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 LEBEAU, remy etienne, gambit | e. macken | taya
remy lebeau
 Posted: Dec 2 2014, 05:46 PM
taya • 14
Remy LeBeau/Gambit • seventeen
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Remy E Lebeau

Remy Etienne Lebeau


Rem, Rems, Gambit (though this is mostly used to keep his real name out of the trouble that would come to him if he were to be caught running the underground betting/gambling ring he headed at Beauxbeatons before he transfered to Hogwarts and began said ring anew at his new school), LeBeau, Cajun (but only by Rogue).

canon character:


blood status:

member group:
seventh year, Slytherin.

Student, troublemaker, gambler, card shark and somewhat thief in training

willow, veela hair, 15 and one quarter inches.


face claim:
Eoin Macken

Due to an curse that could not be reversed, by any means, or by any Healer, Remy's eyes are red on black.
Remy Etienne LeBeau. Where to start? Well, he's a gambler, a thief in training, although he's rather skilled in that department as it is by this point in time, and a card shark, and also a bit of a flirt, although it is usually harmless and meaningless and the girls know that in most cases (Although with the sixth year Gryffindor young lady by the name of Rogue, his flirting is intentional and purposeful). However, he is loyal to his family and friends, and while that would have likely seen him Sorted into Hufflepuff at eleven, he started at Hogwarts at fourteen, having spent the intervening three years of schooling at Beauxbatons in France, and by then he had determined what he wanted from life. And it was that determination and ambition to achieve his goals in whatever ways possible, irregardless of the legality of his chosen methods (but when your family are thieves, your views on legality are somewhat skewed, in any case) that led to his being Sorted into Slytherin House. His family are not entirelymost moral people, given that a fairly large part of his upbringing has focused on training him on the finer points of thievery, and that he has also learnt how to gamble with cards and play other betting games quite well from a young age, but they are loyal to their clan as a whole. They may steal from others with the Bordeaux family being a special target (and a favourite target of Remy's father Jean-Luc LeBeau in particular), in retaliation for Remy's eyes getting cursed to their red in black colouration, but they never steal from anyone in the LeBeau family no matter how distantly related. The popular saying may be that there is "no honour amongst thieves", but with the LeBeau clan, the saying is rendered more correctly as being along the lines of there being "some honour (for the LeBeau family's definition of 'honour', that is) amongst thieves", although this honour is, of course, rescinded whenever it comes to any kind of dealings with the Bordeaux clan, due to the existing blood feud between Remy's family and the Bordeauxes and Jean-Luc's eternal hatred for the Head of the other family for the curse that has affected Jean-Luc's son and Heir.

Remy was born to Jean-Luc and Antoinette LeBeau in Paris, France, and spent much of his pre Beauxbatons life living in the various LeBeau houses in France. He was raised as the Heir to the Head of the House of LeBeau, a French Ancient and Noble House and taught all the things necessary to eventually lead the family and manage their business dealings and holdings as well as the family's less legitimate 'business' of thievery and he soon found he excelled at this area of his family's life. Shortly before Remy's second birthday, a younger brother, Henri was born. His first real 'theft', at age nine, was a both a test for him and for the defences of his uncle Louis's home outside of Paris (and therefore those of all the LeBeau homes, including the ancestral Manor). He succeeded at passing his test. However the defences almost failed theirs until his Tantè Mattie pointed out that Remy, as a LeBeau, had the advantage of being tied unto the wards surrounding all the LeBeau homes and that any other thief outside the family would have to bring ward breaking tools with them and waste precious time breaking the wards before they could even steal anything. As a result, Remy got to keep what he'd managed to steal, which was a set of matched charmed mirrors that could be used as a communication device as well as another deck of cards (Remy always has at least five decks of cards on his person at all times, as he finds myriad uses for them. He is only without his cards when he is asleep or in the shower). He also learned that there was an ancient and abiding feud between his family and another, the Bordeauxes. He was taught not to associate with them in any way, if at all possible, and when that was not possible to maintain a very short interaction. The number one rule was he learned regarding Bordeauxes was "never turn your back on them". The number two rule was " never fall in love with a Bordeaux".

When the time came for him to attend Beauxbatons, he was already an excellent gambler. He soon started an underground gambling and gaming ring in one of the unused classrooms, even though he was in his first year. He found that the ring's membership soon grew by leaps and bounds to the point that they could no longer meet in 'their' otherwise unused classroom and he began to look for a room large to hold the large group of gamers and gamblers he had amassed, including one Isabelle DuBois, whom he soon became friends with. He soon found a large secret room in the lower levels of the school and he set about transforming it into a suitable gambling and gaming den. He'd enchanted several packs of cards to display the date and time of the next meetings of the ring and had distributed the cards among the ring's membership. He also managed to maintain his grades throughout all of this. He was a good student in most of his subjects, although there were a few where he simply charmed his quill to take down the teacher's lecture while he figured out "family business" related things or things related to his gambling ring or caught up on homework for another class. Second year ran much the same as the first, only with the addition of Henri also attending the school, which meant Remy now had someone towatch over, as his many cousins watched over him. Unfortunately, even in his first year, he had found a way to break all the rules regarding the Bordeauxes. He'd 'fallen in love' (as only an eleven year old can, although looking back now, he knows it was just puppy love and could never have really lasted) with a Bordeaux girl! And worse, she was the daughter of the Head of the Bordeauxes! Her name was Belladonna. She returned his feelings, and soon they were 'secretly' dating.

Summer and Christmas breaks were spent refining his knowledge of and learning more about the family businesses, both legitimate and less than legitimate, so that when the day came for him to take over the family, he would be well prepared. He also routinely won and lost and won back small fortunes to his father, brother, cousins and uncles at the family's gaming tables during these breaks, thus constantly improving his gaming skills and learning new games, which was a boon to his underground gaming ring which happened to be an open secret amongst his family, although they did not speak of it to anyone outside the family as with all LeBeau family secrets. He flirted with and 'dated' (in the way that only eleven, twelve and thirteen year olds can 'date') Bella-Donna Bordeaux on and off throughout all of his Beauxbatons years. They never did much more than steal kisses and covertly hold hands whenever they got a chance what with their watchful eyes of their cousins or siblings and the feud between their families. When his third year rolled around, he signed up to take arthimancy and ancient runes, and found he was excellent at the former and decent at the latter. That Beauxbatons year passed mostly quietly, aside from a handful of fights between several of the LeBeau boys, Remy included, and the Bordeaux boys, which occurred in part because of the feud between the families, and of course, partly because of teenage horomones, specifically those of teenage boys (Also Remy and Bella-Donna's relationship caused a few of the fights), and said fights were soon ended by faculty members every single time before any serious life threatening hexes or curses could be cast. The summer that marked the divide between his third and fourth years of schooling (and, as it turned out, the divide between his last Beauxbatons year and his Hogwarts years) was anything but peaceful for Remy.

Shortly after returning to the Aquitaine manor house that summer once the children had returned to Paris from Beauxbatons, the LeBeaus were attacked by the Bordeauxes and Remy stepped right into a curse meant for Jean-Luc cast by one of the impetuous Bordeaux male teenage scions. The result of his foolish action of defending his father ended up being that he was mostly blind for three days and was only able to see in black and red for that period of time after which his full and normal range of vision returned, although his eyes, which had been a dark brown up until this point, were now red on black. Jean-Luc spent the rest of the summer dragging Remy to all of the best Healers in Magical France and all of them agreed that there was nothing they could do for Remy. This resulted in Remy teaching himself glamour charms and purchasing Muggle contacts and sunglasses to hide his unusual eye colouring. As a further result, Remy was quickly pulled from Beauxbatons and transferred to Hogswarts in Scotland (as was Henri, so he would have some company) in order to avoid any further confrontations with the Bordeaux children and the feud between the families was officially declared to now be a blood feud by Jean-Luc. Unsurprisingly, Remy was none too pleased about this news regarding his education especially when he learned that his school age relations would, with just one exception, all be staying at Beauxbatons. He quickly transferred leadership of his gambling/gaming ring to his sixteen year old twin cousins Etienne and François. Remy's third reaction to his new sitaution, once he was calm, was to write one last letter to Bella-Donna Bordeaux, breaking off their 'relationship', citing the newly declared blood feud and their families' numerous differences as reasons that he was doing so (his first reaction was shock, and his second a very short bout of depression). He signed it with a simple "Adieu" and his name, rather than any romantic endearment or any sign he still cared for her. Jean-Luc kindly allowed this letter to go through, despite the blood feud, but this was the last communication any LeBeau had with a Bordeaux that was even slightly civil.

When the day came for him to board the Hogwarts Express for the first time, Henri by his side, he resigned himself to being "the new French kid with the strange coloured eyes." as he was sure he'd be called behind his back and maybe to his face, once he was comfortable enough to stop wearing his sunglasses. It was as he was resigning himself to this fact that he caught his first glimpse of the girl he would soon come to like, and now loves, Rogue, a Gryffindor girl a year below him. He ended up sitting in a compartment with complete strangers and reading his Hogwarts: A History textbook during most of the ride after introducing himself and talking for a little while.

When he finally arrived at Hogwarts, he had to wait until all the first years, and Henri, were Sorted, and then he was called up to the front of the hall where the Hat sat on a stool and told to put it on and be Sorted. The Hat seemed to take a long time to decide, but in the end, he was Sorted into Slytherin. He was accepted rather slowly into his new House, but when he demonstrated his abilities, both at magic and in thieving (he did return what he stole, eventually), his year mates soon learned not to antagonize him. He made a few friends after this, most of them inside the House of the Snakes, and reformed his Beauxbatons gambling ring at his new school. He soon discovered the Room of Requirement and decided it would be the perfect meeting place for his underground gaming ring since he didn't have to do any of the set-up, rather he just had to think up what he wanted and it would be on the other side of a door. He continued to do his schoolwork as well as he had done at Beauxbatons, slightly better actually, though History of Magic still sometimes tended to put him to sleep or alternatively bore him to tears. He has gotten into a few fights with other students, often Gryffindor boys [for no other reason than that he's either a) a "slimy snake) or b) he's a "Frenchie" and sometimes c) in defense of Henri], but he can usually get back out of them either through using self-enchanted exploding playing cards or his thieves' training to plan and excute a successful escape route or both. He has been flirting with Rogue practically ever since his first day at the school, actually since his first ride on the Hogwarts Express, and she has, for the past two years, always responded with annoyance and disapproval, but Remy persists in his flirting, certain that she does has feelings for him, hidden though they may be. This is his last year at Hogwarts and he intends to leave in such a way that no one at the school will ever forget his name. He then further intends to get a place in Hogsmeade and stay there during his belle chére Rogue's seventh year. After that, he has not decided what he will do for a legitimate job (as he will definitely still be taking part in his family's side 'business' of thievery) until he takes over the Headship of his family. Currently he thinks he can afford to take a year off and laze about as the scion of a wealthy pureblood House.


Name: His name,aside from the middle name which has never been revealed in canon itself, is his canonical name and I kept it, in it's entirety, including the fan canon middle name, of Etienne. (I tend to keep cannonical names where possible.)

The curse that affected his eyes: so in his canon, Remy is born with red-on-black eyes but here, I decided that his eye colour would change due to a curse meant for Jean-Luc which Remy intercepted during a duel between his family and the Bordeaux family (see below for more on the Bordeaux/LeBeau feud). Unfortunately for young Remy, this curse is not reversible by any means that are known to the Wizarding world's Healers. This means that he has become accustomed to wearing Muggle contacts or sunglasses or casting a Wizarding glamour charm if he wants to appear completely normal when in the muggle world, usually he just goes with a Glamour charm applied to his face to hide his eyes' true colouring. (although Rogue will definitely be teaching him to accept himself completely and convincing him to stop using all of his chosen methods of disguise once they start going out.)

The feud between the Bordeaux and the LeBeau clans: This is meant to replace the feud between the Thieves and the Assassins Guilds that came to a head when Remy accidentally killed the brother of the young Bordeaux woman (Bella-Donna) who was his fiancée at the time and got himself banished from New Orleans (In his canon, it seems that most members of the Thieves Guild are LeBeaus and likewise with the Assassins Guild membership and the Bordeauxes). Instead of this, I had the idea that both of the families were made up of pureblooded wizards (and witches) and that they were rivals in both business and Magical means, with the Bordeauxes being more Dark, and the Lebeaus more Light (although they're actually more Grey with a leaning towards the Light side than they are truly Light), and that the two clans often engaged in duels. This simple feud between two families became a more complex blood feud after Remy's eyes were cursed into their irreversible current state. Jean-Luc was not about to let his son's injury go without making life for the family responsible that much more difficult.

Bella-Donna Bordeaux and their connection/romance: in Remy's canon, he was briefly married to Bella-Donna Bordeaux. So course I had to tie her into his history. Their relationship ended the day Remy was cursed and ended up with his unique red-on-black eyes.Now she is merely a member of the clan that is his own family's mortal enemies to him, and, even though he once cared for her, he'd probably care a lot less about her now if she reappeared in his life if he was able to muster up enough emotion to care in any way beyond the sense of a 'DANGER! DANGER! Mortal enemy approaches!' feeling. After all, they were young and a bit foolish and so while it was a first relationship for both of them, it wasn't entirely serious since their families' feud hung over their heads the whole time, preventing them from doing more than stealing kisses and holding hands when their cousins or siblings weren't watching them. Remy's sudden breaking off of the relationship is in keeping with his canon as the relationship was likewise suddenly broken off after the disastrous duel that ended with Remy being banished from New Orleans.

Play by: to me, Eoin Macken is a perfect choice for a young Gambit. He fits perfectly, in many ways. Of course I do have to ask someone to alter pictures so that his eyes are the correct colours, but other than that, he is a good match to Remy's appearance.

Taya, PST, Banner

 Posted: Dec 2 2014, 07:30 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
A Slytherin loving a Gryffindor? This isn't a fairy tale world we live in! :P I thought your app was fantastic and I'm excited to see what mischief he's going to get into on the site. And how Rogue is going to react.
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