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 CHEVALIER, maxiem alexis, maximus | j. hutcherson | cait
maxiem chevalier
 Posted: Dec 30 2014, 08:55 AM
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maxime a chevalier

maxime alexis chevalier


max, "The Stallion/l'étalon" (quidditch moniker)

canon character:


blood status:

member group:

Beauxbatons Flying Instructor/TriWizard Chaperone on Injury leave from French Professional Quidditch

aspen, hippogryph feather, 12 3/4 inches

majestic white hippogryph

face claim:
josh hutcherson

list all that apply.

First and foremost, Max is proud and honorable. He is very responsible and perhaps a bit vain and arrogant but being a member of one of a handful of the oldest wizarding families in the whole of the wizarding world and a celebrity in his own right, it is to be expected. Protective of those he cares about and loyal to his family, he would do just about anything for them. He is a dedicated quidditch player, a natural born leader and not known to give up easily.

Some might consider him a hard ass and far too serious but his family knows him differently. He is kind and considerate and even a bit of a softy when it comes to children and his female cousins. He also has a secret love of baking, mostly pastries and such, learned from a family pastry chef, but cooking as well. It tends to calm him when he's agitated though when it does not only physical exertion can calm him.

Born the only child to Auguste Chevalier and Maria Corona-Chevalier and the only nephew of Thomas Corona. The oldest of the cousins--Arenson, Corona or Chevalier--he was raised in the public eye. His parents made sure that Max was involved with charity from a young age and that has carried on into his adult life.

At the age of nine his first cousin was born. He had been hoping for a boy as his own parents had not had any other children, but it was a girl. Elsa was small and blonde and strange but he was instantly protective of her. As he was his next two cousins, Anna and [Rapunzel's birth name]. However, a year later tragedy struck the small yet influential family when [Rapunzel's birth name] was stolen away in the dead of night not long before Maxiem was due to start attending Beauxbatons. The entire wizarding world was in an uproar and the family in turmoil over the loss of one of their youngest members.

Max remembers the ordeal vividly and it was a formative event in his life, especially when his cousin was never found. His aunt and uncle were devestated and seeing that lit a passionate fire within him for justice and the upholding of the law. For a time he was even determined to become an auror. However, during school his love of quidditch would reign supreme though he was quite proficient in his studies. By the end of his school career, Maxiem was captain and keeper for his quidditch team and fully qualified to be apprenticed to an auror.

His life went in a different direction, however, as he was recruited by no less than three French professional quidditch teams. Some papers and magazines speculated that they only wanted home because of his name or that the team he finally signed with was bribed to take him. By the end of his first year, however, his performance--even as a second string player--firmly planted the foots of most of his critics in their own mouths. He was also chosen as relief keeper for the French national team when the quidditch world cup rolled around.

Active in the charity scene, even founding his own charities to make quidditch available to poor and/or orphaned children, he was kept quite busy during the off season organizing junior quidditch leagues and taking groups of orphans to play on professional pitches. He of course still participated in the charities of his parents and aunts and uncles, making public appearances year round.

Another tragedy struck when the Arenson branch of the family was nearly wiped out, leaving his cousins Elsa and Anna orphans. As Elsa was nearly of age, she took on the responsibility of caring for Anna though Max would check up on them as often as he could.

By the time he was twenty-six, he was captain of his pro team and a prime candidate for primary keeper for the next world cup when a particularly nasty injury took him out of commission mid-season. Deciding to take the rest of the season off to focus on his charities and family and to be involved in the upcoming TriWizard Tournament at Hogwarts where his cousins were attending.

I chose his name because Maxime is the French version of Maximus. Alexis means to defend or defender and Chevalier is the word for knight and derived from the word "cheval" which means horse or equine.

His wand was chosen because aspen wands choose excellent duelers and Maximus is an epic dueler in the movie and so too shall he be in this incarnation. The core was chosen because the hippogryph is proud and regal just like Maximus.

I chose the profession of professional quidditch player because it is a very athletic pursuit and Maximus is quite athletic. Max will work his way up to captain and lead his men and women like soldiers.

cait ; est; anna, anya, eloise & morgana

 Posted: Dec 30 2014, 12:25 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
I love the weaving of the headcanon Disney connections between the kingdoms of Arendelle and Corona! Everything looks good! Happy posting! =D
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