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 CARROLL; Ursula Vanessa, Ursula the Sea Witch| The Little Mermaid
ursula carroll
 Posted: Feb 10 2015, 02:07 PM
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disney's the little mermaid
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ursula v. carroll

ursula vanessa carroll


The Sea Witch

canon character:
ursula the sea witch

Disney's The Little Mermaid

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adult witch

drug dealer

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rebel wilson


Part used car salesman and part Shakespearean actress, Ursula is the ultimate con artist. A flamboyant woman full of theatricality, she could make even the simplest problem seem like life or death, with her as the only solution. With a fabulous sense of humor, Ursula is a master manipulator. Despite her seemingly cruel nature, Ursula cares greatly for her lackeys, Flotsam and Jetsam, whom she has an almost motherly regard for. In fact, one of the quickest way to anger her is to cause harm to her 'babies'. She is skilled at taking facts and twisting them, making them into half-truths to fuel her deceptions. She also prefers taking rather unusual payments for her product or assistance; it would take a substantial amount of it to convince her to take only money as payment. She likes to find out the reasons that people truly reach out to her, so she can demand the exact thing that would actually help them. Once in possession of it, she will use it to ruin her customer's efforts and make them even more dependent on her. Once Ursula can take no more from them, she takes the information and such that she has gathered and makes her customer's lives collapse around them, an activity which fills Ursula with glee. However, it should be noted she has no qualms about breaking her end of a contract, and will turn on her customers as quickly as she helps them. Despite all this she is a proper lady, and expects to be treated politely and with respect. She has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to potions; and one of her most commonly used potions is polyjuice. As such, it can become highly addictive. She is quite strong, physically. She has had a rather irrational fear of lightening, though she tries desperately to hide it. She has an inferiority complex, despite being the preferred child over her sister, and will never settle for second best.

Ursula had had a rather unremarkable childhood, to be honest. Though she never knew her father, she was doted on by her mother, much to her younger sister Morgana's chagrin. Her mother, Amphitrite, was a vain and power-hungry woman, and fostered those traits into her daughters. They were from the best stock there was, she would say, and they could have anything they want if they just learned how to get it. Ursula took to her words whole-heartedly, doing all she could to turn things for her benefit, even delving into dark magics. However, her trade didn't truly begin until her third year as a Durmstrang student.. In Potions, Ursula's best class, they spoke of the qualities and properties of grindylow ink. Curious about it, Ursula delved into study, even getting access to the Restricted Section. There she found a book that not only spoke of grindylow but of a creature that Ursula had never heard of before: Cecalia. Half-woman, half-octupi, the creatures were found in the Atlantic ocean. Though the ink was potent and in abundance, the harvest of it is outlawed, as the Cecalias are endangered and the extraction of the ink was extremely painfully for the cecalia. This hardly perturbed Ursula, though, who that summer took a trip to the sea and captured a cecalia. She extracted too much ink, however, and the cecalia died. Returning to Durmstrang for her fourth year, she used her potion skill to mix up whatever her customers could want; polyjuice, felix felicies, anything. Unbeknownst to her customers, however, she had added a cecalia ink mixture. The black substance was highly addictive and made its user more suseptable to persuasion. She continued in this fashion, going to the sea to harvest ink with every school holiday, until her sixth year. Caught red-handed selling illegal potions, Ursula was expelled from the school. It was thankful that cecalia ink is a rare enough ingredient that it didn't show up when the potions were tested, and that Ursula was only sixteen and thus still a minor, that she didn't go to prison. Angry at being tossed out, she vowed to get revenge on the Headmaster who had found out her schemes. Under watch from the government, Ursula could do nothing. Left to waste away doing menial jobs (she had an incomplete education and the government restricted her from even going into potions shops), Ursula's anger swelled even more after her beloved mother passed away, heart broken from seeing her favorite daughter laid low. Once her parole was over, Ursula knew that the government would still be watching her, so she continued to bide her time until she came of age. Upon her birthday, when she was no longer a minor being watched by the government, she immediately left the country, traveling to several countries trying to find a proper place to set up base. She almost caught a handhold in Denmark, where she adopted two boys, Flotsam and Jetsam, who she found on the streets. In return, they became her drug runners. However, she was discovered, and had to flee Denmark before they could close in on her and her boys. Eventually, she set up base in Britain. Having grown tired of having to capture a new cecalia every time, Ursula set up base in a cave by the sea, and capture a cecalia. She built an underwater prison in the cave, and kept the cecalia there, ink to be harvested when Ursula pleased. With the creature there for her to use at will, she no longer had to take so much at a time, and thus the cecalia did not die. All the more convenient for Ursula. Around the entrance of the cave she planted Devil's Snare and Tentacular Plants, enchanted to let Ursula and those who wanted her help though, but to try and kill anyone who came with the intention of taking her down.

Her first name, Ursula, is true to the movie. Her middle name, Vanessa, is based off the name of her human form in the movie; and Carroll is the last name of her voice actress. Her status as a drug dealer is a reference to the magically deals she makes in the movie, which often ends in her customers becoming literally shriveled helpless versions of themselves. She is known for being one of the few to care about her followers, trying to murder Ariel in anger after the accidental destruction of Flotsam and Jetsam, who she calls 'my babies' and 'mommy's little poopsies'. She uses half truths, like on land woman are preferred silent, to not only manipulate Ariel to to take the deal, but to give Ursula the one thing that would guarantee Ariel would get together with Eric. She has shown, in making a contract with Triton not to harm Ariel and then immediately trying to kill Ariel, that she does not hold herself to her contracts. Despite being a villainess, she is polite, getting upset at Ariel for lurking in her doorway, chastising the mermaid for being 'rude'. Her fear of lightening is a reference to her demise in the movie, as, while she was impaled, her ultimate cause of death was electrocution. In the sequel, though Ursula is not featured, she is mentioned several times by her sister, Morgana, whom spends the movie trying to step out from Ursula's shadow, showing that Ursula was the favorite child. A cecalia is actually what Ursula is in the movie, and her ink had magical properties, though this is not shown in the movie. Flotsam and Jetsam's connections are obvious. Her expulsion from school is meant to mirror her banishment from Atlantica in the movie. As such, her revenge is directed towards the Headmaster who expelled her, instead of King Triton, who banished her. The cave is a reference to Serpentine, Ursula's home in the movie and show, which is a cave built within a dead leviathan. The Devil's Snare and Tentacular Plants are a reference to the polyps made from the merfolk who fell victim to Ursula. In this instance, though, their purpose is closer to the original fairytale, where they were only there to guard.

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 Posted: Feb 10 2015, 05:25 PM
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She's looking good! With the final tweaks she's perf! Can't wait to see her in action~
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