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 TANO, katelyn annalise, ahsoka | e. watson | mella
katelyn tano
 Posted: Dec 22 2014, 02:57 PM
Mella • 45
Ahsoka Tano • seventeen
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Katelyn A Tano

katelyn annalise tano


Kate, Katie, Snips (Anniken only)

canon character:
Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

blood status:

member group:
sixth year Durmstrang


dogwood, phoenix feather, eleven inches


face claim:
emma watson

animagus: fluffy calico (brown, orange, white) cat, which connects to her hair as a human, brown and sort of bushy when untamed.

Kate is not scared. Of anything. Spiders? Nope. Jumping off a tower? She'll laugh on the way down, and save herself before going splat. She'll take your worst nightmare and get rid of it in a heartbeat if she could.

Her fearlessness can lead to overconfidence, which is one of her fatal flaws. She's stubborn, believing what she is doing is right, and isn't afraid to voice her opinion on the matter. She's witty and sarcastic, will sometimes snap, and it's probably going to take a couple tries to get through to her once she gets going.

On the more tamer side of things, Katelyn is loyal and compassionate. She cares for others around her, and knows when she's overstepped the line (usually after) and apologizes. She is more often than not painfully honest, but don't be fooled. She knows her way around stories too.

Katelyn, as far as she knows, wasn't raised by her parents. As the story goes, she was found by an orphanage director, named Ken, when she was around three. He had been going through her village on his way back home when he saw a baby girl, giggling uncontrollably at a rosebush in the front yard that started rapidly blooming and wilting and blooming again.

From that moment, Ken knew Kate was special. Ken did digging and found out that the girl had no real parents, that they had vanished mysteriously, and the people of the village took turns taking care of her. Ken spoke to the people, and took Kate back with him, where she'd live with children of her own age and-ahem-particular talents.

As Kate grew older, she was completely surrounded by magic. It was as common as breathing, as long as they were in the house or in the yard. Some form of enchantment kept them from being seen by muggles.

Kids came and went, and Ken made sure that all of them knew how to control their magic by the time they left with a new family. With all the different people, Kate started picking up languages, and she cared for the smaller children when the others were being crazies.

By the time Kate was eleven, an owl had found her, with a letter admitting her to Hogwarts. But Kate didn't want to go, and Ken respected that. She was taught by him instead, and helped the other kids learn about their magical abilities. She didn't need Hogwarts, when all the school and kids to be around were right there at the orphanage.

A few years later, one of Ken's friends from the Auror department came to the orphanage. Kate had been practicing her animagus transformation, so neither of them realized that an orange cat was listening to the two of them. That is, right until the man looked up at the shelf and saw her. The man introduced himself as Ben, and offered to get her enrolled at Durmstrang, and meet a boy that was sort of like her in a sense. Magical, animagus. It would be good for both of them.

Kate accepted. She was now one of the oldest children still at the orphanage, and going to Durmstrang would give her a better chance at jobs and life after her schooling was done. Ben had to pull more strings, and she started her sixth year (the year of the Triwizard's) when she became seventeen. It was a brave new world.

Play-by: Okay, so the last time I checked, the only people that were orange were Oompa Loompas, and sorry Willy Wonka, that just ain't happening. But Emma Watson as a person covers literally all the emotions that Ahsoka has really really well.

Animagus: This is where I make up for the orange-ness. Plus it makes sense. Ahsoka is an alien, aka a different species, so Katelyn turns into another species. Cat because her montrals (the horn looking things) look like cat ears when she's younger.

School: Ahsoka would probably be a very good Gryffindor or Slytherin if she came from Hogwarts, but instead she's a Durmstrang. Durmstrang in the past has been known for teaching Dark Arts and Ahsoka has some darkness in her. She's been Dark side before, but not for an extended period of time. Plus, triwizard is coming. You can bet she's entering.

Wand: Okay, so dogwood is quirky and mischievous, which fits Ahsoka well. She can get away with stuff to a point, and sometimes it just looks like she's trying to make trouble. But dogwood is also capable of great things in difficult situation, which screams Ahsoka as well. Phoenix feather is my way of showing (because the show was ended -_-) that Ahsoka is capable of great things and has initiative, which the show didn't completely finish because...well spoilers.

History: In the Star Wars world, force intuned children are taken as babies to the Jedi temple. They're trained how to use the force until they are chosen by a jedi knight to be their padawan. See where all of it is coming from? And the languages are mainly the European ones. Ahsoka's been known to understand other languages, but she doesn't speak them. So Kate knows and speaks English (basic), and can get the jist of a few others, like French, German (Wookie), you get the idea.

Mella, Pacific, Arya, Liam & Damian

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 Posted: Dec 26 2014, 09:49 PM
I'M A • 166
LITTLE • twenty-four
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Katie will be a lot of fun! Hope to throw a Flynn at her sometime!

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