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 DRACUL, urszula, draculaura | yura peko | august
urszula dracul
 Posted: Mar 22 2015, 06:43 PM
August • 62
Draculaura • fifteen
Monster High
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urszula v. dracul

urszula valencia dracul


Lala, Ula D

canon character:

Monster High

blood status:

member group:
ravenclaw, fifth year

hogwarts student

apple, unicorn, 7 inches


face claim:
yura peko

garlic allergy
squeamish of blood
mesmer sub-abilities
heart-shaped birthmark by her left eye
pet bat named Count Fabulous
Transylvanian accent
June 7th

Today Father took me out to visit London mortal sites and I was so mega totes excited! He is usually so busy working for the Society for the Tolerance of Vampires, but I'm glad he finally took me out to see the city! He's normally so protective....

Of course I didn't leave the house without putting on my burning bitterroot balm (the smell isn't roses, but what can a ghoul do?). The muggle SPF cream just doesn't cut it, even though I'm in loooove with the creams and makeup to help my complexion. Sometimes a ghoul doesn't like to look so pale and well.. undead. I know its attributed to my heritage and I should be proud but... blending in every now and then wouldn't be so bad either.

Anydoodle, we went out with our parasols in outfits father let me pick out for us both and all the muggles were staring at us! And lots of cute London boys- eeek! I would have died, but of course I didn't. We obviously were drop dead fabulous, but one muggle thought it would be okay to use his flash camera and well... after dad hissed his fangs at him (I don't know why he doesn't file them down! I'm so glad mine haven't come in yet. I hope I never get them...) The muggle dropped his camera and ran! Father doesn't understand why I kept insisting to photograph everything after that. He told me he was going to get me a REAL camera. A wizarding one. I told him I really liked the muggle one, but here I am with two...

Oh well- smooches!

June 21

Oh. My. Ghoul! Count Fabulous (that's my bat, you know) just dropped in a post from my cousin back in the old country and it turns out they're having trouble with the villagers over there. I'm sad we don't see each other anymore, but sometimes I'm glad to get away from all of that. Plus, most of the fam does not agree with how I choose my diet. Vegetarianism goes against our heritage, well I say boo! They can keep their extra-rare steaks and blood substitute. Blood oranges are totes just as good! And I don't mind taking iron supplements, what business is it theirs?!

Over dinner father and I had a talk about my O.W.L.S. He has seen my grades and is worried. I told him I wasn't worried, then he pulled out a letter that said I 'daydreamed' in class when I should be studying. It's not my fault shoes are more interesting than transfiguration! Plus, I'm not very good at magic anyways. I told him I'm perfectly happy to just live like a muggle, and he was so mad I swore he was going to to bite through his own cheeks!

Conversation totes over. Ugh, I better find somebloody to tutor me or else I won't be learning to drive a hearse this summer....

Yaaaay. First and foremost- I had to translate Draculaura's vampirism. I found some stuff about half-vampires in the HP verse (there is a singer in canon who is half vampire, Lorcan d'Eath) and so she's a part vampire as well. She's also adopted by a vampire, Mr. Dracul, who works for the Society for the Tolerance of Vampires. Ula has aversion to sunlight (which she compensates with the use of an enchanted balm) and does have a need for blood, but due to some circumstances from childhood she ABSOLUTELY faints at the sight of blood. She instead takes iron-rich supplements and is a vegetarian. Meat also kind of squicks her out.

She's also a charismatic individual, but being a vampire she does have a mesmerizing quality when she speaks. Its not something she can turn on or off at will (or realizes for that matter), but just subtly strikes attention from her peers.

Also 100% allergic to garlic. Won't go near the stuff.

Now onto the regular stuff- Apple wood was chosen because of Draculaura's Snow Bite persona, but also because its a wood that demands a powerful user- but won't work if they suck. Ula sucks. She's kind of lazy and would rather daydream so its not gonna work for her 100% of the time. She's the worst Ravenclaw ever. This harkens back to her canon issues with using her vampire powers.

She's into photography because in canon she's the newspaper editor, so I thought it fit! And she's FASCINATED with muggle stuff. She knows everything about the muggle world and muggle tv dramas and muggle fashion- she loves it.

Ra-ra-ravenclaw! Ula is what I like to call... a smarty-pants slacker. She's pretty bright (even though it might not seem that way to her peers), but her head just doesn't pay attention and she daydreams. More of her intelligence lies in more practical matters, and she naturally retains information that interests her. Seriously, she probably has the school mapped out on the gossip front- who's dated who, the crushes, the painful breakups, and even celebrity gossip about famous witch and wizards. She has a lot of potential, but you have to snag her attention first. The teacher has to be willing to snatch that fashion magazine out from under her schoolbooks that she's been slyly pretending to read.

Last but not least- Yura Peko for her face claim because hello she modeled for the MH company and likes to put her hair in pigtails- a lot!

august , east, other characters: jasmine

 Posted: Mar 22 2015, 07:28 PM
Danni • 15
is • Eighteen
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Welcome to Amortentia! Your application has been accepted, and you're free to start roleplaying with our other members. Don't forget your claims.
OMG Urszula is TOTES ADORBS! Haha, she is going to be so much fun! Can't wait to see her around.

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