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 THORNE, briar rose, aurora | s. waterhouse | roo
briar thorne
 Posted: Jan 8 2015, 03:10 PM
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briar r thorne

briar rose thorne



canon character:

sleeping beauty

blood status:

member group:
seventh year ravenclaw


rosewood, phoenix tail feather, eight and a half inches


face claim:
suki waterhouse

bri has a young kitten, Kalliope (Kali for short)

Bri is an oddly insecure young woman despite her obvious beauty. It surely stems from the lacking presence of her parents in her life. She fears that others will eventually dismiss her as easily as her parents have done. She remains close with just the two girls deemed her best friends and has a hard time getting close to anyone else. It doesn’t mean she is mean to anyone but some may assume she is stuck up or snobby as she has a rather withdrawn sort of presence when around others she doesn’t really know. She’d like to branch out and have more friends but can’t seem to break from her shell enough to do so.

Having lived a rather secluded life, Bri took to reading and writing with a passion. It grew into a rather keen intelligence, making her quite the Ravenclaw through and through. She’s extremely smart and it only adds to the assumption of her being potentially stuck up. She is rather analytical and tends to use words that sore right over the top of other peoples’ heads. It isn’t done intentionally but she can’t seem to help it from time to time. Of course, it would require her to regularly speak with someone and that doesn’t tend to happen as she withdraws from anyone showing interest in actually conversing with her.

Other passions of Bri’s happen to be singing and dancing. Though, very few know of the true talent the girl has. Gwen and Ella know of it perhaps even moreso than her own parents do. She truly has a voice most would describe as being that of an angel and while she has yet to be seen dancing, she moves with the steadied grace of a dancer.

Bri was born to a pureblooded couple with high expectations upon them. Knowing full well that purebloods are few and far between, they knew at least one child was expected of them. Unfortunately, it was viewed as something of a hindrance to the more career oriented couple and they only ended up giving birth to one daughter, Briar Rose. After birth, her mother remained home for just one month before returning to work and handing her infant daughter off to a nanny to tend. The majority of her childhood would remain much the same. Her parents were often absent from her life and in a way to make up for their absence, bought her a variety of toys and trinkets. Anything she should ask for or want, she got. Everything but the one thing she truly desired: Love. As such, she spent the majority of her time alone. A private tutor was brought in to teach her specialized lessons due to her high intelligence as well as a private singing and dancing tutor, something she asked for herself. If she wasn’t with a tutor though, she was alone. A strange friendship did form with three of the many house elves in their large home: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

Secluded at home, Bri became rather excited when a gift was brought to her just before her tenth birthday. It was wrapped up rather prettily and she could only assume it was a gift sent to her from her father who had been away on an assignment. Even though she had grown to learn what her parents’ random gifts meant, they still excited her, hoping that they meant they still at least thought of her from time to time. Once the gift was unwrapped, she found a rather intricate and beautiful porcelain doll. It looked rather similar to herself and she couldn’t help but to look at it in awe. It would be the last thing she saw for a year.

It would be decided that the doll was actually a gift sent by a bad person that her father had actually been tracking. As an auror, there was surely some enemies to be made and one in particular wanted to put a stop to Bri’s father’s searching. When Bri had stroked the dolls hair, she was pricked by a cursed pin in the doll’s hair. Luckily, said enemy was also not one of the smartest as the curse only managed to put Bri into a coma instead of actually killing her. Even more unluckily for the enemy, putting Bri into a coma would do little by way of stopping either of her parents from working. The couple rarely visited their daughter in St. Mungo’s while she lie in a coma in the sterile and pristine hospital room. By the time she came to on the exact anniversary of when she had fallen into the coma, they hadn’t visited for well over a month. Meanwhile, Bri was left to cope with the fact she’d lost an entire year of her life. It resulted in her having more of a lack of trust in everyone around her as well as even more insecurities about herself.

Anxiously, Bri had boarded the train to begin her first year at Hogwarts. She soon found herself in the presence of two other girls going to the school for the first time, Gwen Grimm and Eloise de Suie. She remained rather hesitant and withdrawn at first, unsure of what the girls would really think of her but in the end the three end up as rather close friends. Sorting was just as nerveracking, especially when both Gwen and Eloise were sorted into the same house of Hufflepuff. She put the sorting hat on with high hopes of being sorted into the same house as her first and only two friends. Ravenclaw was announced, however, and she left the seat and headed to a table separate from her friends slightly disheartened with her self esteem taking another hit. She worried that the difference in houses would cause her to lose her friends in the end but it didn’t end up that way. The three remained as friends even if there was a slightly obvious deeper connection between the two Hufflepuffs. Bri doesn’t seem to notice or bother to pay any attention to it. Having two friends that she knows she can count on if needed is enough for her.

Her life at home remains much the same with her parents rarely there and showering her with gifts and trinkets. Even while at school, some gifts are sent to her still making some view her as a spoiled only child. She grows even more insecure over the fact and throws all of her focus into her studies as opposed to making more friends than the two she has. Now entering her final year at school, she is really unsure of what to think her future will hold. She doesn’t intend on going back to her familial home but is unsure of what she should do otherwise. With her intelligence, she is certain she will score remarkably high on her N.E.W.T.s and can only hope to attain a good job. In regards to the Triwizard Tournament, she battles with the idea of entering her name or not. With her self esteem where it is, she fears the idea of not being good enough for the Tournament but only time will tell if she can be convinced to make the attempt or not.

Briar Rose is another name known for Sleeping beauty. Thorne is rather obvious for the thorny bush that grows around the castle. Kalliope (her kitten) means beautiful voice in Greek Mythology and Aurora is known for having a beautiful singing voice.

Rosewood was chosen as her want not only for the name but because it is known to be a rather feminine wood and is mentioned as being used for healing. Phoenix tail feathers draw from fire much like rosewood so is a compatible match and is known for producing powerful protection charms which would have come in handy against the curse though is now for her to be proactive should she need to. Not to mention the healing potential of the phoenix’s tears, a play on the revival with a kiss. Her parents are absent from her life as a way to represent the deep slumber they are put under while Aurora is cursed and in her own deep slumber. The coma itself represents that deep slumber though she is awakened on the anniversary simply because the spell was not as strong as intended and partially because going to school is something to have been worth waking for. She has yet to receive her first kiss from a boy though I feel that when it does happen, it will have a way of awakening her emotionally/personally to where she finally sees her own self worth for what it is and not be so insecure. Of course, the house elves are pretty self explanatory with their names and being her only real companions while she’s in her seclusion.

roo, pacific, none

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 Posted: Jan 8 2015, 04:39 PM
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Love love love it! The doll slayed me! I'm excited to see her journey on into adulthood and what lies ahead for her in the upcoming year. Loved the house elves too =D
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