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 WAGNER, kurt danior, nightcrawler | c. morgan | kitten
kurt wagner
 Posted: Dec 22 2014, 12:05 AM
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Kurt D. Wagner

Kurt Danior Wagner



canon character:
Kurt Wagner, a.k.a. Nightcrawler


blood status:

member group:
6th Year Hufflepuff


Ivy, Unicorn hair, 9 in.


face claim:
colin morgan


Mischievous but sweet, Kurt's playfulness and affection can lead to him being seen as quite annoying. Though actually very clever, Kurt often plays the fool. He just likes to make people laugh. A loyal friend, Kurt's clingyness can be sourced at his slight abandonment issues from childhood. A hard worker, Kurt can sometimes be distracted by daydreams of adventure and romance. A truly kind person, Kurt never intentionally causes harm unless to protect. He has a great sense of humor, and it rarely goes to far, though of course it can happen. His abandonment issues also attribute to a low self esteem, and he has been known to blame himself for things that aren't his fault. Though extremely sociable and talkative, he always feels like people will turn him away like his father did. Though honest, he's not above lying to spare someone's feelings. He's extremely protective of his sister Rogue, though she's the last person that would need protection. He's good friends with her somewhat-paramour, Remy LeBeau, and is earnestly trying to set the two up. He's also made it quite clear to Remy what will happen if he steps out of line and even vaguely hurts Rogue, however.

In terms of his own love life, Kurt's had his heart broken more than once. He's the type to fall hard and fast, even if there was never a chance of it happening. A natural charmer, whenever confronted with someone he likes or who likes him he becomes incredibly flustered.

Kurt was born to Mr. Christian and Raven Wagner, a witch and her muggle husband. Though he was unaware of magic, Raven married the man as a symbol of status (Christian was, after all, a lord), and kept her magic secret. This worked for a long time, until Raven became pregnant with a child. Due to the difficulty of the birth, Raven's magic surfaced.

With Christian on the rampage after finding out about his 'demon' bride, Raven was forced to flee without her newborn son. Thankfully Christian kept the boy, as he didn't seem to be a demon like his mother. Kurt lived with his father for many years, studying gymnastics and swordplay in his spare time, passions he still holds today.

However, life was not always happy, and got worse as Kurt got older. Though Kurt looked like his mother, there were many features to him that were neither Raven's nor Christian's. As Kurt grew older, Christian began to suspect more and more that Kurt wasn't truly his son.

The last straw came shortly before the boy's 10th birthday, when Kurt showed his first sign of magic, his hair turning blue and then back to black when he was surprised. Angry and horrified, Christian immediately through the boy out to fend for himself.

Though he had never been allowed to see her, Kurt only had one place to go. Going to the nearest police station, Kurt told them he had gotten separated from his mother while they were on holiday, and told them her name was Raven Darkholme.

Two days later, Raven came to the police station, shocked at the situation, angry at Christian, and overjoyed that not only did she have her son back, but he was a wizard and a metamorphmagus, too.

Kurt's movement into the household was quite strange, as Raven was a stern woman, Irene was quite stoic, and Kurt was affectionate as all get out. He wasn't at all used to magic, as Christian was adamant that Kurt not be around even silly magic shows. Over time, though, the family dynamic worked itself out, and Kurt was happy to have a place he could truly call home.

Soon after, Raven took in another child, a girl with no where else to go. By remarkable chance, she was also a metamorphmagus and was adopted into the family. Having never had a sibling before, the excitable Kurt attempted many times to get close to the girl, Rogue, know as Anna by family. Her frankly gruff personality made this a bit difficult, as he found her too rough and she found him incredibly annoying. Eventually, however, they grew close, and Kurt became very protective of his new adopted sister, even if she was technically his older sister.

Things took a rather sad turn in the next year, however, when Irene died. Upset at having lost part of his family when he had just gotten it, Kurt became very depressed, and his normal cheery self vanished. It took Rogue's sisterly love and knocks to take him out of it, and he eventually managed to get past it.

He started Hogwarts later that year, taking both comfort and apprehension that Rogue had never been there either. Kurt was sorted into Hufflepuff, which fit Kurt perfectly. He did well in school, though he was often distracted thinking up stories of daring deeds. He has continued his sword training and gymnastics, though Raven tells him he has magic now and shouldn't bother. Unbeknownst to Kurt, Christian's suspicions had been right. Kurt's father, Azazel Demonas, was a pureblood wizard whom Raven had had an affair with. Pleased the boy inherited his mother's power, Azazel has plans for Kurt, and nobody's gonna like them.

Of course his name (minus the middle name) are the same, as well as his family members. I had Raven leave him involuntarily instead of trying to kill him, as he does move back in with her later. I kept him out of the circus, though I kept his gymnastics and swordsmanship. The majority of his personality is on par with the Nightcrawler of X-Men: Evolution. Furthermore, Azazel, Kurt's true father, beget several bastard sons besides Kurt, and used them for rather nefarious purposes against their will. His love for adventures and romance are huge trademarks in the comics, and he is depicted as a gentleman pirate. He is also known for his many, many, many romances, and can get quite foolish about it all.He has often battled depression and a depreciated self worth, though in the comics it is due to his appearance and the fact that he killed his brother.

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 Posted: Dec 24 2014, 11:09 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I don't know why I haven't accepted him yet, because I absolutely love him and I can't wait to see his little elf butt stalk follow Rogue around and annoying the crap out of her. XDD Just do your claims and I'll get to him soon!
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