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stephanie brown
 Posted: Mar 3 2015, 02:41 AM
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Stephanie Brown • fourteen
Batman: The Detective Comics
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stephanie r brown

stephanie rachel brown


Current Alias: Spoiler

canon character:
stephanie brown

batman: detective comics

blood status:

member group:
Gryffindor, fourth

Student by day
Crime fighter by night

willow, dragon heartstring, 9 inches


face claim:
Gracie Dzienny

Gryffindor Cheerleader

+ Peppy; Chatty; Caring; Kind; Waffles
- Reckless; Proud; Stubborn; Blonde; Sarcastic
To anyone who just meets her, Stephanie Rachel Brown can come off as a bit of a handful. often comes off as a peppy cheerleader kinda girl. She likes her shopping, gossip and playing matchmaker with her siblings (Not including herself, that is). She is a social butterfly, often making friends with every man, woman, child and animal that she sees. She can also come off as a little blonde, but she has good intentions. She is caring and kind to anyone. Most might think how this peppy young girl got accepted into Gryffindor.

What many don't know is Stephanie has a secret. She's a masked vigilante, who also happens to be working alongside some of the best crime fighters in the business. Better known as Spoiler, Stephanie Brown is just an alias. Someone who can walk around during the day, but her true self was at home in the shadows. She was a girl with a dark side, one that not many knew about. She was still fairly peppy, but she was reckless, often getting herself into trouble if she wasn't careful. She was a proud girl, often having a hard time admitting she was wrong, except when it came to her family.

Motivations: Making the world safe for young girls like herself; proving she is not like her father; making up for her father's criminal acts; romantic involvement with Red Robin; want of Batman's approval

Fears: Failure; becoming like her father.

The Brown family was not a very well known pureblood wizard family. Arther and Crystal Brown were an ordinary couple, living in ordinary London with an ordinary daughter named Stephanie. Unfortunately, not all was as it seemed. Arthur Brown, despite his charming nature, happened to be hiding a secret, that tore the family apart. He was actually a third rate villain, known as Cluemaster. Crystal was oblivious to the crimes committed by her husband, until he was caught and send to prison the first time.

As a child, Stephanie grew up with a father who was in and out of prison and a struggling mother who worked for the local hospital. She didn't mind as she still didn't quite understand how difficult life was for her family. After all, children were more carefree and less worried about such things.

As she grew older, Stephanie began to resent her father for being a criminal. She hated to see him alongside those criminals. She allowed no one to know about her father. It was something she was not proud of and at the age of 9, Stephanie made a oath to never become anything like her father. She knew her mother had been going through a difficult time when she filed for divorce with Arthur, but she helped her mother move on, often telling her that she made the right choice. She grew very close to her mother, Crystal becoming Stephanie's best friend.

Stephanie wasn't exactly popular in her school, but everyone knew of Stephanie Brown. She was pretty, chatty and extremely outgoing. She was on her schools gymnastics' team, as well as having taken karate and tae kwon doe since she was 7 years old. She never liked to show off and was a bit of a pushover. She didn't really notice that she was being taken advantage of, until her mother spoke to her about what was being done. Steph immediately knew she had to stand up.

Steph was about 11 when she received her acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Crystal was quite pleased for her daughter to be going to such a wonderful school. Despite her worry of leaving her mother behind, Stephanie was excited beyond belief. So, when September started, Stephanie waved to her still teary-eyed mother as the young blond felt the Hogwarts Express pull further and further away from home and more and more towards Hogwarts.

As she began her years in Hogwarts, Stephanie had found out her father had been "rehabilitated" and released from prison. She immediately could tell this was bad news as he was actually returning to crime, without the need to leave clues behind. So, in her second year of Hogwarts, Steph had tailored herself a pretty awesome looking suit, as she dare say herself, becoming Spoiler. She knew where her father was hiding out, leaving behind her own clues to help Batman stop him. Unfortunately for her, Batman managed to track her down, in which she teamed up and joined in on capturing the Cluemaster. Of course, after some convincing on Steph's part, Batman had allowed Stephanie to join his team, introducing her to Dick, Jason, Cass, Alfred and of course, Tim. She had a feeling this was gonna be a fun few years.

Now in her fourth year of Hogwarts and her second year as Spoiler, Stephanie had learned quite a bit. Unfortunately, even at fourteen, she still had quite a bit to learn, which she welcomed and embraced the challenge. She was eager to see what the next years brought her….

Name: I decided to stay mostly canon with Ms. Brown's name. Stephanie is spanish for crown. Rachel is Hebrew for Eve. I decided to stick with her canon last name as Brown, despite she is an adopted member of the Wayne family household. I thought I would keep her nicknames the same, but add in Spoiler as her current alias.

House: Ok, I have to admit, I was torn between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor for Stephanie. To me, Steph seemed like the out-going, happy-go-lucky of the group. Definitely the girliest of the batgirls. As I slowly grow a muse for Steph, I definitely see her as a brave strong character, with a soft girly side as well. As the youngest girl of the Batfam, I definitely see her looking up to Cass, Dick, Babs and Theresa as siblings, always including them in whatever scheme she had planned out.

Patronus: Dolphins often are symbols of Playfulness, Harmony, Power and Generosity. I definitely see Stephanie as a playful character. She's very out-going and full of life. She's very Active and full of Life, but she also has a slightly different side: filled with intuition and dreams. She's very strong character and looks up to Bruce Wayne as a fatherly figure. She often shows compassion to her siblings despite her squabbles with Devil Child Damian. She is very caring and I just see that sort of vibe off her.

Wand:Taken from the Harry Potter wiki:"The straight-grained pine wand always chooses an independent, individual master who may be perceived as a loner, intriguing and perhaps mysterious. Pine wands enjoy being used creatively, and unlike some others, will adapt unprotestingly to new methods and spells." I could definitely see how Stephanie could be seen as mysterious and quite creative. I see her adapting quite well to anything thrown her way. As for the core:"As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn quicker than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner… The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental. It also tends to be lethally hazardous if combined with certain woods." I think Stephanie would fit quite well with Dragon heartstring. She can be temperamental and she learns quick.

Personality:Ok, I don't know how I started with this, but Lark gave me a very nice push in the right direction with basically a list. Combining that with a trait list from another wiki (There are so many batfam wikis, it's scary), I was able to make a bit of a list. Yes, Waffles is a trait and no one can tell me otherwise! Anywho, back to Stephanie: To me, Steph is very peppy, chatty and happy-go-lucky. She has a kind heart and a welcoming voice. She tries to be friends with everyone, and that is probably how she made some of her enemies. I totally see Steph having a bit of a dark side as Spoiler. I mean, she makes one hell of a badass, just saying.

History:Ok, History was probably the hardest I've ever had to write. I didn't have a lot to go on from her early history, so some of it, I had to make up. I definitely see her as a Mommy's girl, because her father was in jail for most of her life. I see her as being very attached to her mom in that sense. Ok, I was not too sure how old Stephanie was when she became Spoiler, but because of this, I had decided to make it that she had a bit of experience under her belt. I can't see a first year becoming a masked vigilante all while trying to fit in at a new school. It just doesn't seem real. Anyways, I hope this sort makes sense. *is totally not worried about this part*

Face Claim:Danni-helped-me-out,-but Ok, Gracie Dzienny is a perfect Stephanie. She pulls off a grin that I totally see Steph having. Always smiling and grinning at everything. And she pulls off one hell of a ninja suit.

aceshot , mountain, Terra, Rayne & Merida (You should know me by now xD)

 Posted: Mar 3 2015, 11:53 PM
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