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 BARBER, faye ann, tooth | k. perry | cait
faye barber
 Posted: Feb 28 2015, 05:48 PM
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faye a barber

faye ann barber


answer here

canon character:

Rise of the Guardians

blood status:

member group:
Hogwarts Staff

School Nurse

Willow, unicorn tail hair, 12 1/2"

Long-tailed Sylph

face claim:
Katy Perry

Faye likes to hoard fairies and keep them in the infirmary; they live in the potted plants an flit around at night providing soft light for any patients that have to spend the night in the hospital wing.

Faye is a Metamorphmagus and changes the color of her hair and eyes quite frequently; typically preferring bright colors. She has also been known to use her talent to make ridiculous faces and to do impersonations to get the younger children to laugh when they aren’t feeling well.

Faye has a particular aptitude with reversing memory altering charms.

Somehow operating at a near constant state of distraction, Faye can sometimes make multitasking look like an extreme sport. In fact it is very difficult for her to focus on one thing at a time as there is always something that she has to be fussing over or worrying about; this potion to brew, that supply to stalk, that charm to research. In fact, it is often wondered how she has such energy to flit around like she does for days at a time without wearing herself into exhaustion. Truth be told, it also isn't uncommon for her to sneak a nap here or there; generally impromptu naps that leave her nodding off over one of her advance charms books or some silly romance novel. Of course the second she's awake she's back to zipping around again, working on no less than five things at once. A bit of a hopeless romantic, but utterly clueless as to how to secure romance for herself, Faye indulges in romance novels, particularly the historical variety. She is prone to developing silly crushes on hadnsome or charming men and seems to have a thing for those who don't have the best reputation. A sweet little thing with a weakness for the bad boys. However, a bit too shy to actually act on her feelings for anyone, she will typically try and play it cool though fails miserably at it given how fidgety and fluttery she is.

Still, despite her silly and naive demeanor, she can be fierce when it comes to the safety of the students and those she cares about. She will charge into battle with the best of them when it comes to something like that. She might not be strong or particularly good at combative magic but she can throw things and she can use a few jinxes and hexes when pressed. Mostly, she is just an animated ball of rage that is best kept out of the fray. Healers are typically healers for a reason. That reason is not typically that they are also epic fighters.

Born to a middle-aged muggle nurse and a wizarding father, Faye was an only child though she had several cousins to play with. Of course she fell in that awkward gap where she was much younger than her cousins and by the time they started having children she was much older than her second cousins. Still, she was always happy and more than willing to look after the younger kids at holiday functions and reunions. FOr the most part, the first eleven years of her life were good, uneventful even. Just a typical blended family though it was rare that her father's family would visit while her muggle family was around. Of course, unbeknownst to her, her mother was suffering from a gradual early onset of alzheimers which both her parents tried to hide from her.

When she received her letter to Hogwarts, her father was extremely proud. She was sorted into Hufflepuff where she quickly made friends with everyone she could. She wasn't particularly bothered by differences in houses and made friends with several people, including those older than her. It wasn't until returning home for Christmas that year that she really realized that something was going on with her mother. Of course she wouldn't realize what was going on, really, until the summer after her third year. Her mother was in her mid fifties and far mroe forgetful than she should have been. In fact she'd even gotten lost on her usual walk around the block one evening which had prompted her father to go out and search for her.

Before returning to school for her fourth year, her father sat her down and explained what was happening and how there was nothing that could be done, even with magic. It was at that point that Faye decided that she would become a healer like her father and specialize in memory charms. If not to help her mother--who she watched slowly deteriorate over the years, losing memory after memory--then to protect the memories of those that she could. Nothing could really be done about her mother's condition but she could help others.

After graduation, Faye took an internship at St. Mungos in their memory recovery unit. She has been there since, a bright spek of color amidst a sea of pristine white. At least she was there until she was plucked from her little niche by Bruce Wayne and transplanted to the much beloved Hogwarts after an incident which she still isn't one hundred percent clear on the details. All she knows is that she found some fairies in the garden, moved them into the infirmary, redecorated with hypoallergenic potted plants and fun light catchers. Now that she's settled in, she rather likes the chance to get to work with children, her particular talents perhaps not as useful but her general healing knowledge and personality seem to do wonders with the children.

I chose Faye's name because it essentially means fairy. Her last name comes from the old practice of barbers being the ones that also pulled teeth in medieval times. Ann was chosen because it sounded pretty crammed between the two names.

I chose Katy Perry because of her wild and crazy hair colors that reminded me of Tooth's plumage in the movie.

Her patronus was chosen because it is basically what she was modeled after, or a bird very similar. Also because she flits around like a little spaz and loves her some sweets.

Faye was made an metamorphmagus because it facilitates her hair changing color and because she would use the talent to make children laugh and give them fun memories of school. She wants them to remember Hogwarts fondly and not think about that time they got hurt or the professor that scared them when they were younger. Childhood is a time for good memories.

Her wand was chosen because it is pure of heart and willow is good for healing magic.

Faye is good with repairing damage done by memory curses because Tooth is the guardian of childhood memories.

cait; est; anna, anya, eloise, maxiem, morgana, walter

 Posted: Apr 6 2015, 06:18 PM
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AAAAGGGHHHH I LOVE HER!!!! Seriously, fantastic job. It was worth the wait XD
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