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 DE SUIE, eloise josephine, cinderella | g. gardner | cait
eloise de suie
 Posted: Dec 23 2014, 09:27 PM
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eloise j de suie

eloise josephine de suie


Ella, Ellie, Cinderella, Cindersoot

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7th year Hufflepuff

Head girl

alder, unicorn tail hair, 8 1/4"


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Ginny Gardner

Ellie has a pet rat of the magical sort and she's had her since she started Hogwarts. The rat's name is Cosette.

Generally a very sweet and gentle young woman, Ellie has a habit of being a bit of a push over. It's not that she means to but she believes in following the rules and respecting her elders; even if her step mother happens to be rather nasty. She generally thinks people mean well though she is often at a loss for the behavior of her step sisters or her step mother. Still, she is loyal almost to a fault, even to those who have wronged her.

A lover of animals and small children, she takes her job as prefect very seriously and has been known to hoard small critters in the seventh year Hufflepuff girl's dorm with her best friend Gwen. With the exception of cats--particularly her step sister's cat--there isn't an animal Ellie has met that she doesn't like though she does show a preference for smaller animals like birds and mice.

While she is generally a pleasant and calm young woman, Ellie can get worked up about things. Usually when bad things happen or her step sisters are being particularly mean. She tends to cope with her anxiety and stress in one particular way; cleaning. She will clean the dorm room and the common room and really just anything she can get her hands on to clean, she'll do it. Sometimes she even sews though that is more of a relaxing past time than a stress reliever.

Born to a pureblood wizard father and a muggle mother in France, Eloise's mother died shortly after her second birthday from illness. For the longest time it was just Ellie and her father. In fact, it wasn't until she turned ten that he got the idea that she might need a mother in the picture. Shortly before her eleventh birthday, Ellie's father moved them to England and a new home. It wasn't long before he found himself in the company of a widowed witch with two daughters and thinking that it would be good for Ellie to have not only a mother but sisters as well, her father married the woman. She seemed nice enough at first, if a little distant. Ellie was convinced it was only because she was shy. If her new step sisters were a little rude sometimes, it was only because they were nervous about the change.

The same age as the older of her step sisters, the two attended Hogwarts together their first year. Drizella (Tremaine) is sorted into Slytherin while Eloise is sorted into Hufflepuff. On the train to HOgwarts, Ellie became acquainted with Gwen Grimm, a fellow Hufflepuff who also showed a love of animals. However, a week after school began, Gwen's father died. It wasn't until Ellie's own father died not two weeks later from sudden cardiac arrest that the two became particularly close. They bonded over their mutual loss. It wasn't until the summer following her first year that things began to change.

When Ellie returned home, her stepmother had completely redecorated the house and everything that Ellie had owned was crammed into the attic room. Though they had a house elf, Ellie was treated little better than a servant or a maid. Sh was made to clean and cook and wait on her sisters hand a foot. Being young and having no other family and desperate for a mother's love and approval, Ellie did everything her stepmother asked of her.

While she found this treatment to be a bit unfair, she bore it well and even put up with quite a bit from her Drizella and Anastasia the following years at Hogwarts. In her fifth year, Ellie was made prefect, which only infuriated her stepfamily. Drizella pitched a fit about how it was unfair that "Cindersoot" was made a prefect when she was so dull and dirty. As her stepmother never bought her new clothes, Ellie was forced to make do with her sisters' discarded clothing, often making new outfits out of them.

Now in her seventh year, she is still at the mercy of her stepmother and her stepsisters are as awful as ever. Still, Ellie is grateful for her friends at Hogwarts and somehow manages to stay mostly happy despite the upcoming graduation and the uncertainty it brings. She is even looking forward to the TriWizard Tournament though she wouldn't dare enter her own name.

I chose Eloise because it is beautiful and allows for the nickname Ella or Ellie. The name Josephine was also beautiful and flowed well with Eloise. The surname of de Suie means quite literally "of soot" which ties in the whole cinder bit.

Teresa Palmer was chosen for her coloring. I think she makes a lovely Cinderella.

Like Cinderella I have made her have a knack with animals and she tends to hoard castle mice and has made a little nest of sorts for them in the wall next to her bed and feeds them every day. I have also given her a pet rat as she was quite fond of Jac and Gus in the movie.

I have made Eloise a compulsive cleaner/stress cleaner because it is all she has ever done since her father died and it was all she really ever did in the movie.

I chose Alder for her wand because it often chooses those who are "helpful, considerate and most likeable" which describes Cinderella quite well. The core was chosen as the unicorn is a creature pure of heart.

cait, EST, anna, anya & morgana

 Posted: Dec 24 2014, 11:19 PM
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-sings- CINDERELLY CINDERELLY NIGHT AND DAY IT'S CINDERELLY! DO THE DISHES, DO THE MOPPIN'! AND THE SWEEPING AND THE SEWING, THEY ALWAYS KEEP HER HOPPIN'!" XDD God I used to be obsessed with this when I was a kid. I love her, and I think she'd definitely do well as a prefect!
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