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 STOKER, mavis vladimira, mavis dracula | k. ritter | kitten
mavis stoker
 Posted: Jan 9 2015, 04:39 PM
kitten • 13
mavis • eighteen
hotel transylvania
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Mavis V. Stoker

Mavis Vladimira Stoker


little mouse; babyclaws; mavey-wavey; sweetfangs; honeybat; precious bones; honeyguts; devil-chops (all by her father)

canon character:
mavis dracula

hotel transylvania

blood status:

member group:
seventh-year hufflepuff


Apple, unicorn hair, 4 6/7 in.

Vampire Bat

face claim:
krysten ritter

Mavis is skilled at sewing, and is Jewish. Due to her vampiric nature, Mavis can transform into a bat and move unnaturally fast. However, being only half-vampire, she cannot become mist or a wolf, nor can she hypnotize. While sun will not kill her, she still sunburns easily and has light sensitive eyes, and must wear sunblock and sunglasses outside even on cloudy days. She requires very little blood compared to a full vampire, and as such can survive on mostly normal human food and drink.

Pampered and sheltered, Mavis is rather naive. Despite this, she's quite headstrong and curious, with a gentle heart and a penchant for drama. She can be over-trusting. Soft-spoken, she greatly desires independance. She is well-mannered and affectionate, willing to help people even after they try to hurt her. She has a complicated relationship with her father, seeing him as equal parts trustworthy and overbearing, loving and suffocating. A gently heart, Mavis is quite a lonely child. She grew up with only adult friends who treated her like a child no matter her age, leaving her as being quite childish. She is helpful and hardworking, helping her father run the hotel. She longs for the day she can explore the world, instead of staying sequestered in her father's hotel.

Mavis was always going to have a bit of a rough life. In world where witches and wizards run the show, other beings like vampires, while living better than the beasts, would always be subject to prejudice. But a vampire having a relationship with a witch or wizard? Taboo as can be. Vlad and Martha knew this. Despite the overwhelming odds against them, the two married and had a child: a beautiful girl named Mavis. That was when the trouble really started. The more conservative wizardfolk had turned a blind eye when Martha had married a vampire, contenting themselves with making rude comments behind the couples' backs and sending the occasional anonymous jinx. But to create a half-breed abomination? Too far. One night, people claiming to be Ministry officials came to the Stoker's door, trying to arrest them for a crime they hadn't commited. Vlad sent his wife into the house to mind their daughter while he tried to reason with the supposed Ministry workers. If only he had realized that the ones before him had back-up, and they weren't above breaking in and setting everything on fire. Vlad rushed in to save Mavis, but was too late to save Martha. Deep in mourning, a deep-seated distrust of wizards bloomed in his unbeating heart. If they would kill their own kind, his sweet Martha, what would they do to his daughter? Vlad fled with Mavis and went off the grid, hiding away with other creatures, both being and beast, that was often labled 'monster.' After Martha's death, her father was set on keeping his daughter safe. He built a hotel and kept her there, not allowing her to leave, even homeschooling her. He knew that her half-vampire status would lead her to be the subject of prejudice. Despite this, she wishes desperately to explore the world and meet other witches and wizards. After much nagging and begging, Mavis convinced him to allow her to attend her final year of schooling at Hogwarts. He hopes the time spent there will convince her to stay home and away from her mother's kind. Her mother, a witch Having spent most of her life under her father's gaze and with only his friends to socialize with, Mavis can be a bit naive, and wants to believe everyone is good and will be her friend.

Mavis is her proper name in the movie. Her middle name, Vladimira, is the feminine form of Vladmir, the name of the Romanian ruler who inspired Dracula. Her last name, Stoker, is the last name of Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula. She is eighteen because, in the movie, it is her hundred and eighth birthday. She is cannonly good at sewing, and is mentioned in the movie to have had a bat mitzvah, which, while probably only existing for the bat pun, still leaves her as Jewish. Her history involving her mother and her father's hotel and over-controlling problem are canon.

Kitten, central, Jack, Harleen, Kurt

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 Posted: Jan 22 2015, 05:13 PM
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
Awesome job! Looks great, can't wait to see Mavis around.

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