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 WESTON, walter rudolph, kid flash | s. masciolini | cait
walter weston
 Posted: Jan 10 2015, 01:22 PM
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walter r weston

walter rudolph weston



canon character:
Kid Flash/Wally West

DC Universe (Young Justice)

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captain & chaser

laurel, unicorn tail hair, 9 3/4 "

peregrine falcon

face claim:
Stefano Masciolini

Wally always has food on him. Like, ALWAYS! He does not share well.

More than a little wild and certainly inappropriate at times, it can sometimes be a bit aggravating or overwhelming to be around Wally. He's always got something to say about anything and everything that's going on. He flirts shamelessly with any creature that identifies as female and doesn't seem to comprehend age when doing so. If they have hit puberty they are fair game in his eye. Usually his attempts to hit on girls and women are met with disdain and annoyance which doesn't seem to affect him or deter him in the slightest.

Because he can seem so ridiculous and over the top, it often comes to a shock to those around him who don't truly know him that he is quite intelligent. It might not always seem so, based on the things that come out of his mouth, but Wally is very knowledgeable about both muggle and magical sciences. He excels in potions and is utterly fascinated by magical theory as well as earth magic. Still, it comes as a shock to any but Dick or Soupy, that he is hovering near the top of his classes grade wise.

Competitive and athletic by nature and with a love of football, it was only natural that Wally took to flying and then to Quidditch. While he might not be student leader material, Wally is certainly good for keeping a team together and encouraging them to do great things. His ideas might not always be orthodox or even logical but they work. While he might not seem to take his responsibilities seriously and is prone to joking just a bit too much, he does have a strong sense of loyalty to his closest friends and to his team and would do anything for them.

Walter was born to a typical UK family; a loving, bossy mother and a proud sometimes stern father. As an only child, Wally was a bit precocious and more than a little spoiled. The only thing that was even remotely exciting about his family was that his aunt happened to be a new reporter for a TV station. Well that and when his aunt started dating one of his favorite footballers. The highlight of his adolescent life--before Hogwarts at least--Wally would make every excuse possible to spend time at his aunt's house and with Barry Allen who was only the best striker in the whole of Europe, though Wally would whole-heartedly declare that the man was the greatest in the world!

With a love of sports, especially football, Wally managed to get Barry to teach him tricks and to do a bit of coaching. In fact the young Weston kid looked like he might be a rising star as he was quick and agile and could cut the ball like a pro. Then the year of his eleventh birthday he got a letter. And having always been just as fascinated with science and the way the world work as he was football, he was surprised to find that he'd been accepted into a school for magic. At first he was skeptical and thought maybe it was a prank and tossed the letter away. A few days latter, an owl--an honest to pete owl!--arrived with a second letter. Figuring that hiring a trained owl was a bit much for any of his mates and with his parents and even his Aunt and Barry a little freaked out, he decided that perhaps it wasn't a prank...but magic?

When the time came, he made his way to Diagon Alley and his mind was consequently blown by everything there. Naturally he did his best to rationalize what he saw with science. There had to be an explanation for everything. Science could answer any question and if it couldn't that only meant that the answer just hadn't been found yet. On the train to Hogwarts, Wally met two boys that would later become his best friends. The first didn't seem to care for him in the least and no matter how he tried to engage the kid, he simply scowled. Attempting to poke the other boy nearly ended in Wally being attacked so he left the boy--who would later be dubbed Soupy after a supposed mishearing of the boy's middle name--alone and turned his attention to the other boy in the compartment. Dick Grayson. Wally and Dick were almost instant friends. Wally was a little bummed when Dick was sorted into Hufflepuff and he was sorted into Gryffindor. But so too was Connell Kendrick. Over time the three would become good friends and would gather a little posse around them.

When Wally discovered flying, he was elated. It even took him a while to even think of trying to figure out how it was happening. It was freedom on a broomstick and he took to it like a fish to water. He even tried to get his reluctant friend Soupy to join him in his wonderment. Then Wally discovered Quidditch and there was girlish screaming and obsessing. The captain of the team took note of just how quickly Wally took to flying and his antics during flight lessons didn't go unnoticed. It was arranged to have him try out for the team and it was decided that Wally would be the Gryffindor team seeker. Elated and maybe a little cocky about the turn of events, the Weston kid found his niche at Hogwarts.

After three years of playing, the captain of the team tried him out in the spot of chaser and things only got better. Dick was playing for Hufflepuff and no matter how crazy things got during the games, they never let it get between them and the two of them kept Soupy close and did their best to keep him out of trouble. By this point, Wally was known to be a bit of a flirt and by his fourth year that was upgraded to shameless flirt. His fifth year there was more fangirl screaming when Wally was made captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team and Dick was made prefect. Life was gooood.

Nearing the end of his schooling, Wally is only marginally closer to having any clue what he's going to do though the thought of going pro in quidditch had crossed his mind. So long as he got to stick with his friends, though, he wasn't sure he really cared what happened after graduation.

His first name was chosen because though I love Wallace, I chose Walter instead because it flowed better. The middle name is the same as the canon and I chose Weston instead of West because I didn't want his name to be exactly the same and Weston sounded a bit more British to me.

In lieu of him being able to run nearly as fast as she speed of sound, I made him super athletic and had him excel at Quidditch. He still eats like a crazy person because he's always on the go.

His wand is Laurel because he does have dreams of glory and such and despite the fact that sometimes he can come off as lazy as when he isn't moving...he isn't moving...he is quite industrious. Also because the spontaneous lightning strikes to people who try to take his wand would be super amusing to him.

I chose Gryffindor because Wally is almost recklessly brave and while is loyal and could've been put in Hufflepuff or even Ravenclaw, bravery is his most noted trait. He's always running in to distract the bad guys for the others and when it's not him, it's Soupy so obviously he couldn't leave Soupy alone.

Cait ; EST ; anna, anya, eloise, maxiem & morgana

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 Posted: Jan 10 2015, 02:15 PM
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