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 FROST, jack horus, jack Frost | a. pettyfer | kitten
jack frost
 Posted: Dec 1 2014, 11:00 PM
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Jack H. Frost

Jack Horus Frost



canon character:
Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians

blood status:

member group:
6th Year Slytherin


Oak, Dragon Heartstring, 9 3/4 in.

Snow Mink

face claim:
Alex Pettyfer

Has a tendency to make it snow or ice up around him when feeling strong emotions.

A trickster by nature, Jack is often found in deep trouble. He's not a bad person, really, he's just not really grown up. Despite his sarcasm and careless attitude, Jack is a loyal friend, and not afraid to put his neck on the line to help someone. Single minded, once Jack decides to do something, he fights tirelessly to see it done. Though he can be a tad lazy, he can be quite efficient if he can find a way to make the work into a game. Snarky and sometimes insulting, Jack can have difficulties finding friends. He doesn't really understand himself; how could anyone else understand him? His short attention span and mischievous attitude make him a terror for teachers and an unfortunate role model for the younger students. The first and second years find Jack charming, clever, and fun. He can't help showing off, so it isn't uncommon to see him hanging with a group of kids much younger than him.

Jack's past has often led him spending his few quiet moments lost in thought. A former amnesiac, Jack is haunted by things that he only remembers in dream like states. One of his earliest memories was waking up in the streets of a forest in Northeastern America. It was dark and cold and he had no shoes and no memory. He wandered, confused and barely surviving, from town to town trying to find someone who knew him or would at least help him, but a bedraggled little boy wandering in the snow is as good as invisible to most people. He was eventually found, however, and placed in the foster system, where he bounced around from home to home as basically a free meal ticket. Once he got a bit older, he was put on a plane to Britain, told that there was a family there that was at last going to adopt him. The family changed their minds at the last minute, and an anger and hurt Jack ran off into the streets of London, determined not to be put back in the system. Back to surviving on his wits, Jack lived on the street for a few months before being taken in by a funny old man named Manny. Manny recognized the boy as a wizard, and, sensing something unique about the boy, decided to sponsor him so Jack could attend Hogwarts. Jack more than once felt like the old man was hiding something from him, but no matter how hard he tried he received no answers. Jack become only more suspicious as his memories returned. When he told Manny of the little sister he remembered, Manny simply smiled knowingly and remained silent. In Hogwarts, Jack is a rather poor student. It's not that he's not smart, he just gets easily bored, and would much rather prank the teachers. Such pranks don't help his grades. For that reason, he is banned from most clubs. He has, however, managed to manipulate things so he could remain on the Quidditch team as a beater. He's a bit of a daredevil on a broom, and has on more than one occasion jumped of the astronomy tower so he could hop on his broom right before he hits the ground. Jack;s dreading his NEWTs next year, as he isn't even sure what he wants to do yet. He thinks basing your future on a test is stupid. (In Jack's past, which he only vaguely remembers, Jack lived with his mother and younger sister, Lucy. His mother was a school teacher, and Jack delighted n cheering up the young children when they were trying to study. He was particularly close to his little sister Lucy, who was only a year or so younger than him. He had never known his father, as he had died while Jack's mother was still pregnant with Lucy. Jack injured himself after saving Lucy, who had wandered and gotten lost in the woods in a winter storm. Jack managed to save her from where she was stuck in a tree, but fell himself and hit his head, getting knocked unconscious. Lucy ran for help, but by the time they arrived the now amnesic Jack had since woken up and left. Though his amnesia is slowly fading, Jack remembers very little of this past.)

In both verses, Jack is a mischievous troublemaker who really doesn't mean any harm. He just wants to have a little fun. He has an affinity for snow and cold, even sporting a snowy patronus and making it snow when he is emotionally excited. Jack is fond of children in both verses, and just wants their attention. He is fiercely protective, just as he is shown to be of the children in the movie. He also spends the movie focusing on one goal (getting his memories, which were missing here as well), giving him the ambition of a Slytherin. His sarcasm is displayed frequently, and his carelessness is shown as he flies around with his hands in his pockets. He spends a lot of time trying to make kids think he's cool, as Jack does in the movies to try and be seen. His hometown in canonly a town in Northeastern America, and he begins the movie waking up barefoot in the movie after saving his sister. Jack has an extremely parallel situation here, though there is a possibility his family is still alive. He's invisible for most of the movie, and he is called invisible here when no one wanted to bother with a little urchin. Manny is the Man in the Moon, who turned Jack Frost into Jack in the first place and would thus know his backstory, but always remains aloof about it. Jack also spends a great deal of time on his own fending for himself in both verses.

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 Posted: Dec 2 2014, 07:38 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Thank you for being so patient and cooperative with the revisions I requested. You look like you've got a good feel for Jack's character, and his history seems a lot more realistic now. Great work, I look forward to seeing his signature mischief on the board.
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