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 SIROTOVA, anya, anastasia | n. vodianova | cait
anya sirotova
 Posted: Dec 13 2014, 03:36 AM
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anya sirotova

anya sirotova


Anya the Orphan None

canon character:


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unknown (pureblood)

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durmstrang seventh year


Ebony, Romanian Longhorn Heartstring, 13 2/3"


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natalia vodianova

Anya has one possession from before she remembers. It is a charm bracelet with a few different charms that don't really mean anything to her as we as asmall skeleton key and she does not know what it unlocks or if it is just another charm. She keeps it on her at all times and sometimes fidgets with it when she is uncomfortable.

Anya is a vivacious and precocious young woman. She is a bit rough around the edges and hardened from the years spent in an orphanage. She is also a little jaded and skeptical of things. She has a temper and can be crass at times but is also possessed of a playful spirit and prone to silliness and immaturity. She cannot remember anything from before she was found wandering the countryside in Russia at the age of eight though it was surmised that she had rather comprehensive education as she can speak English quite well; she can also speak Russian and French and even Norwegian. With a dry sense of humor and a love of sarcasm, she can be a bit much to handle sometimes. Her activeness lends itself well to her position as beater on her quidditch team and as she can be a bit defensive at times, she tends to only have a few close friends.

Anya was born to a very old and wealthy Russian pureblooded family by the name of Volkov. Her birth name was Anastasia Arkadiyeva Volkova and she was the youngest of four daughters; Olga, Tatiana and Maria were her older sisters. Theirs was a family of power and influence and great wealth. There was also a son, Alexei who was born sickly. When Anastasia was still very young, their desperate mother turned to a practitioner of the Dark Arts in the hopes that he could somehow save their son. In truth the man was only after the wealth and influence that being associated with the Volkov family would gain him and he only prolonged Alexei's life in order to obtain a greater status.

This of course riled the distant family members, cousins mostly, though the most vocal of them was adamant that Aradkiy be ousted as head of the family. Things spiraled out of control to the point that the family had to flee the country to an estate that they owned in Norway. In an effort to cease control of the family and its fortune, the crazed cousin orchestrated an elaborate scheme to do away with Arkadiy and his family in a "tragic accident" before they could leave the country.

Anastasia's mother and father were killed as well as her siblings in what authorities would think was a tragic house fire. The truth of the matter was that their cousin, with the help of Rasputin--the man who was supposed to be helping Alexei--captured the family and set fire to the house. In order for the cousin to gain access to the family fortune, however, he would need a key. A key which was kept around the neck of Anastasia's mother at all times. A key that was hastily attached to the girl's bracelet before she was dropped out of second floor window and told to run.

Anastasia escaped, though not without injury. She'd sustained a knock to the head on the fall and later fell down a small ravine in her flight, gaining a more serious head wound. She wandered for a full day before she was found by a muggle motorist . When it was discovered that she couldn't remember who she was or where she'd come from and no one came forward to claim her when her picture was put on the muggle news, she was sent to live at the orphanage where she was given the name Anya. When, after a year no one came for her--like all of the other children with no name--she was given the surname Sirotova and attended school with the other children.

Things weren't always easy for Anya at the orphanage as she didn't quite fit in. When she got upset strange things happened like spontaneous locomotion of inanimate objects or things levitating or changing color. Also, having no recollection of her previous life she would often get frustrated. It wasn't until she got a letter to what appeared to be some private boarding school in Norway or perhaps Sweden (it was unclear of the exact location) called the Durmstrang Institute. As magic has a way of doing, the letter was addressed to Anya Sirotova despite her true identity and the fact that her parents had already paid her tuition in advance. As she did not know who she was, she could not claim that tuition and so was forced to struggle for a continued scholarship at the magical institute and make do with second hand materials and worn uniforms.

Her first year was rough. Just as in the muggle schools, she was teased for being an orphan, and for being poor. It was also her first year that she discovered that she knew more than just English and Russian. That she knew Norwegian and French as well. This fueled her silly imaginings that she might have been from an important family, or a wealthy one who sent their children to posh primary schools. But she was never far from the reality that she was a penniless orphan. She was not without friends, however, and found a defender in Anniken, a fellow first year and a boy who would come to be her closest friend and a fellow beater when they joined the quidditch team.

Anya would spend the school year at Durmstrang and then return to the orphanage for the summer, even more alienated than before because of her inability to share what she learned in school with any of the other children. Because of this and her "special circumstances" she was frequently passed over for adoption, which suited her just fine as there was a chance her adoptive family might not let her go back to school.

Now that she is in her seventh year, Anya is still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She has come to the conclusion that perhaps her family never came for her because they were magical and so didn't know where to look for her in the muggle world. Now, with the Triwizard Tournament taking place, it is her intention to put her name in to become Durmstrang Champion. Though once she graduates, she fully intends to see if she cannot find out something about who she was before the orphanage and where she might have come from. To find out if she has a family out there that might be looking for her too.

I picked Anya's last name because the word for 'orphan' in Russian is 'sirota'. In my headcanon this is the name given to all children without names at the orphanage she ended up at.

I gave her the same month and day for her birthday as the real Anastasia; June 18, 1997.

Her birth name is chosen because Anastasia was the name of her canon character. Arkadiyeva is the name of her father and his name was chosen because I like it and it is also the name of a martyr saint and her father died trying to protect his family. The surname of Volkova means wolf and I chose it because I didn't want to use Romanov as Anastasia Romanova was a real person; makes me uncomfortable.

Like in the movie, she cannot remember who she is and remembers nothing before ended up at the orphanage at age eight after being found wandering around with a head wound out in the country. She is heir to a family fortune which can come into play a little later and could be fun. For now the estate (in Norway) and all assets are in holding by her grandmother (who lives in Paris).

I chose the playby because she is Russian and has stunning eyes like Anya in the movie. Her hair is reddish in some pictures which also helps and I think the general appearance is good.

She is scrappy and resourceful and rough around the edges like in the movie. Sometimes a bit uncouth and sarcastic.

I decided on ebony for her wand woods as it is good for those who are non-conformists who are comfortable with who they are and with the status of outsider, which describes Anya quite well. The core of dragon heartstring is representative of her inner strength and determination.

cait , est, morgana & anna

 Posted: Dec 13 2014, 07:41 PM
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I know I should read this, but my head hurts, so I'll just accept it now. Do your claims and I'll get to them later.
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