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 MCKAY, morgana rose, kayley | a. greczyn | cait
morgana mckay
 Posted: Dec 1 2014, 08:23 PM
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Quest for Camelot
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morgana r mckay

morgana rose kay


Mo, Fairy Queen, McKay

canon character:

Quest for Camelot

blood status:

member group:

Auror Trainee

Rowan, Phoenix Crest Feather, 11 3/4"

Irish Wolfhound

face claim:
Alice Greczyn

Mo has a half sleeve of tattoos on her right arm that goes from shoulder to elbow as well as a a pair of lace garters tattoed in white on her thighs. She also has a tongue piercing and a belly button piercing as well as double pierced ears and one cartilage piercing on the left side. All of her tattoos and piercings are covered or kept tasteful at work; her tongue piercing has a clear post that she uses while at work and her ear piercings kept to simple studs though sometimes she finds some small funky ones that make people look twice.

A fiery and independent young woman, Morgana has always been a bit of a tomboy, though not to the extent of losing all of her girly tastes. She'd just as soon wear leather pants and a biker jacket as a ruffly, brightly colored dress. She is bold, a bit abrasive and has a twisted and at times dry sense of humor. She speaks fluent sarcasm and quite adept at being vaguely suggestive. While she can be a bit of a firecracker, she does take her career seriously and believes strongly in justice and protecting those who are weaker than her. She is not liable to keep her mouth shut if she is in the presence of a bully as it is something she cannot tolerate. There are times when she can get a little too overzealous and has to be reigned in which tends to leave her in a strop, but she'll return to her old self in no time.

Born the youngest--by a few of years--of three and the only girl to Lionel and Julianna McKay, it was no surprise that Morganna had tomboyish tendencies. Of her parents, however, Morgana was always closest to her father. Always wanting to be held by him, or to follow him wherever he went. She would imitate him and try and emulate him, even at a young age which often led to a good laugh when he realized that he had a little mime tagging along behind him. Lionel was an auror for the ministry and Julianna a former apothecary shop worker who quit her job to stay with the children. Lionel would tell the children exciting tales about his work before bed. Morgana would cling to every word.

The summer after she turned eleven, Morgana got her Hogwarts letter. She was going to join her older brothers at the magical castle. It was also that summer that her father was killed while on the job. It hit the family hard, especially Morgana who then made a child's vow that she would become an auror and rid the world of evil. She was sorted into Gryffindor that fall and devoted herself almost entirely to her studies, excelling at Defense Against the Dark Arts as well as Care of Magical Creatures and Potions. She took every class she could to make herself more appealing as a candidate to become an auror. This generally prevented her from making too many friends in her first few years while she was still struggling with grief and occupying herself with classwork.

After her third year, she started to venture out of her intensely focused world and managed to make a friend or two. With a knack for being a bit unruly at times, she was never made prefect or Head Girl which was just fine by her as it would've encroached on what little free time she had when she wasn't studying. Clever and resourceful, she was fairly popular in school though only ever made a few close friends. After the age of sixteen, each summer would see her with a new piercing or tattoo which she was careful to keep more or less covered during classes. She found that she rather liked tattoos and a favorite subject was dragons as well as roses and a few other things. Gradually a sleeve began to form on her right arm, inching its way down each summer. When she did graduate, she applied and was accepted into the training program for Aurors, much to the delight of her family. She would follow in her father's footsteps.

Morgana is essentially the personification of Kayley because she is strong-willed, determined and has a very strong sense of justice and loyalty. Like Kayley she would willingly put herself in peril not just to protect her friends but innocents as well as simply to do the right thing. She refuses to give up and it is her determination that has gotten her to where she is today; a member of King Arthur's Court the Law Enforcement Department.

The "Kay" in her last name is actually an ode to Kayley. Morgana is a tip of the hat to the Arthurian legends as well.

I picked her face claim because Alice has a similar look in her face as well as the hair and eyes. Her build is somewhat similar as well.

Her love of dragons is in honor of Kayley's friendship with Devon and Cornwall.

Like Kayley she looked up to her father and wants to be just like him.

I gave Morgana's parents the same names as Kayley's and like Kayley, Morgana's father died.

The reason I picked her patronus was that Irish Wolfhounds are considered to be extremely loyal and protective but are also playful. They are able to fight with enough fierceness to take down a wolf and still are gentle enough to let babies climb all over them.

The reason for a rowan wand is that they are good at protective spells and tend to go to those who have clear minds and are pure of heart which is very much what Kayley is. The core of phoenix feather represents loyalty and courage.

Cait , EST, Anna

 Posted: Dec 2 2014, 12:06 AM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I absolutely adore her! Thank you for making the additions! Do your claims when you can and someone will sort her soon.
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