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 BLEAK; Klarion Constantine
klarion bleak
 Posted: Jan 23 2015, 05:20 PM
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klarion c. bleak

klarion constantine bleak



canon character:
klarion the witch boy

DC Comics

blood status:

member group:
fifth year slytherin


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face claim:
adam brody

Klarion keeps an orange cat named Teekl, whom he is rarely seen without. He is extremely old fashioned in speech and mannerisms.

A stubborn but somewhat naive boy,Klarion sometimes has trouble understanding the world. Old fashioned in both manners and, sometimes, ideals, his social abilities can be a little difficult for people to understand. Despite this, he's still a stubborn, immature boy who finds a few not-very-nice things extremely funny. He is skilled in very old magic, as there was no underage magic rules in Limbo Town. He does, however, have some control issues. He takes things quite literally, which can make communication tricky. He also has a weird relationship with his cat, Teekl, and talks to him as if he could talk back. He is also very easily offended when called things like 'weird' or 'freak'.

Roanoke. The first wizarding settlement in the New World. Wiped off the map to keep the muggles away. Nowadays, it's the American Hogsmeade. Of course, most people don't realize there's a hidden part of Roanoke. Underground. A sector of the Roanoke colonizers had left Britain due to their disgust at the aproximation of muggle culture. Though muggle influence was small at the time, this radicals found even the smallest amount of muggle similarity was a disgrace. This sect, after failing to take over Roanoke, went underground. Literally. Beneath Roanoke, they built their haven: Limbo Town. The residents of Limbo Town avoided the richness, bright color, and extravegance that was common among the muggle elite. (Of course, they didn't realize that they were actually mistaken for Puritans, a muggle group.) In Limbo Town, old fashioned morals, and punishments, were practiced with vigour, as well as ancient magics that would become forbidden to the wizarding world outside of Limbo Town. Of course, all this would fall apart if any of the future residents left, so the Submissionaries (Limbo Town's Ministry, basically) taught the children that leaving Limbo Town would put a horrible curse upon them. Klarion was quite a normal boy of Limbo Town, to be honest. He kept his shoes buckled, used magic as easily and without thought as he breathed, and wondered why his father Mordechai went off one day and never returned. At least, he would be normal if he listened to the Submissionaries and was afraid of Blue Rafters. Klarion was fascinated by the thought of the world outside of his home, which everyone refered to as the Blue Rafters, their voices quiet and afraid. Klarion was a clever and stubborn boy, who loved nothing more than a bit of fun. But Limbo Town was a place of eternal darkness, where everyone worked all day and nobody ever smiled. It was no wonder he would want to leave. Of course, he would never do it. What if the submissionaries were right, and he was damned to the thirteen hells? And what of his mother and sister, and his stepfather? Fate, however, would see Klarion in the Blue Rafters. One day, an outsider came upon them, riding a great blind thestral. The submissionaries, thinking the outsider to be a demon sent to bring about the end of days, released ancient magics with which to fight. However, the submissionaries had no idea how to control it, and started toward the main part of town in full rampage mode. Klarion, who had seen the whole thing, ran to try and warn the town, but was ignored. The submissionaries attacked, taking out most of the male population of Limbo Town, who tried to defend the town. Klarion himself was chased, and he was forced to enter the forbidden tunnel to escape. Upon entering Blue Rafters, Klarion was discovered by a mister Melmoth, a resident of Roanoke Proper, who offered the boy food and a place to stay. Little did he know that Melmoth wished to use him only to find Limbo Town, where he could access the long-forbidden magics that even dark Limbo Town feared. Upon discovering this, Klarion returned to Limbo Town, hoping to warn them. Upon returning to Limbo Town, the other residents attacked him. Believing him cursed for having been to Blue Rafters, they attempted to stone him so he wouldn't bring his curse to them. However, the stoning was stopped with the arrival of Melmouth. Klarion ran to ring the alarm bells, where he was confronted by one of the submissionaries. Submissionary Judah had been gravely injured after the event that led Klarion to Blue Rafters. Being to injured to fight Melmouth, he taught Klarion a spell with which he could fight the invader. After a long battle, Melmouth was thrown into a fire, whereapon, being badly injured he began laughing, and vanished. Having assisted in saving Limbo Town, Klarion was offer a place as a submissionary, but he refused and returned to Blue Rafters. Deciding to try and live like a normal wizard, Klarion traveled to Salem, attending the wizarding school there. He attended until his fourth year, but felt out of place. Though things like pureblood regime had taken root in the deep south, in the Northeast the general wizarding community was quite open to muggle ideals and technology. Deciding he would prefer a happy medium, he decided to return to Limbo Town's roots: Britain. Of course, being the impulsive and childish boy he is, he didn't think anything through. The way was easy enough; a few well placed memory charms and no one even remembered he had been on the plane, let alone brought a cat or didn't have a ticket. He still, however, arrived two days late for start of term, and of course didn't exactly have a Hogwarts letter. He did, however, have a note from the Salem Headmistress, as well as the stubbornness of a five year old. That was a rather interesting conversation with Headmaster Wayne. Now a full time Hogwarts student, and sorted into Slytherin, Klarion has been trying to adjust to life in the modern world, even if Britain is more old fashioned than America. Still, as the Christmas season has come and gone, Klarion has come to a realization: he has no home to go too come summer. However, in typical Klarion fashion, hees elected to ignore this fact until he comes to it.

Both his first and last name, Klarion Bleak, is accurate to every version of the character. His middle name, Constantine, is a virtue name, very common among puritans, which is where Klarion species of witches found their start. As for his history, it would be easier to explain where it deviates, as this is frighteningly similar to the original history of the character. In the comics, Roanoke and Limbo Town are one and the same, and the residents are known as Croatoans. There is no distaste for muggles and such; the Croatoan were the perverted results of an extra dimensional beings experimentation on the Puritans of Roanoke colony. You wouldn't be cursed for visiting Blue Rafters, you would be labled a heretic, for to the Croatoans magic and religion were one and the same. They didn't have the Bible, they had the Book of Shadows, and the Book of Shadows said Blue Rafters didn't exist. The Submissionaries are not only the town leaders, but the religious leaders. The thirteen hells was complete bs on my part, I'll admit. There was no outsider on a thestral, there was a spine-rider from Sheeda. The submissionaries 'ancient magic' is an allusion to the Horigal, a magic which allows male Croatoans to merge with their dragas (familiars), but I figured that that would get a pretty quick 'no'. There was a thing between Klarion leaving Limbo Town and meeting Melmouth, but it involved things like child slavery and a giant hive-mind named the Leviathan and I didn't know how to adapt that. He originally stayed with Melmoth longer, and even joined a team he controlled. But that involved getting a drill and child slavery, so that got pushed aside. Melmoth had no interest in any 'ancient magics', he was just after Limbo Town so he could (guess what?) sell the Croatoans into slavery. The magic Submissionary Judah taught him was the Horigal, but I already explained all that. Also they didn't try and stone Klarion. They tried to burn him at the stake. His mother and sister led the mob against them. What a loving family. (The worst part? Mommy Dearest's name. It's Charity.) Obviously, Klarion didn't start wizarding school. He instead started stealing bits of people's souls in exchange for help control their powers, and being friends with Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown.

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 Posted: Jan 28 2015, 10:05 PM
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