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 HOLT, basil peter, basil the gmd | b. cumberbatch | sigyn !
basil holt
 Posted: Jan 21 2015, 02:38 PM
Sigyn ! • 61
Basil of Baker Street • Thirty-two
The Great Mouse Detective
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basil p holt

basil peter holt


The Great Detective, the Consulting Detective, Basil of Baker Street etc.

canon character:
Basil of Baker Street

The Great Mouse Detective

blood status:

member group:
Hogwarts Staff

Consulting detective & currently a professor at Hogwarts - teaches Magical Law but has a habit of changing subject within his own classes when he gets bored

Ebony, phoenix feather, thirteen inches


face claim:
Benedict Cumberbatch

Amortentia – tobacco smoke
Boggart – Ratigan (he doesn’t fear the man himself, he fears that the man may be smarter than him, that he may have found his match and that he won’t be able to stop this ruthless criminal – he fears that he is not the best anymore)
Dementor – the first time Ratigan bested him, when he followed the clues in the wrong direction and Ratigan effortlessly pulled off his crime right in front of him
Mirror of Erised – he’s never seen the mirror and can’t put his finger on exactly what it would show him, but he has a sneaking suspicion it would be him in his home with Dawson, just having a cup of tea, mulling over an important case
Previous House – Ravenclaw

The world’s only consulting detective. A title like that must have some pretty strong credentials behind it, and it’s true, Basil’s skills of deduction are unmatched by anyone he’s ever met. With just one sweeping glance, he can tell you most of your history with surprising accuracy, and given access to a crime scene, he can provide you with enough evidence to catch even the best criminal. Well, all bar one, but we’ll get to that later. Basil himself doesn’t think his particular skills are all that impressive; on the contrary, he tends to think everyone else is quite dim for missing the things he notices.

As well as deduction, Basil is a particularly talented potion master, and will perform his own experiments to verify evidence, rather than send samples off to the ministry or waiting for the aurors to come in and examine everything. He’s a talented mathematician as well, and is skilled at the slightly more obscure magical subjects of arithmancy, ancient runes and alchemy. He can often find a way of bringing his multitude of obscure knowledge into his job, for example by calculating bullet trajectories, breaking codes or analysing footprints. When on a case however, he tends to be very unobservant of things that are not related to the job at hand – he will often forget the names of people who are unrelated to the case, as he doesn’t want to fill his brain with unimportant information.

This extreme focus is due to Basil's habit of becoming very obsessed with whatever he's working on at that time. If he gets wind of a clue or an interesting mystery, he'll be unable to think of or do anything else until he's got to the bottom of it. This can translate over to everyday things as well, for instance, if Basil thinks you're hiding something he will probably get a little obsessed with working it out. It translates across to a slightly addictive personality, which goes some way to explaining why he still smokes in this day and age, and why he may or may not have a small history with drugs - good luck working out if those rumours are true though.

In his day to day life, Basil is known for being fairly antisocial. This is not meant in a cruel way, he just knows thinks what he is doing is far more important than what anyone else is doing, and so will not allow an interruption if he is in the middle of something. Whilst working he can come across as highly self-centred, as he will not respond to anything said to him that is not related to his current job. He’s also not overly keen of other people inputting into his case, regardless of whether he needs their help or not. If someone else finds a clue before he does, he can get quite ratty about it, as he prefers to work alone. He has a small habit of blaming other people if a mistake is made, even if it is partly down to him. Unless something is very clearly his own fault, he will probably shift the blame to someone else, so that he doesn’t have to think about it and can continue with the case at hand. Along the same line, Basil can get slightly clumsy when highly focused on something, and so his speech, manners and even actions can slip from their usual professionalism.

Possibly Basil’s biggest fault is how he deals with failure. If he knows he has made a mistake or missed something important, or if the line he was taking in a case has proved fruitless, he will completely shut down and be insensible for several days. He will lock himself away and more often than not, give up on the case until he pulls himself out of it. In one of these moods, he will put up no resistance in a fight, and is basically at his weakest. He normally needs someone else to pull him out of one of these foul tempers, and the best person to do this is nearly always Dawson.

Dawson is one of the few people Basil can actually stand for long periods of time. He genuinely enjoys his company and even his interference into his cases. Well, interference could be a strong word, since Basil usually invites him along. With Dawson in tow, Basil can come off as quite polite and actually approachable. Dawson is the one who keeps Basil’s morals on the straight and narrow, and also who makes sure he is presentable enough to the general public, by keeping his antisocial behaviour in check.

No one else gets that close to him. Basil is almost completely oblivious to flirting and female charm, and wouldn’t care about it even if he did notice, so there are no women in his life. The only other people to get into Basil’s life are his enemies and none more so than one [Ratigan’s full name]. His arch-nemesis, Basil has spent more time than he can count chasing after the villain, who goes by the alias of ‘Ratigan’. It’s become somewhat of an obsession for Basil now, to get that scoundrel behind bars. Ratigan is Basil’s only intellectual equal (as far as he is aware), and is consequently the only person Basil will genuinely take seriously. If Ratigan were to insult him for example, he would take it far too personally, whilst he would ignore what anyone else said. With all his enemies, Basil prefers to show them up, rather than simply have the arrested, and with Ratigan he is determined to do it in style.

Born on Baker Street in London, England, Basil was the son of a fairly upper-class pureblood family. He lived in a nice house with nice parents, nice food, nice things, but he was never overly aware of that. From a very young age, Basil was interested in puzzles. Simple things like jigsaws first but he mastered them far too quickly, so moving on to word searches and crosswords. Still too easy so he progressed to simple maths problems, science questions – he was scoring top marks on Hogwarts OWLs by the age of ten. His parents thought he was a genius, and that was probably true, and maybe Basil could have become some high ranking ministry official before he was even thirty, if it hadn’t been for that television spot about the missing child.

Basil was only 13 at the time, but he watched it with the same fixation a lion has when stalking its prey. The aurors were missing important things and Basil just couldn’t understand why. He asked his mother why no-one had chased up the owner of the restaurant since he was obviously involved, and his mother looked more confused than the aurors had done. That was it then, he was hooked. From then on for a good few years, Basil started doing his own little investigations, looking up unsolved cases and sending in his opinions and evidence to the ministry alongside his homework, but they always ignored him. With time and practice, his deduction skills grew more and more impressive, and developed from a neat little party trick into something genuinely useful. He was no longer interested in puzzles and school subjects, all he wanted to do was to solve those mysteries that the police were too blind to work out themselves. But he had to deal with school first. School with all those boring people who just didn't appreciate his amazing skills, and the professors who got offended when he pointed out the mistakes in their lessons. School with classes that were so far below his level by this point that he used to bring cases and mysteries into class and work on them instead of listening to the professor (which inevitably got him into trouble, but detention just gave him more time to mull over his hobby).

It wasn’t until he was 18 and had left school after an uninteresting 7 years in Ravenclaw that Basil started taking cases into his own hands. When a family friend was distraught after a sentimental piece of jewellery was stolen from her house, and the ministry had seemingly given up on her, Basil stepped in and used his previously polished skills to track it down in just a couple of days. The ministry officials arrested the thief, though questioned Basil to no end, assuming he must have been involved in the crime to be able to solve it so easily. Regardless, Basil had enjoyed the freedom of having the whole case in his hands, and it didn’t take him long to secure more cases. They started off from within family and friends at first, but his success rate soon allowed his name to spread around the rest of the city. The world’s first consulting detective, that’s what he called himself: ‘private detective’ just didn’t encompass what he did; he needed a title all for himself.

This routine continued for several years, and Basil’s reputation spread round not only London, but the rest of Britain and even some parts of Europe. Though the aurors tended to dislike him and his methods, they couldn’t deny his results, and so a tenuous relationship was build up between them, resulting in official cases often being turned his way as well. But nothing held his attention more than that whispered rumour along the backstreets of London, the man with no face, just a title no one dared to speak. Ratigan. It became an obsession for Basil, and the simple cases no longer held his attention, not while this nefarious criminal was still running free. He spent years tracking him down, following every single thread, every clue, every hint, every slip of the tongue. Most led to dead ends – this man was a professional after all – but nevertheless, Basil was closing in on him. It’s going to be difficult to final trap the man, but he’ll manage. The great detective will not let his arch nemesis slip away from him again.

Until then though, he needs something to do. He's not going to get any further in his investigation of Ratigan until the man makes another move, and he's been quite quiet recently. Probably biding his time. But anyway, the little cases aren't quite as exciting at the moment and he needs something a bit more to keep him from getting bored. So he approached Bruce Wayne, the current headmaster of Hogwarts, offering up his skills and expertise in order to teach the youths of the future. Not that Basil was a huge fan of children... But it was a very good distraction, and you never know, maybe he'd find something even more interesting to do while he was working...

NAME: Basil is his canon name, Peter is the most common name of all the actors who have played Sherlock Holmes, and Holt is a similar name to Holmes, like all the characters in The Great Mouse Detective (Watson to Dawson, Mrs Hudson to Mrs Judson).

PERSONALITY: I’ve tried to keep everything as canon to the film as I can, but there are admittedly bits of Sherlock’s personality in there where information on Basil is lacking, but he should hopefully be easily identifiable as the mouse rather than the actual detective. I’ve also tried to pull small moments from the film up into big personality traits, for example the way Basil deals with failure is based on the one moment in the film when Ratigan captures him.

WAND: Phoenix feather because they are capable of a wide range of magic and Basil has a wide range of skills, and because phoenixes are famously very independent and detached, quite like Basil himself. It’s thirteen inches because long wands are drawn towards big personalities, and it’s ebony because this wood favours outsiders and confident people who stick to their beliefs at all times. It is also likely that a wand of this wood will fail to work when Basil is in one of his self-deprecating moods, which fits with his general uselessness when he’s acting like that.

FACECLAIM: I know he played Sherlock not Basil, but he’s just too perfect. High cheekbones, stern face, pictures of him in the hat. Plus, as I would be playing modern day Basil, trying to find someone who wears the right clothes etc. would be tricky, so it makes sense to modernise his actor.

OTHERS: His job is still consulting detective, just with magic to help him out (otherwise, I don’t think being in the magical world would change him that much), and I’ve mentioned Dawson and Ratigan so that if anyone wants to take them up, they can slide in to his life quite easily. I will likely edit his app to fit these two in if they’re taken. He's working at Hogwarts for now because Sherlock gave lectures to the police and wrote papers, so Basil being a professor isn't that far out. He'll probably leave and become a full-time consulting detective if we get a Ratigan for him to chase or a Dawson for him to actually socialize with.

Sigyn !, GMT, Pierre and Samedi

 Posted: Jan 24 2015, 06:45 PM
chanteuse • 156
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
This was a classic movie that I only ever saw bits and pieces of. I need to go back and watch it but from what I do remember of it, you've got a great handle on the character of Basil =D Run along and do your claims Sig darling, and he'll be sorted post haste~
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