn was placed in Gryffindor. He may be easily deterred by risk and danger and trouble, but when it's needed, he can overcome it, especially for anyone he cares about. In reality Finn is very brave, just as Gryffindors are supposed to be. Just not always in the traditional sense. But most of all, it's his chivalry and overall good nature that earned him the gold and crimson. He will always put others before himself. Around Arya, he's usually talked into shenanigans. And it doesn't take much when it comes to her. He looks up to Arya and she's the closest thing to a sister that he has. But sometimes it's up to him to really be the voice of reason. Finn tries to be sensible but will get suckered every time.

Finn comes from a small family, with one older brother and two working parents. Growing up, Finn had always been a loner. His brother was years older and though he got along with him, his brother had his own life. Yeah, they were pretty close, but the age difference didn't always out them close together socially. With both parents working full time, odd hour jobs, there were a lot of nights spent alone. Maybe spent with his brother if he was lucky.

Finn had always been kind of a small kid. Not much to him, kind of scrawny despite a round baby face that seemed to stick around til well into his preteens and even early teenage years. By age four, Finn's parents knew he was special, like his brother and father. Magic ran strong on their father's side, but there was no known magical history on his mother's. When the boys started showing signs of magic, both parents were thrilled. Though, always a bit more for their eldest son. Years passed and the boys were put into magic school. Finn was always considered short and a very, very easy target. For some reason, growing up, Finn had a knack for attracting bullies. Apparently wizards were no less cruel when picking on other students. Finn was quiet, unthreatening and too nice for his own good. He never bothered people and usually kept to himself. But for some reason they found the weakest looking kid and decided to torment him. Verbal abuse was just the beginning. But eventually it just sort of evolved. Soon it was physical to the point where Finn was constantly ducking to avoid being seen by the bullies.

Luckily, this all changed when Finn was about seven years old. One day Finn was dashing down the usual escape route trying to avoid three boys about his age but about twice his size. But when Finn took a wrong turn, the boy was cornered. So now it wasn't going to be just his galleons being swiped, for running and getting caught, he was gonna get the snot beaten out of him. However, just when Finn was convinced he was going to get his face bashed, a girl started chewing out the boys. She was a few years older than all of them and taller and probably stronger. But what really got those kids moving was the girl's hair changing colors instantly. Obviously they hadn't known much about metamorphmagi, but that was fine with Finn.

Ever since that day, he clung to Arya. They became the closest of friends. Even when Arya switched schools and Finn no longer saw her daily, he would still send owls. He looked up to her more than anyone else. Bullies were still a problem, but Arya gave him some tips on how to deal. It wasn't perfect, but at least he wasn't getting hit or pushed anymore. Still, one of the best days of his life was getting accepted into Hogwarts. His brother had been in there for years, about the same as Arya, maybe a year off. Still, he was fine being in a new school. And now he was back with his best friend and brother.

Now in his third year, Finn is still extremely quiet, but he has made it a goal to be less shy. But it's definitely a work in slow progress.

Playby choice was mainly finding a person who looked like what I imagine Flounder to sort of look like if he was a person. I knew I wanted someone younger, or at least someone with young photos. Colin Ford was my favorite and first choice. He has the dark blonde hair so it can kind of pass as Flounder's yellow scales. Colin's eyes look green in a lot of shots, perfect for Flounder. Personality was kept as canon as possible. Name is meant to reflect him. Finn for representing his fish animated counterpart. His last name means "brave friend." History was completely made up because there was like nothing mentioned about his family in the movies.

Dani , Pacific, Sam|Tate|Brian|Belle|Dick

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 Posted: Oct 1 2014, 02:19 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Danni, I love your characters and Finn is another example of that. I'm so excited to see him running around Amortentia!

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