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 Twitter, Tumblr & deviantART!, Amortentia's Social Media Links
 Posted: Nov 23 2014, 03:38 PM
chanteuse • 156
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Looking for a specific character to be filled for a plot? We've got you covered. Summed up your character's romantic encounter thread into a fanfiction and want to share it? We've got you covered. Have an idea for a character but no idea who to use for a faceclaim? We've got you covered. Made some fanart for the site and want to show it off? We've got you covered. Need some inspiration but aren't sure where to start looking? We've got you covered.

Okay, yeah, that was supposed to sound like an infomercial. But for real, we have several social media links to share with you guys to help spread the message when you need certain characters, inspiration, character help, etc. We have a site twitter and tumblr, as well as a deviantart group to help you find people to roleplay with.

On the twitter, we mostly post welcome messages when new characters join the game, character quotes and character requests. Tumblr is the same, but we also reblog things that are related to the game, such as gifsets of characters on the site, etc. Also, tumblr has the added bonus of being able to use more than 126 characters (because we need space for our site tag #AmortentiaRP, which you're totally welcome to use if you wanna start tweeting for our site too!) deviantART just posts all of the above, and more.

If you have something you'd like us to tweet on twitter or blog on tumblr, post it here! We'll delete posts in this thread once your quotes, comments and requests have been tweeted/blogged so that this thread doesn't get all cluttered.

And I think that's about it. So yeah, start spamming us with things you want us to share!

Amortentia Roleplay

ulrich stern
 Posted: Apr 12 2015, 02:09 AM
Shiny • 58
Ulrich Stern • fifteen
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Duncan Warner is requesting his little sister, Dawn Warner! A 5th year Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, she has a bit of The Sight. Auras appear to her in bursts of colors and she knows things about others that she shouldn't possibly know. It freaks many of the other students out, and so Duncan has become her sole companion for many years.

Suggested playby, Evanna Lynch.

Chant's Edit: "The Sight"/Seer plot actually became an issue with the previous claim of this character, as Seers only see prophecies, and are generally seen as crackpots anyway, especially since the gift is so rare. They don't see Auras and things - Chantal could believe she does, but this would not be part of a Seer claim. If you would like to edit the want ad before I post feel free, and let me know when you're done.
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