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 SOKOLOV, anniken lucas, anakin skywalker | l. hemsworth | danni
anniken sokolov
 Posted: Dec 14 2014, 01:50 AM
Dani • 18
Anakin Skywalker • Eighteen
Star Wars: Clone Wars
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Anniken L Sokolov

Anniken Lucas Sokolov


Skyguy(Ahsoka only), Anni(by about three choice people)

canon character:
Anakin Sokolov

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

blood status:

member group:
7th Year Durmstrang Student


Yew, Dragon Heartstring, Twelve and a Half Inches


face claim:
Liam Hemsworth

Animagus - Husky/Gray Wolf (trait carried into animal form is his human eye color, which are darker than that found naturally in that species.)
Beater - For Durmstrang Quidditch team.

Anniken is a multi-layered kind of guy. One moment he's reckless and completely rebellious to any kind of authority. Next thing you know he's mister responsible and going by the book. Then of course there's that real low-key version that just wants to let all defenses down and be himself. Not have to worry about having to keep up appearances or act according to what's expected. It really just depends on the day.

For the most part, the Anniken you’re gonna see nowadays is the quiet guy. But arrogant, oh yes. With good reason, in a sense. Anniken is highly skilled in magic for someone of his age. So much so that he has taken it upon himself to learn highly advanced skills that most learn in their adult lives. Why? Just to prove he has earned a place in the wizarding world. He can appear quite serious a lot of the time, which when the guy is about 6’3(1.91 m) tall and athletically built (thanks to quidditch), can be pretty intimidating. But honestly, that’s kind of his default face. Probably just focusing on whatever it is that’s on his mind.

But when it comes down to it, Anniken is one of the most driven and passionate people you could meet. There isn’t much that can stop Anni from doing what he thinks is right to achieve his goal. He can be a bit of a show off some times and actually genuinely an optimist. Confident and caring, fiercely loyal ‘til the very end, he’s always there for those he’s closest too. But don’t think he goes all mushy and sentimental just off the bat, he’s probably gonna go with his natural humor and sarcasm first.

Anniken Lucas Sokolov. Born to Shmi Sokolov and an unknown father, conceived during a very low time in the woman’s life. They were dirt poor, struggling to stay from place to place due to not being able to pay rent. The family of two came to live in a small town in Russia, his mother’s home town. Still struggling, Shmi worked tirelessly to attempt to provide for her son. When Anniken was about two years of age, Shmi had met a man by the name of Watto Teig, a Norwegian man, electronic repairman. But in reality, Watto was a loan shark by trade a scam artist, a liar, and a thief. When Shmi couldn’t pay her dues and faced yet another eviction, Watto offered a way out. Marry him and he would wave her debts and provide a permanent place to live. Sokolov had no choice. There was no way she could let Anniken live on the streets.

For years, Shmi and Anniken were basically owned by Watto. He was abusive and beyond shady. He allowed them no freedoms, treating them as slaves. Even Anniken was raised in a oppressed environment. For him, it was school and then home. Every day without fail. Friends were far and few in between. Quite honestly, no one wanted to hang out with the poor kid with an alcoholic stepfather. But Anniken didn’t lay around with nothing to do. Once home, he would work in Watto’s store, working, building, repairing electronics. He even learned how to speak Norwegian by six, growing up with the language. Heck, the man might have been a crook, but in order for the boy to be useful, he needed to be able to communicate with the customers. This included shoving as many languages into the kid as possible. English was picked up, just due to all the people he’d meet while working.

Anni wasn’t enrolled into public school, but homeschooled by his mother for a couple hours a day before having to go off with his stepfather to learn ‘important’ skills. This was a highly intelligent young man who was definitely wise beyond his years. He just always carried himself in an older way, speaking as if he was older than he was. Life was tough, but Anni was always able to see a life. He saw bigger things for himself. One day he and his mother would be free of Watto and Anniken would take his mother far away so they’d never see him again.

At the age of nine, his whole life changed. Anniken was working in the shop when an odd group came to the shop. They needed strange items, but the boy was able to help them. He showed great know how when the group seemed to all be foreigners. Two men, especially caught Anniken’s attention. They carried sticks on them. Strange ones. Like in the movies. It was strange, to say the least. But what really caught the boy’s attention was when Watto tried to deny them service. As soon as Watto turned, they brought out the sticks and started mumbling before lights started flickering and such. Anniken’s stepfather turned around and called them ‘wizards’ apparently he was something called ‘squib’ who wasn’t a ‘muggle.’ When the strangers turned to leave, Anniken ran after them. When he saw those strange things happening, it brought back memories of those times when he would get angry or sad, unexplainable things happened. Like magic. When he talked to the men, who hadn’t seen him earlier, there was definite curiosity.

The older of the two men went to talk to Anniken’s mother. The group was in town for a reason they wouldn’t let the boy hear. It was discussed that Anniken was a wizard as well and that he would need training. He had great potential. Much power and none of it tapped into. Though it would mean leaving his mother alone, it would also mean that Anni could get out. In the end, the men were aurors, hunting down a dark wizard in his neck of the woods. The older one who was to take Anniken under his wing was killed in action. His newly promoted trainee, Ben took over as a promise to his fallen partner.

After moving in with Ben, Anniken’s new training started right away. First of all, he needed to improve his English. That would be almost as important as actual magic. He would have been learning magic right off the bat, but the kid had a real lack of formal education. If he was going to succeed, he was going to need the basics. But of course, Anniken did get the introduction that he would need to get enrolled. Simple terms and such.

By age eleven, Ben had pulled some strings to get Anniken enrolled into the Durmstrang Institute. There the boy would succeed. It was where Ben graduated from. Anniken had grown as almost a son to him. Normally the Institute only allowed those with at least halfblood status. Muggleborns just weren’t allowed due to the ‘quality control.’ But Ben had more cards to play. It took work to get Anniken in, but he was in.

Needless to say, when word caught on that Anniken was indeed a muggleborn, it became hard. Extremely so. At first the friendly little enthusiastic kid stayed to himself. But, when he sat down one night, he decided that he wasn’t going to be there just on Ben’s forcefulness. He was going to earn his place. From then on, it took everything he had, but Anni climbed to one of the top in his class. Turns out he really was a natural. In fact, Anni started aiming above and beyond the standards, using every resource possible to get ahead of his peers. With Ben as an auror, it wasn’t hard to gain access to material that wasn’t offered at Durmstrang, even for a top quality school. By age 15, he had become a registered animagus. Just to say that he could accomplish it.

Once he started becoming more confident in himself, life got much better. It was later in his first year that he made himself a great friend. He became the unofficial protector of a girl named Anya who seemed to be having just as hard of a time that he was. They really became close through the years, best friends really. The kind that could get away with telling each other anything without fear of anything.

Things were great for many years to come, right up until the summer of his seventh year at Durmstrang. His mother had been killed by some shady characters who were associates of Watto’s. Needless to say, this was a very recent dark patch for Anniken. With all the new powers and abilities, he wasn’t there to save her. She’d been all alone. Now he really was an orphan. But, he was never alone. In fact, his level of alone went down even further. Ben’s relative would be transferring to Durmstrang. She was younger than Anniken, but his mentor thought it would be good if he could show her the strings. Take her in like he’d done with the boy all those years ago. Even more insane, they were going to be part of the delegation to visit Hogwarts for the Triwizard Tournament. Anniken will be putting his name in to compete. He’s certainly talented enough. Now to put it into action. If he could actually be chosen as Champion, it would be sure to get him some credit in the Auror community.

Name: Anakin Skywalker didn’t exactly fit into the world both real life or in the wizarding world. Soo, after some research, Anakin is actually a name. However, the spelling is Anniken, so easy switch. Skywalker is basically two English words put together. Again, there was some research done and I went with the Russian last name ‘Sokolov’. It not only starts with the same letter, but means ‘Falcon’ which fit perfectly.

Animagus: I thought Anniken should have a sort of special ability to set him apart. In the canon, Anakin was an exceptionally powerful jedi. So I decided he should be a powerful wizard! The form I chose is to illustrate his being on the edge of good and bad. The wolf is his dark side. The dog is his loyalty and love, his good side.

Playby: I wanted to go with someone other than the obvious choices of Hayden Christensen or Matt Lanter. Plus, any excuse to use Liam Hemsworth. He has the appearance, dark hair, blue eyes and intense but sensitive look. I think he’s a good fit.

History: I tried keeping things as close to the original as possible. Since slaves didn’t translate, I decided to put her in debt to Watto, who owned them in the canon. Also in the canon, Anakin was well versed in Basic, Binary, and Huttese. So, I matched it. Russian, Norwegian, and English. Obiwan became an Auror but still remained as Anniken’s father figure. The only reason Anniken hasn’t lost his hand is because in the canon he lost it at age 20 as a Padawan. So I think it would be okay for him to have it until he becomes an Auror Trainee.

Dani , Pacific, Samuel-Tate-Belle-Dick-Finn-Brian-Korra-Pascal-Henry

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 Posted: Dec 20 2014, 09:51 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I really enjoyed his history, I think it translated really well from the canon into this universe. I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of great things he'll achieve in the future, especially seeing how strong the force is in this one. ;)
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